Looking for the latest trends to let your style shine with accessories? Jewelry is a great way to show your personality and add something extra to an outfit, but sometimes things go out of style before you know it.

These latest jewelry trends for 2022 will have you looking fabulous, and you have plenty of options in case one doesn’t work with your chosen looks.

5 Sizzling Spring and Summer Jewelry Trends For 2022

Charm City

Charms are back, and not just on bracelets. While charm bracelets are trending in jewelry, charms are popping up in new ways. Charms on hoop earrings and drop necklaces will be more common in the next year.

They offer a great way to show off some unique choices while still going with a trend. You can buy accessories that already have some charms, or build your own depending on the shop.

Don’t limit yourself to what you first find, either. You can always customize your charms and mix and match different options.

Pearls Please

Pearls are back in for both fashion jewelry and everyday looks. You can wear them on a necklace, earrings, or a bracelet. They make any look go from everyday to chic in an instance.

Need to go from the office to a night out? Throw on a longer pearl-accented necklace and loosen up the button-up for a more fashionable look.

You can get pearls from many different jewelry shops, but be sure to check that they’re authentic if you’re paying for real ones. You can click for more great pearl options here.

Best When Beaded

Beaded jewelry can look vintage and unique, as well as loud and expressive. You can throw some color back into your outfits with this new jewelry trend. Beaded earrings and necklaces will give your style some movement and fun, and you can find beaded accessories in a wide variety of styles to fit almost any outfit.

Chunky Gold

Have you been waiting for some 80s jewelry trends to make a comeback? Well, the wait is over with this one.

Chunky gold jewelry pieces are coming back in so pull out those statement necklaces and let them shine. This includes pieces with big stones from necklaces to rings. Gold made a big comeback in 2021 and it’s only getting stronger.

Go Big

Big and bold jewelry is coming back into fashion in more ways than one. Long necklaces are in and so are big, bold chokers. Long chandelier earrings are coming back as masks slowly retreat, giving more options for accessories once hidden away. Bring out your bolder items or treat yourself to a new signature piece you can wear for new occasions.

Jewelry Trends to Talk About

Jewelry trends can be hard to follow, and sometimes go the route of subtle and understated. It’s safe to say that 2022 will see lots of new and impressive looks, especially in the accessories department.

So don’t be afraid to try out some new pieces and let them garner the attention they deserve. And if you found this helpful in knowing what to look for this next year, keep reading for more fashion tips and tricks.

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