Birthstone jewelry is one of the most popular types of fine jewelry. A woman owns it along with her engagement ring and wedding band. This can come in the form of her own birthstone or the form of a mother’s birthstone ring or piece of jewelry. Mother’s birthstone jewelry combines the birthstones of all her children or grandchildren. They are combined into one piece of jewelry. Fine jewelry is costly. But, you can get the most from your birthstone jewelry without having to pay thousands. Here are some ideas to help you in your search. They are for a perfect and affordable piece of fine jewelry to add to your collection.

Choose a Synthetic Stone

Choose a Synthetic Stone

Your natural birthstone’s price depends on your birth month. It could range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. People born in April will spend much more on a diamond than someone born in January. January babies can buy a natural garnet ring for a couple hundred dollars.

Synthetic stones are available to even out the birthstone market. They replace nearly every month’s birthstone. These are often manmade stones.

They have the same chemistry as the original or are made to look like a particular birthstone. If you choose a synthetic stone, I would still suggest setting it in gold, not silver. This will help it last longer. 

Choose a Low Karat Gold

Choose a Low Karat Gold

Your cheapest option for birthstone jewelry is sterling silver. But, I recommend gold if possible. It won’t tarnish like silver. You can save on cost by choosing a gold that is lower karat quality meaning there is less actual gold and more allow than higher karat golds.

With less gold, lower karat gold is harder and more durable. This helps if you are buying a piece of birthstone jewelry for a child.

Save with golds that are either 9k or 10k. Make sure that the jewelry is solid gold and is not gold filled or gold plated.  

Buy Second Hand

Buy Second Hand Birthstone Jewelry

A great way to save on a piece of birthstone jewelry is to buy on the second hand market. There are a lot of places you can accomplish this either through an auction or antique shop. You can buy birthstone jewelry that is as new as a few months old.

Or, it can be as old as a couple hundred years old, depending on your taste. Estate jewelry has no antique value. So, you can find it at a big discount from the MSRP of a comparable new piece. If there are a few scratches or imperfections, take it to your local jeweler for polishing. Then, your birthstone jewelry will be as good as new. 

Put on Layaway

This option won’t necessarily save you money. But, it will help make a pricier purchase possible for those of us on a tight budget. Many places offer layaway.

They won’t charge you interest or fee. But, they will hold your item for a period until you can pay for it. You can use these layaway programs for items that cost $200 to a few thousand dollars.

Be sure that what you put on layaway is something you can truly afford. And that you can make the payments without causing financial hardship.

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