It’s an understatement to say that selecting an engagement ring might seem overwhelming. After all, it’s a piece of jewelry you will wear for the rest of your life, so it should look and feel right.

Knowing what types of engagement rings are available makes the whole process seem less scary, whether you’re hoping to get engaged soon or are planning ahead for the future.

There are also a variety of shapes to pick from, including popular oval cuts and diamond shapes like the marquise cut and baguette cut. Have you ever heard of any of these? Don’t worry; we’ve got your back.

Continue reading to learn about the UK’s most popular engagement ring shapes.

The 11 Popular Engagement Rings Shape

To help you decide, we’ve included further information about each engagement ring shape below.

1.    Oval Cut

Because of its flawlessly symmetrical form, its comfortable design makes any hand seem longer. However, a halo of diamonds might provide the appearance of a larger oval cut for a lower cost. An oval-cut diamond will work well for a minimalist, classic, or vintage-inspired engagement ring. Oval diamonds are becoming more popular in various settings due to their elongated form, pleasing impression, and tendency to seem larger than their real carat size.

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2.    Round Brilliant Cut

This ring type is the most famous and traditional, cone-shaped with a rounded top. It’s also, predictably, the most popular. A typical round brilliant diamond has 58 facets for maximum light reflection.

3.    Emerald Cut

This stone, which is rectangular and has step-cut facets, is a great choice for a better-clarity diamond. This form, which exudes retro glamor, is most attractive when used in a geometric composition.

4.    Pear Cut

The pear-cut diamond is a shape that falls in the middle between the marquise and the oval shapes. The teardrop form has a single point and a rounded end, giving the appearance that smaller stones are larger than they are.

5.    Princess Cut

Another classic design for an engagement ring, the princess-cut diamond flaunts an abundance of brilliance. When put on a ring covered with diamonds, the square form with sharp corners appears even more attractive.

6.    Radiant Cut

The radiant cut is characterized by the combination of a rectangular or square form with round brightness, which creates seventy facets of brilliant shine.

7.    Marquise-Cut

This is one of the engagement ring forms if you want something unusual. A woman’s smile inspired it. An extended diamond with sharp edges looks very good on the hand, but use caution. A custom wedding ring may be required to fit comfortably beside it.

8.    Baguette Cut

This stone, similar to an emerald cut but narrower, looks best when quite big or put among similar stones.

9.    Cushion Cut

Cushion cuts have rounded edges, which implies bigger facets and more sparkle. This diamond is ideal for a vintage-inspired setting but would also look stunning on a more contemporary band.

10. Heart Cut

A heart-shaped diamond is created by altering a brilliant round stone. Some may see it as the ultimate sign of love, while others may regard it as a bit tacky, but as long as you wear it confidently, it will look wonderful.

11. Trilliant Cut

A trilliant stone will seem bigger than a round in the same carat, making it one of the most unusual diamond ring shapes. However, the glitter may be less intense, so you must determine where your compromise lies.

Choosing an Engagement Ring Shape for Different Hand Types

Keep your partner’s hand shape in mind when deciding on the perfect diamond shape for your engagement ring. Different diamond shapes may work well with certain hand sizes and shapes.

Long Fingers

Consider a striking, bigger diamond shape if your companion has extended fingers. Cushion, princess, and round diamonds are great because they are rounded and large. To balance the appearance, pair your selected diamond with a wide band.

Larger Hands

If your partner’s hands are large, prepare to go big and bold! Asscher and brilliant diamonds are all huge cuts that look magnificent on larger hands. Medium to big bands are recommended depending on the size of the stone.

Wide Fingers

If you have wide fingers, you should choose something other than tiny forms since they will make your fingers seem too frail. Diamonds with a radiant, princess, or asscher cut are all acceptable options.

Petite Hands

Choose a tight band and match it with a tiny, delicate diamond for small hands. Princesses, hearts, and pear-shaped diamonds would seem little on bigger hands. However, they look stunning on small hands.

Short Fingers

If your lover has small fingers, you might choose engagement ring forms that highlight them. Emerald, marquise, and oval-shaped diamonds are diamond shapes that optically stretch the fingers. You may also use a thin band to create a sense of length.


These are merely a few of the UK’s most common engagement ring shapes. Finally, the shape of your engagement ring is a personal decision, so choose one that suits your style and preferences.

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