Popular Engagement Ring Styles

Getting engaged is one of the most memorable days of your life – aside from your actual wedding day! Finding the ideal engagement ring for your lover sometimes seems daunting, but stevieandalice.com has a never-ending selection of fantastic deals. Here are some tips about what trends in gem choice, gem settings, and band metal are popular right now so you can buy the best engagement ring.

Which stone should you choose?

Which stone should you choose?

We all know the saying, “diamonds are a girl’s best friend,” but a trend that has had an uptick in popularity is the use of colored stones. There are many different types of gemstones, but the likes of emerald, morganite, and sapphire have proven popular. In fact, colored stones were used regularly in engagement rings until the 1940s, when diamonds overtook them.

Certain gems, like sapphires, are a more ethical option, as well as being stunningly beautiful. The majority of sapphires are mined in countries such as Sri Lanka, where the government has tighter control over gemstone regulations.

Diamonds should not be discounted, though. Diamonds remain a classic choice for engagement rings due to their simple and elegant appearance. The versatility of a diamond means it will pair with any outfit and any style. Diamonds are also popular as they can mix with a variety of metals without changing the look of the stone itself.

Settings are important

Engagement Ring Settings are important

There has also been a shift in the popularity of different settings of gems in engagement rings. Oval-cut gems, especially diamonds, have become popular. This style can really draw attention to the wearer’s hand and elongate the appearance of their fingers. Oval cut rings also work well if you want to layer bands.

Rings that combine stones have become increasingly popular among celebrities. One of the unique features of a multi-stone ring is that you can combine gems to create something unique. Those stones can have their own meanings or represent each person coming together in marriage.

When it comes to settings, halo rings are truly beautiful. Drawing on its 1920s Art Deco debut, a halo setting is where the central stone, typically a diamond, is perfectly framed with smaller pavé stones to form a halo effect. These rings really accentuate the wow factor and sparkle under any light.  

Metals should complement the ring

Metals should complement the ring

Choosing a metal that complements your choice of gem is another important factor. Different metals can really impact the appearance of a stone. For example, a rose gold band can make a stone look warmer than a colder-looking metal, such as platinum.

That being said, white gold is currently the most popular choice of metal for engagement bands. This may be because white gold does not rust or tarnish when looked after properly. It is also slightly less expensive than platinum and more malleable, so is more suited to intricate designs.



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