Personalized Jewelry Ideas

A piece of jewelry can evoke profound meaning for the person wearing it. A date engraved on a ring, initials carved on a necklace, words on a bracelet, or birthstones dangling daintily from earrings, can all elevate a simple piece of jewelry to a beautiful sentiment. The idea of personalized jewelry is gaining popularity with many women taking to the idea of being involved in the design process of their bespoke pieces of jewelry. 

Angara’s personalized jewelry website allows you to put your unique stamp on the pieces you create. These pieces are versatile, are a far cry from your run-of-the-mill, store-bought pieces, and reflect your unique taste. Thanks to experimental jewelers, this concept is fast gaining momentum and we are here for it!

In case you have not considered personalized jewelry or are hesitant to try it, here are some reasons why it is a good idea.

  • There is no other piece like it — quite literally. Just as you are unique, the jewelry piece you create is unique. No one else owns a piece like it and it is personal to you and will remain to be one-of-a-kind.
  • It gives you greater control over the process — Since you are involved in every step of the way, you get to decide on details such as what stone, setting, metal, and design you would like for your piece. In most cases, personalized jewelry is also more affordable than a store-bought piece.
  • You get a specialist working with you — If you are feeling a little lost with the whole idea of where to even begin personalizing your statement piece, a specialist is always at hand, ready to advise you and tailor your requests. Enlisting the help of an experienced jeweler is the perfect balance between your input and the specialist’s expertise. 
  • You can upcycle heirloom pieces — Your grandmother’s ring or your mother’s necklace can find new meaning and utility with personalization. This is a beautiful and sentimental way of paying tribute to the important people in your life. 
  • It has a story that is personal to you — Important dates, family milestones, and words you live by can all be worn on you, serving as gentle reminders of the things you hold important. 
  • It is a thoughtful gesture — Anyone can step into a store or order a piece of jewelry from an online catalog. But your effort that went into designing the piece will create a memorable experience for you. 

The reasons to personalize your jewelry are many, and the ways to do it, are even more. If you are at a loss about where to start ideating for your personal piece of jewelry, look no further. We will be able to help you out with some stunning design ideas!


Want to wear something meaningful to suit your uber-chic lifestyle? Try necklaces with your or a loved one’s zodiac sign as a pendant. Another great option is to wear a dainty flat name tag with your loved one’s names or initials or even birth dates engraved on it. A lariat necklace is also another pretty option that can be personalized the way you want.


There are so many options with what you could do to personalize your bracelets. If you are a minimalist design-loving woman, you could always opt for a cuff with words engraved along the band. If flirty and feminine designs are your thing, then you could get a charm bracelet with tiny charms that hold meaning to you. Another great idea is to have the birthstones of your family strung on your bracelet! A trend that has seen a recent surge in demand is the sliding letters bracelets. Spell your loved one’s initials or a memorable date on your bracelet and it becomes a treasured keepsake.


Another elegant way of wearing personalized jewelry is in the form of earrings. Whether you are a hoops girl or prefer dainty studs, there is always a way to weave your personality into your ear bauble. Hoops with names running through the center diametrically are a badass way to wear your bespoke earrings. You could go the thread chain drop earring way with your birthstone dangling at the end, or you could opt for little alphabet studs or danglers. Whatever your choice, personalized earring pieces sure will make heads turn.


This has to be one of our favorite ways of wearing personalized jewelry. Rings hold special meaning as they can commemorate weddings, anniversaries, engagements, or other personal milestones. You can choose from a range of stones that correspond to your birth month, or you could get a band engraved with words that hold special meaning to you. Another great way of wearing a ring that is personal to you is to have your partner’s fingerprint engraved on your band.  These are just a few of the ways in which you can customize your jewelry. We have seen many wear their personalities on anklets, cufflinks, lapel pins, collar chains, nose, and toe rings too. Whatever your choice, personalizing your jewelry is a great way to create an everlasting, meaningful piece

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