Genuine pearl rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants, and all fine pearl jewelry are created from the lustrous balls that form inside the shell of a mollusk, which is delicate layers of crystalline aragonite and calcite, a form of calcium carbonate. Those pearl balls are so highly valued that they are classified as organic gemstones. Few of us will ever own natural, or wild, pearls that have formed on their own without man’s assistance, not only because they are extremely rare, but they are formidably expensive.

Pearl Rings

Before presenting suggestions regarding what pearl rings and jewelry is available for sale, let’s explore the deep waters of where pearls come from, how they are formed, what the differences are in natural and cultured pearls, and how to select the best quality pearl gems for your jewelry collections.

Pearl Formation

In the wild, a pearl is formed by a mollusk secreting a nacreous (or pearly) substance around a small irritant that has entered its shell, such as a bit of organic material or, most commonly, a parasite.

Pearl Formation

However, even those pearls that have been started by man’s implantation of mantle epithelium (or surface cell tissue), and/or a small mother of pearl bead into the mollusk, react in the same manner, secreting nacre around the irritant to create what is known as nacreous pearls, lustrous but not entirely smooth to the touch. It is, in fact, this characteristic roughness of a natural, or cultured, pearl that is often a means to distinguish real pearl rings from cheap imitations.

Exquisite Colombian Tektite to Make Pearl Rings

The Colombian Tektite is a rare and unique gemstone renowned for its beauty and rarity.  Jewelry enthusiasts highly covet its stunning iridescent shine. Colombian Tektite pearl rings perfectly showcase the splendor of this gemstone. These rings possess a distinctive and exotic allure that effortlessly enhances any outfit. Whether you’re in search of a special gift or aiming to add some sparkle to your own wardrobe, Colombian Tektite pearl rings prove to be an ideal choice. In addition, this guide will provide an overview of colombianite, its properties, and how it can be utilized to create exquisite pearl rings.

The difference between Natural, Cultured & Faux Pearl Jewelry

Cheap pearl rings, faux pearl jewelry, and inexpensive pearl costume jewelry are entirely different from the real thing since faux pearls may be made of coral, mother-of-pearl, conch shell, fish scale coated glass, or even synthetic materials and therefore are extremely smooth.

Natural Pearls

Cheap pearl ring jewelry will have a perfectly smooth pearl; a genuine one will be slightly rough to the touch. Faux or synthetic ones, often used in cheap pearl rings for women, must not be confused with “farmed” or cultured pearls (or south sea or freshwater pearls). Because even though man has a hand in the process, they are in fact formed inside a mollusk (clams, molluscan bivalves, and oysters) in the same basic way that a wild pearl is created. Those that develop into gemstone quality pearls are iridescent and nacreous similar to the inner part of the shell we call mother-of-pearl and are very difficult to differentiate from a natural pearl formed in the wild without any help. How can you tell the difference?

X-Raying Pearls

Since it can be hard to distinguish genuine pearl rings from cultured ones with just the naked eye (or the sense of touch), an x-ray is used to reveal what is at the heart of the pearl – a natural one will have growth rings while a cultured one will have a solid center. Farmed, or cultured pearls, comprise the majority of pearl rings for sale in jewelry shops, with many cultured freshwater pearls being dyed to create the famous blue, brown, pink, purple, or black pearl rings, although the best ones do not require dying because they are in fact pink or black or brown naturally. Cultured pearls do come from mollusks, clams, and oysters the same as natural ones, and look very similar, perhaps almost identical. They are slightly rough to the touch just like natural pearls, the only true proof of their nature is with an x-ray, which will be an essential part of any evaluation process if you need to obtain a certificate of authenticity to buy insurance.

X-Raying Pearls

Quality pearl jewelry is an investment, just like gemstones or gold or diamonds, so if you find a discount pearl ring that is so reasonably priced you wonder if it’s genuine, have it tested by x-ray to know for sure. Remember, a cultured pearl ring with a large, round, smooth, unblemished surface may still be a good investment even if it is not made with a wild or natural pearl. Top-grade Akoya pearl jewelry, crafted from cultured pearls, is very valuable and considered investment quality, and the famous pearl jewelry Mikimoto makes is likewise a fine investment despite being made from cultured pearls as well.

Freshwater, Saltwater, South Sea & Tahitian Pearls

Freshwater pearls
  • Freshwater – Freshwater pearl rings and jewelry sets have become very popular due to their relatively low cost, and it may cause to people to wonder what is meant by the term “freshwater pearls” since it may sound like a fancy marketing ploy instead of saying fake or imitation. Not so. Freshwater pearls come from mussels that live in freshwater, often coldwater, lakes. That’s all there is to it. They are not synthetic or manmade in a factory but considered less valuable than their saltwater cousins since they are often smaller, and instead of being large and round, may look like toasted or shriveled grains of rice. The best quality is the Biwa pearls (which come from Lake Biwa, Japan) and is considered some of the most valuable freshwater pearls due to their smooth, lustrous sheen despite the irregularity of their shape. However, the relatively low cost of freshwater pearls in recent years is due to the fact that they are primarily farmed in China
  • Saltwater – Saltwater pearls are developed in pearl oysters for the most part in the South Seas, Indian Ocean and Tahiti (from where most natural black peals once came).
  • Tahitian – Tahitian cultured black pearls are now almost as common as white Japanese Akoya cultured pearls. However, the black ones are still a tad more valuable and therefore more expensive as a whole.
  • South Sea – South Sea pearls, mostly from Indonesia, Australia, and the Philippines are famed for being white, creamy colored, silver gray, pink, or even a golden tone, like what you see advertised as golden south sea pearl jewelry.

Yet not all pearls are pearly; in fact, some are not even nacreous, instead of more like white Chinese porcelain. These often form in clams, like the largest pearl recorded at over 6 kg (14 lbs) from a clam in the Philippines (found in 1934). It’s unknown how long this pearl took to develop. However, most cultured pearls used in jewelry are ready for harvest quite quickly, sometimes as soon as 6 months to a year, although Akoya may require between 2 and 4 years, and Tahitian and some South Sea pearls may require up to 7 years to develop. So don’t underestimate the value of south sea pearl rings even if they are cultured. The pearls weren’t formed overnight in some factories. They were gradually grown inside crustaceans living in the salty south seas, waiting years to become a gem in a piece of jewelry for your finger.

Mikimoto & Japanese Akoya Pearls

There is much talk about pearl jewelry Mikimoto developed using the cultured pearl process. However, it was not, in fact, Mikimoto who invented it. Australian William Saville-Kent’s patented procedure was bought by a Japanese company, and in the early 1900s was acquired by the Mikimoto family and used to expand Akoya pearl farming in Japan, spreading to China and the Philippines. Surprisingly, nowadays most Akoya pearl rings for sale are made with pearls grown in China, sorted in Japan, and shipped around the world as Japanese Akoya pearl jewelry.

Akoya pearl necklace
Akoya pearl necklace

Genuine Mikimoto pearl jewelry will be from 3 prime pearl oysters: Pinctada Maxima Oyster, Pinctada Margaritifera Oyster, and Pinctada Fucata Oyster, and maybe grown in Indonesia, Australia, and French Polynesia and not only in Japan. Pearl jewelry Mikimoto designs come in creamy white, gray, and gold pearl tones, not only pure white.

Akoya pearl rings made with the pearls harvested from the Japanese Pinctada Fucata oyster are much more expensive and retail at only the finest jewelry stores, whereas those from the hybrid oyster, which are grown in China, are not investment quality and are often used in less expensive pearl costume jewelry.

Judging Pearl Quality

If you are planning on investing in real pearl rings or any substantial pearl jewelry sets, you should know a little about how to check pearl quality.

A pearl is judged much the same as a gemstone: based on shine, luminosity, and color as well as size and symmetry and the absence of flaws on the surface, with large, round pearls being the most valuable. Although pearls come in many unique shapes, they are not cut as gemstones, but are sorted into the following groups:

Pearl Quality
  1. the best and most coveted large round pearls
  2. the semi-round pearls
  3. the less valuable button pearls (sometimes blister pearls)
  4. the drop pearls so famed in drop pearl earrings
  5. the oval-shaped pearls often used in pearl pendants
  6. the poorest grade which is the baroque pearl

Baroque & Seed Pearls

However baroque pearl jewelry may be more unique than some of the “so-called” finest quality ones because baroque pearls are strange and irregularly shaped and often used in very unusual pieces of jewelry, especially antique pearl rings. Baroque pearls are sometimes used in designer vintage pearl jewelry, mixed with rhinestones and other gems, even in some Miriam Haskell jewelry, which is genuinely masterful.

Seed Pearls

Below baroque are seed pearls, and these, as you might imagine, are tiny miniature pearls. Seed pearl rings often use dozens of these teeny-tiny round pearls, which weigh less than .25 of grain, and are usually no more than 2mm around.

They are popular in pearl cluster rings and antique pearl jewelry creations from the Victorian era. Naturally, they are back in style! Seed pearls are also used to accent gemstone rings, set around a central stone along the shank, or decorating wedding bands. They are popularly used to adorn clothing, accent beaded handbags, and even used in creating bridal headpieces and hair jewelry.

All About Pearl Jewelry & Rings

Now you’re ready to select your pearl ring! But…

  • Where can you find the best quality pearl rings for sale online?
  • What will genuine pearl rings cost?
  • Where can you find the best cheap pearl rings?
  • Is there such a thing as pearl rings under 100 dollars?
  • What about pearl jewelry manufacturers?
  • mikimoto-pearls0005
  • Where can you buy wholesale pearl jewelry?
  • Is there somewhere to get fun pearl costume jewelry at a reasonable price?
  • Where can you buy the pearl jewelry Mikimoto offers?
  • What about Shecy Pearls? Are they good value? Where can you find them?
  • Where can you get a unique Lagos pearl ring online?
Pearl Jewelry

If you need help selecting a pearl jewelry store to buy pearl rings for women, pearl engagement rings, pearl jewelry sets for your wedding or even to find discount pearl rings that are worth buying, then our series of Pearl Rings articles is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Here’s an overview of what you’ll find in the Pearl Rings series:

Pearl Rings (Part I) – Pearls Before Rings – information about pearl formation, the difference between natural, cultured, and faux pearl jewelry, how to distinguish genuine pearl rings from cultured ones, and what the differences are between freshwater, saltwater, south sea, and Tahitian pearls. This article also discusses Mikimoto and Japanese Akoya pearls and which oysters produce the finest pearls that are considered investment quality. There are some tips on how to judge pearl quality and what to look for before buying a pearl ring or a piece of pearl jewelry to add to your collection.

Pearl Engagement Rings (Part II) – offers detailed information about real pearl ring designs, contemporary pearl engagement ring styles, and traditional pearl ring settings.

This article provides specific suggestions for buying pearl rings with and without diamonds, as well as a few ideas on where to get a unique solitaire pearl ring, instead of a diamond. There are recommendations on the latest modern pearl ring trends and where to buy jewelry online.

This article gives an idea of what you can expect to pay for fine pearl jewelry. There are examples of pieces like the popular single pearl ring or the crystal pearl jewelry designs, and a few price suggestions on what to pay for designer pearl jewelry and bridal accessories, especially if you have already chosen a pearl engagement or wedding ring for your special day. There are ideas on how to find unusual handmade pearl jewelry for bridesmaids and where to buy pearl fashion jewelry to go with your wedding attire, including pearl earrings and imitation pearl bracelets to match your bridal attire.

It also touches on caring for and cleaning pearl jewelry so it will last.

Pearl Ring

Pearl Wedding Rings (Part III) – This article is about selecting your wedding rings, choosing between cluster pearl rings, three pearl ring designs, or two pearl ring styles or bands with simple seed pearls, and offering suggestions on modern pearl rings that are unique alternatives to pearl rings with diamonds.

There are suggestions on where to get custom pearl rings made to suit exactly what you have in mind, and how to find wedding ring sets that are good value and affordable.

There are recommendations about selecting pearl bridal jewelry that will carry the pearl theme from the rings into the rest of the bridal attire, including pearl jewelry set suggestions and individual pearl necklace jewelry for the bride as well as how to get the best value when buying bridesmaid jewelry pearls.

Although this article focuses primarily on wedding rings, it also has some useful tips on other wedding pearl jewelry such as unique and elegant pearl bracelet jewelry for the bride, beaded pearl jewelry for headpieces, and even beaded bridal accessories. You will find tips on how to select matching pearl bridesmaid jewelry as well as suggestions for stylish yet inexpensive pearl bridesmaid gifts.

Having selected engagement and wedding rings in pearl, this article shows how to tastefully incorporate pearl bead jewelry into the wedding accessories and how to get the best value by recommending several online sources such as the famous Shecy pearl jewelry that can be purchased online.

Continue the series from Pearl Wedding Rings in Part III to part IV of the series with Mother of Pearl Rings.

Mother of Pearl Rings (Part IV) – this article discusses mother of pearl jewelry in general but features a mother of pearl ring designs that are unique and may prove to be an alternative engagement ring or wedding ring choice.

Mother of Pearl Rings

There are some featured mother of pearl engagement rings as well as some unique blister pearl ring styles you may wish to consider. Blister pearl rings and button pearl rings come in unusual shapes and mountings, due to having been cut from the shell, and are therefore are not entirely spherical. This phenomenon allows you to select a dual mother of pearl and pearl combination, and there are suggestions in this article on where to get such ring styles. The Bling pearl jewelry creations are also featured in this article, offering a sample of prices and styles that are all available for purchase online.

Tahitian Pearl Rings (Part V) – This article will present some unique suggestions for Tahitian pearl jewelry that is investment quality as well as offering tips on where to buy affordable Tahitian pearl ring styles that are good value.

Tahitian Pearl Rings

There is a brief introduction as to why Tahitian black pearl jewelry is so popular and what prices you can expect to pay for some of the recommended designs.

While it is understood that the vast majority of black Tahitian pearls jewelry is created to accessorize women’s eveningwear, and the gorgeous round black pearls are often found in ladies’ cocktail rings, this article also presents a series of suggestions for Tahitian pearl engagement rings.

The article features a series of carefully selected pieces from the Shecy pearl jewelry collections in order to give you an idea of what is available should you decide to purchase your pearls online.

South Sea Pearl Ring (Part VI) – This article deals with the wide variety of south sea pearl jewelry on the market today, offering examples of what’s available in white, cream silver-gray, and even the famous golden south sea pearl jewelry styles.

South Sea Pearl Ring
South sea pearl ring with the yellow sapphire ring.

The focus of this article is to offer you an overview of what is available in south sea pearl rings and to bring you suggestions from the Shecy pearl jewelry lines as well as to highlight how to invest in high-quality pearl jewelry Mikimoto offers to collectors.

There is a brief history of south sea pearls and how they differ from Akoya or freshwater ones and what are the prices you can expect to pay for a variety of quality south sea pearls jewelry that is available for sale online.

Akoya Pearl Ring (Part VII) – This article is about the popular Akoya pearl jewelry that is very affordable as well as the pearl jewelry Mikimoto creates that is considered collectible and of investment quality.

Akoya Pearl Ring
Akoya pearls ring, necklace, and bracelet with white gold and diamond inserts.

The Akoya pearl rings that are recommended in this series reflect a blend of the highest quality Japanese pearl ring designs that are made from genuine Japanese harvested pearls as well as suggestions for buying the less expensive Chinese Akoya pearls.

There are pictures and product recommendations from the Shecy pearl jewelry collections that will allow you to have an idea of specific items you can easily purchase online.

Cultured Pearl Ring (Part VIII) – This article presents a brief description of what the differences are in cultured pearl jewelry, from high-end collectible pieces all the way to cheap costume jewelry that fits everyone’s budget.

Cultured Pearl Ring

The emphasis of this article is to bring you suggestions for buying the best-cultured pearls jewelry selections no matter how much you have to spend. It features many unique styles in the Shecy pearl jewelry collections that will allow you to own the cultured pearl rings you have always wanted but didn’t know you could afford.

Freshwater Pearl Rings (Part IX) – This segment of the series on pearls brings you information about freshwater pearls jewelry that is affordable. It describes the differences between saltwater and a freshwater pearl and offers many suggestions on where to buy freshwater pearl ring designs that meet your budget.

Freshwater Pearl Rings

Recognizing that these purchases are not an investment, rather are more geared toward fashion statements, we have carefully selected freshwater pearl jewelry pieces that may be used as simple promise rings or children’s jewelry, or even as bridal accessories, such as the many freshwater pearl bracelet styles that go well with bridal gowns. We also feature freshwater pearl jewelry set options since the price makes it affordable enough to have a complete set of pearl earrings, bracelets, rings and even matching necklaces or pearl pendants.

As in the other articles in this series, we present a selection of items from the Shecy pearl jewelry shop, which offers not only choice pearl rings but some unique freshwater pearl jewelry sets for a variety of budgets. We recognize that freshwater pearl jewelry is an alternative choice for those who want genuine pearls without the high price and therefore have put together some practical suggestions for buying the best possible pieces at the best prices.

Gold Pearl Ring (Part X) – Our series of pearl articles would not be complete without offering some suggestions on where to buy the best gold pearl jewelry online. Therefore we feature products such as gold pearl rings that include diamonds and are investments as well as others that are less expensive like simple 14k pearl ring styles for young ladies.

Gold Pearl Ring

However, it must be noted that those who seek to purchase gold and pearl rings are investing in high-end jewelry, not cheap costume or fashion pieces, and therefore may not be the best choice for those on a strict budget. Nevertheless, we have chosen pieces from the Shecy pearl jewelry lines that will, hopefully, satisfy your yen for a little gold and pearl while still keeping within your resources.

This article also offers some suggestions on buying gold pearl earrings and bracelets to match your rings, and naturally, recommends pieces that will be perfect as bridal jewelry.

If gold is not your color, then read about white gold pearl ring options in the next article by continuing the series from Gold Pearl Ring in Part X to Part XI of the series with White Gold Pearl Ring or Part XII with Silver Pearl Rings for some less expensive pearly alternatives.

White Gold Pearl Ring (Part XI) – This article provides some suggestions for pearl jewelry that is not set in yellow gold but white gold.

White Gold Pearl Ring

White gold pearl rings are not cheaper than ones set in yellow gold; it simply depends on your personal taste. The only real alternative to buying inexpensive pearl jewelry settings is silver. However, in this article, we have once again selected items from the Shecy pearl jewelry store that will give you some price options that are affordable and of good value. If you are searching for white gold pearl rings as an engagement or wedding ring, then this article will be very useful to compare styles and prices.

If you need something more affordable in a white metal pearl creation, then continue reading this series from where you are now in White Gold Pearl Ring Part XI and go to Part XII of the series with Silver Pearl Rings to view cheap pearl ring designs.

Silver Pearl Rings (Part XII) – This article is about affordable sterling silver pearl rings and silver pearl jewelry that is not quite considered cheap costume jewelry, but is also not high-end. There are some alternatives presented such as button pearl ring designs, stretch pearl ring styles, and some simple pearl ring alternatives that are great for kids.

Silver Pearl Rings

Since it’s affordable, this article takes sterling silver pearl jewelry one step further than rings and offers suggestions for pairing small pearl rings with drop pearl earrings and bracelets, and also recommends a ready-made pearl ring set that is very inexpensive. Some of the suggestions may be used as bridesmaid jewelry or gifts, and the article highlights the best small pearl rings that would be lovely for a flower girl.

Some of the items the article features will be ideal as friendship or promise rings, especially the small pearl ring styles that are cheap enough even for kids to each other on Valentine’s Day, and other simple pearl rings that would make lovely baby Christening presents.

As in some of the other articles on pearls, this one also presents some unique Shecy pearl jewelry designs and Bling Jewelry styles that are affordable and readily available for immediate online ordering.

Antique Pearl Rings (Part XIII) – Since some of the best and most unique pearl jewelry is antique, we would be remiss if we did not offer an article on antique pearl ring collections and vintage pearl jewelry options for you to choose from.

Antique Pearl Rings

Although many may believe that antique pearl jewelry is mostly about strands of old pearl necklaces, in fact, there are many other unusual pieces like antique pearl engagement rings, either genuine Victorian or good replicas, and vintage pearl engagement rings from the ‘30s through to the ‘70s that perhaps lean a little toward art deco. There is also a wide variety of rhinestone pearl jewelry and some pieces of handcrafted pearl jewelry with the likes of Miriam Haskell jewelry designs that are once again back in style.

This article also features some alternative ideas in baroque pearl jewelry, which incorporates irregularly shaped pearls in unusual mountings, and seed pearl rings that have a distinctive Victorian flair.

You will find cluster pearl ring styles that make wonderful engagement rings, as well as large pearl rings that make for great cocktail pieces. Since antique jewelry is not just about necklaces pearls rings and bracelets, we offer a few suggestions on matching pearl pendant jewelry and even pearl brooches so your sets will be complete. However, the primary focus of the article is on large pearl ring designs for ladies’ eveningwear, Victorian-style seed pearl ring collections, and other seed pearl jewelry, as well as fun big pearl rings that may be fun party baubles.

Some of the vintage and antique jewelry we present is incredibly cheap, and other pieces may be collectible pearl jewelry worth a fortune. We leave it in your hands to decide which pieces are within your budget.

If you like what you see but need more choices, you may appreciate some of the suggestions offered in the continuation of the series. After Antique Pearl Rings Part XIII there’s more in Part XIV with Mabe Pearl Ring.

Mabe Pearl Ring (Part XIV) – This is a short article that explains what mabe pearl rings are all about and offers some recommendations on where to buy them and what to expect.

Mabe Pearl Ring

Since a mabe pearl is actually a blister pearl or button pearl that grows on an oyster shell instead of inside the tissue, it must be cut out, leaving one side flat with mother of pearl attached, perfect for mounting in rings, while being much less expensive than round pearls that are used in pearl necklaces.

In the article, we offer some examples of mabe pearl ring designs that are unusual, sometimes set deeper into the shank or embedded partway into the mountings, or conversely, set higher to feature the mother of pearl as if it were still a blister on a shell. Many antique pearl rings make marvelous use of the unusual shapes of maybe and blister pearls as well as incorporating the use of seed pearls in strange, wonderful creations.

This article brings together a selection of distinctive styles of mabe pearl rings, modern, antique and vintage – some very expensive, others extremely affordable.

White Pearl Rings (Part XV) – This article in the pearl jewelry series continues to delve deeper into the differences of color and tone that is available in pearl jewelry.

White Pearl Rings

Although when speaking about pearls many people naturally think of white or creamy colors, not all pearls are in fact white. Their color is dependant on the type of oyster or mollusk where the pearl grows. Therefore, this article explores the various tones of white, from the most expensive natural pearl ring designs to white pearl jewelry that is more affordable.

Natural pearl rings are almost entirely out of reach for most people, so the article makes some recommendations on which white cultured pearls are of good value and where they can be purchased online. There are recommendations on white pearl engagement rings and wedding sets, as well as white pearl jewelry suggestions for brides and bridesmaids.

In addition to the samples of pure white pearls and creamy-colored options, there are also some suggestions for black and white pearl rings that work well as cocktail rings or as fashion pieces to accessorize modern outfits. Many of the recommendations come from the vast collection of exquisite Shecy pearl jewelry which we highly recommend.

Since there are so many natural pearl color variations, as well as dyed pearls, you may wish to continue reading about more options by continuing from where you are in White Pearl Rings Part XV, to Part XVI of the series with Black Pearl Rings.

Black Pearl Rings (Part XVI) – Since white is not the only natural color of pearls, this article focuses on black pearls jewelry to give you yet another choice.

Black Pearl Rings

Naturally the most famous are the Tahitian black pearl rings, but there are a few surprises, like black pearl jewelry Mikimoto creates and unusual variations like lavender and purple pearl ring styles.

The article also offers some excellent options for those who want something totally different in an engagement ring by suggesting some black pearl engagement ring designs and even some choice blue engagement rings that may one day be the bride’s “something blue”. Although black pearl engagement rings are certainly not for every bride-to-be, there are some ideas in this article on choosing a blend of diamond and black pearls to have a little tradition and a little something different.

This article in the Pearl series is focused primarily on natural black pearl jewelry. However, understanding that the best of these pieces will be unaffordable to most people. There are some suggestions for dyed black pearl ring designs that are inexpensive and dyed blue pearl rings that make lovely cocktail jewelry, as well as dyed lavender pearl ring selections that may be an ideal fashion accessory.

To round out the theme, there are other ideas like black and white pearl rings, some genuine, others just fashion pieces, and finally there are recommendations for buying matching black pearl stud earrings to complete your look. The article provides pictures of some of the Shecy pearl jewelry products and gives an idea of what prices you can expect to pay.

If black is not your color, then continue reading about more options, because after Black Pearl Rings Part XVI, there’s an article about Pink Pearl Ring styles, which is part XVII of this series.

Pink Pearl Ring (Part XVII) – This is a brief article that gives information about both natural pink pearl jewelry and dyed pink pearl rings that are less expensive.

Pink Pearl Ring

Many of the cheap pink rings recommended are ideal as little girl’s rings or as flower girl gifts and may be purchased easily online through Shecy pearl jewelry. There are some subjections for buying high-end ladies’ pink pearls and also ideas for large pearl cocktail rings in various shades of rosy colors.

For a total look, we also offer some recommendations for buying pearl jewelry sets that can include pink pearl earrings and matching pearl bracelets.

Gray Pearl Ring (Part XVIII) – The exploration of pearl jewelry color options continues in this segment about gray pearl rings.

Gray Pearl Ring

This is a short article on what’s available and where to buy good quality grey pearl rings and jewelry, featuring some excellent pieces from the Shecy pearl jewelry collections. There are pictures and price examples for small grey pearl ring designs as well as larger cocktail ring designs that incorporate diamonds or cubic zirconia.

Since gray pearls are in fact many shades of greenish-gray, bluish-gray and grey pearl bordering on black, the selection is extensive. Most genuine gray pearls are variants of black Tahitian pearls. Only the cheap rings use dyed freshwater pearls.

Chocolate Pearl Ring (Part XIX) – If black is too dark and white and pink and gray is too light, then you’ll love what this article has to show you in rich chocolate pearl rings.

Chocolate Pearl Ring

The article discusses the subject of natural pearl color versus treated Tahitian and freshwater pearls that are made a richer lustrous brown by altering their pigments, since naturally brownish pearls are not usually very attractive or uniform in color, and lustrous quality brown pearls are so rare their price would be formidably expensive.

We offer chocolate pearl jewelry suggestions and show you brown pearl rings that have been popular since about the year 2000, and have selected some choice products you can purchase online and give you an idea of what you can expect to pay. We feature products for sale at Amazon, where can be ordered online and receive excellent quality and pay reasonable prices.

Since the chocolate pearl jewelry craze is relatively new, we have endeavored to bring you as much information as possible so you can make an informed choice regarding the value and quality of the brown pearl ring designs that are sold on the market today.

Coin Pearl Ring (Part XX) – This article gives information about unique coin pearl jewelry and flat pearl rings that are created from the real pearls harvested from freshwater mollusks.

Coin Pearl Ring

These pearls are naturally coin-shaped or flat and tend to have an irregular surface, and therefore are made into what people call coin pearl rings. Unlike the rings with a large round ball, these are almost totally flat pearl rings crafted by talented designers into ingenious and unusual pieces.

Since coin pearls are not expensive, flat pearl rings are often very reasonably priced while still being very distinctive. There are also inexpensive coin pearl jewelry sets that include earrings, bracelets, and necklaces with lots of dangling charm-like flat pearls. This article features items offered by Emitations and Heavenly Treasures Jewelry.

Pearl Ring Jewellery (Part XXI) – This article is specifically geared toward providing information on pearl rings USA residents can purchase online with ease. For pricing a pearl ring USA buyers will appreciate being able to make comparisons in US dollars instead of GBP or euros, so we have gathered together some pearl jewelry suggestions specific to their needs.

Although most of the pearl jewelry rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings we recommend throughout our articles can be shipped internationally, it may be easier for some people to buy pearl rings closer to home if they need a rush order the same day or overnight before Christmas or a birthday. There are also different options presented for buying wholesale pearl rings in the USA and cheap pearl ring alternatives specific to that market sector.

Pearl Ring Jewellery

Fashion Pearl Rings (Part XXII) – This is the final article in the 22 part series dealing with pearl jewelry. Although some real pearl rings may be affordably priced, we recognize that many people would love the look of real pearl rings but simply can’t afford the price. So we have put together the best faux pearl jewelry selections we could find so everyone who desires affordable pearl jewelry may have it.

Included in some of our recommendations are discount pearl shops that offer small genuine pearl jewelry earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and pendants but at prices that are similar to those of the costume pearl rings. We also have hunted for the best pearl jewelry designers that use small seed pearls, beads, and the least expensive of these organic gemstones in their creations.

You will find grey pearl jewelry dealers for less, many pearls ring on sale as well as find out where to get pearl rings online for the best prices.

This article focuses on discount pearl jewelry and imitation pearl rings for fun cocktail and party options offered through Emitations, Bling Jewelry, Heavenly Treasures, and the best genuine pearls from Perluna and Shecy Pearls.

With this information, we know you will be able to buy pearl ring designs that meet your budget restrictions and enjoy wearing the jewelry you have always wanted.


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