Choosing an engagement ring is a milestone moment. One major choice you have to make is whether to go for a pave or a micro pave ring. Both styles include small extra diamonds for more sparkle. But how do they compare, and which is your best choice? Let’s take a look.

What are Pave Engagement Rings?

Pave (pronounced as ‘pah-vay’) rings have bands made with small diamonds next to each other. The word “pave” originates from the French word “paved” because these diamonds appear to be paving their way around the ring. The diamonds are held in place by little metal prongs.

Why choose pave engagement rings?

  • They give off more sparkle
  • They come in all styles, such as modern and vintage
  • The diamonds along the band make this type of ring look glamorous and expensive

What are the drawbacks of Pave Rings?

  • Many small parts make them fragile
  • Some stones have to be taken out and reset if you want to resize them

What are Micro Pave Engagement Rings?

Micro pave engagement rings have a similar design to pave rings but with even smaller stones than those found on regular pave rings. With tiny stones placed close together, these rings are well known for their detailed and delicate design.

Why Choose a Micro Pave Ring?

  • Micro pavé rings provide maximum sparkle because their many tiny diamonds catch the light
  • The intricate design indicates that you pay attention to little things in life
  • Diamonds in micro-pavé style can affect visual perception, making one think that the center stone looks bigger than it really is

What are the Drawbacks of Micro Pave Rings?

  • Micro pave rings can be delicate and need extra care to avoid damage
  • Resizing a micro pave ring can be even more difficult because the stones are smaller
  • These little gems are at higher risk of falling out if not properly maintained

Pave vs. Micro Pave: What is Right for You?

Here are some things to consider when choosing between a pave or micro pave engagement ring.


Do you love delicate and detailed designs, or do you like things that are simpler and classic? Micro pavé rings have a very small, refined look, while pave rings are much bolder and balance each other out better.


It requires a high level of skill to set many little diamonds on a single ring. Therefore, micro pavé rings might be expensive. However, pave rings tend to be less complicated and thus cheaper choices.


Pave and micro pave rings are more delicate than other styles; consider your lifestyle. You may want a simpler, sturdier ring if you are very active or work a lot with your hands.


You should also think about whether you need to resize the ring in the future. It can be more challenging to resize pave, and micro pave rings.

The Final Word

It is undeniably true that both pave and micro pave engagement rings are beautiful choices. They add the sparkle that most individuals love. Nevertheless, consider your personal style, budget, and how you will wear and care for the ring when choosing between the two. You can also choose a lab grown diamond ring which symbolizes your love and the promise of a beautiful future together.

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