What better way to hold close your best friend, your partner, and your companion than with a cremation diamond? By turning ashes into diamonds their life, their love, their friendship – with you forever in a unique and sophisticated expression of all, you shared together.

Brilliant cuts and undertones that are individual to your loved one will shimmer through in a cremation diamond. Cut to your specifications and created over a period of time, a beautiful and personal way to create a memory out of some of the cremated ashes of those who have passed away.

A family heirloom to be passed down to a daughter, a son’s bride, an elegant men’s wedding band – cremation diamonds keep your loved one with not just you but can create a way to keep them part of the life of future generations.

Your loved one was unique, one of a kind – cremation jewels capture their uniqueness and give you a lasting remembrance in their honor.

The Idea and Use of Turning Ashes into Diamonds

Turning Ashes Into Diamonds

There is no simple way to conquer the loss of a loved one in your life. Whether the loss is unexpected or preceded by an illness, the devastating effects of losing someone that you loved deeply can affect you emotionally, mentally, and physically and leave you feeling alone and bereft.

Many look for any small way that they can bring a memory of their loved one close, and typically it is those small memories that bring a measure of comfort and peace. When memory is a tangible one that allows you to touch and hold that memory close to your heart, it can help significantly with the grieving process.

Cremation diamond companies present their customers with a way to take that tangible memory to the next level. With their assistance, they can help to create a tangible memory of your loved one that will not only be a stunning symbol of the strength, devotion, and eternal commitment that is shared with the loved one that has passed but will also serve as a story of the time together that can be passed down and shared with future generations.

Turning ashes into diamonds is a beautiful and lasting way to remember your loved ones and carry a part of them with you always.

Turning ashes into diamonds is perhaps the most personal and intimate way that you can have a tangible tribute or memory of your loved one with you at all times. These sparkling diamonds are made by the process of natural synthesizing and are made from ashes.

There are no additives or additional compounds added to the memorial diamond process. Each diamond is completely unique to your loved one – much the way your loved one was completely and utterly unique in your life.

How Cremation Diamonds Are Made

The process of creating a cremation diamond is documented from start to finish. It is important that you not only feel a part of the process but also fully educated on how the personal representation and memory of the loved one came to be.

How Cremation Diamonds Are Made
  • Chemical Analysis: In the laboratory, the analysis of the chemical structure of the cremated remains takes place. This analysis is necessary for steering the subsequent physical and chemical processes. On the other hand, this analysis documents the origin of the memorial diamond out of the cremated remains.
  • Carbon Preparation: Several different potassic and calcium compounds (around 85% of the total ash volume) are chemically and physically extracted from the carbon. The carbon recovered in this procedure creates the basis and beginning of the subsequent synthesis in the facility.
  • Graphite Preparation: The carbon is transformed under extreme temperatures and very high pressure into graphite. Any subsequent gases generated using this procedure are immediately discharged. After this process, the graphite is thoroughly cleaned.
  • Synthesis: For the creation of the diamond, a modified technique with HPHT (High-Pressure High Temperature) technology is used.
    • Graphite is prepared for diamond transformation.
    • For the initial growth, a diamond crystal is added.
    • Near the start crystal, more crystals are formed.
    • The rough diamond is grown. The start crystal will be cut off.
  • Cut and Polish: The Diamond is then cut and polished by experienced diamond points.
  • Quality Control and Certificate: A strict quality control is carried out, and the certificate with all the chemical analyses that were done will be issued. The following values are noted on the certificate: genuineness, weight, cut, and color of the diamond.
  • Laser Inscription: Upon request, the diamond can be engraved with a microlaser inscription. Your diamond is then packaged in a beautiful presentation box and sent to you.

Cremation Diamond Companies Turning Ashes into Diamonds

A cremation diamond from cremation diamond companies will withstand the test of time. You receive your diamond with a 100% guarantee of authenticity and origin of carbon remains. A fully documented report is sent with every cremation diamond purchase, and you are informed of every step and procedure that takes place with the cremated ashes of your beloved.

You choose the weight and number of diamonds that you prefer, and they can synthesize a diamond up to 1 carat total weight. All of the memorial diamonds are cut to your chosen shape and micro-scripted for a nominal fee.

They deliver your memorial ash diamond in beautiful packaging, and the entire process takes around three months.

At the time of the receipt of your diamond, you will receive not only your memorial diamond but also any remaining cremated ashes as well as a certificate of authenticity, your documented report on your cremation diamond process as well as a gemological report from any agency of your choosing should you desire.

Cremation Diamond Companies Turning Ashes into Diamonds

You can contact the company directly through their online site by purchasing a cremation diamond, or you can have the funeral home or crematorium contact them on your behalf.

Once payment in full for your diamond has been received, they will arrange for the cremated ashes or cremains to be shipped directly to the facility where your diamond made of cremated ashes will be made.

Typically all of the cremated ashes from your loved one are used in the synthesizing process of creating your cremation diamond. However, only 500gr of cremains are needed to make one diamond.

Should you prefer more than one diamond, this certainly can be done, and we suggest that you contact the customer service department to learn more.

In the event that not all of the cremains were used due to the size of the diamond ordered, any remaining cremated ashes are returned to the purchaser in the appropriate packaging.

Choosing A Cremation Diamond Company

Turning ashes into diamonds is not only a scientific process, but it also affords family members one of the most personal memorial opportunities available. Using the personal carbon source of a loved one, cremation diamond companies like LifeGem can create these laboratory-grown diamond keepsakes in less than 70 days.

A number of private and commercial companies across the country provide cremation ashes in diamond service.

If you hire the services of a company to help turn ashes into diamonds, the company will charge you a fee for their services. The cost may vary from one company to another, so you may want to check with several cremation diamond companies to compare prices.

Cremation diamond companies provide a wonderful service to those who purchase them. Each diamond is a unique stone that is actually composed of the cremated ashes of your loved one.

What better way to have the darling that has passed with you all the time than by creating a lovely cremation diamond jewelry pendant or solitaire ring that is an actual make up of the cremains of your beloved? This beautiful authentic diamond comes with all the supporting paperwork and a 100% guarantee of origin.

Cremation Diamonds Sizes and Cut Styles

Created from the ashes of your loved one, the memorial diamond will allow you a unique way to cherish the memory of that special someone. There are three sizes and eight-cut styles to choose from.

Cremation Diamonds Sizes and Cut Styles

The Sizes

  • .25 Carat
  • .50 Carat
  • 1.0 Carat

The Cut Styles of Ash Diamonds

  • Brilliant Cut
  • Emerald-Cut
  • Heart Cut
  • Navette Cut
  • Oval-Cut
  • Asscher Cut
  • Princess-Cut
  • Radiant Cut

Learn About The Process

Turning Ashes Into Diamonds Process - Infographics
Turning Ashes Into Diamonds Process – Infographics.

Once the precious remains of your loved one reach the facility, they are sent directly to the laboratory. Physical-chemical analysis of the cremains is done, and this chemical fingerprint is assigned to your loved ones’ cremains.

This fingerprint is much like what you find on every person from the standpoint that it is a print that is unique to those individual ashes. It gives precise information about the composition of the cremated ashes.

Not only is this chemical fingerprint necessary to navigate the correct physical and chemical processes required to make your cremation diamond, but it also enables you to document the ashes that your memorial diamond was created from.

All of this documentation is subsequently provided to you upon receipt of your memorial diamond jewelry from the cremation diamond company.

Before the cremated ashes begin synthesis, all potassic and calcium compounds must be extracted from the carbon in the cremains.

These compounds make up about 85% of the ash volume, and they are extracted using different chemical and physical procedures. The remaining carbon is what forms the foundation for the synthesis of your memorial diamond jewelry pendant.

Depending on the weight of the diamond that you chose will determine the length of time needed for the carbon to be exposed to the synthesizing process. Your cremation diamond grows over the course of this process, one atom at a time.

As previously stated, the entire process of removing the carbon is documented as part of your diamond experience and presented in a detailed report when you receive your precious memorial.

The synthesis facility is a true work of art, and it works at maximum capacity in order to produce a memorial diamond of exceptional quality and beauty.

The synthesis machine produces a heat of 2500 degrees Celsius and 60,000 bar of pressure. The process is known as high pressure/high temperature, also called HPHT one-crystal synthesis.

Should you decide to use all the ashes for the diamond, regardless of the finished weight of the diamond, all carbon cremains remain in the synthesis process until they are completely depleted.

The maximum weight of diamond that a cremation diamond company offers is 1 carat because the larger the diamond, the more unstable the process, and we believe that quality prevails over all else.

Diamond Cutting

Once the synthesis process of your cremation diamond is complete, the stone is cut to the shape of your request. In addition to your basic round brilliant, you can choose a heart-shaped diamond, emerald cut, or even pear or oval.

The diamond is polished to a brilliant shine and will typically shine a brilliant white or have a bluish tint, depending on the amount of boron found in the carbon of your loved one’s ashes. The overall time that it takes to receive your crematory diamond is approximately three months.

What types of Cremation Jewelry are available?

Cremation diamond companies offer a large variety of cremation jewelry for you to choose from. They will help you choose the right piece of cremation jewelry that best memorializes your loved one.

Cremation diamonds are available in many different metals. There is a large selection of sterling silver, gold, gold vermeil, and brass cremation jewelry. Cremation service providers can also engrave a large selection of cremation jewelry, and many come with a matching chain or black satin cord.

Should you lose a spouse or partner and have young children, how wonderful would it be to pass down a cremation diamond to the offspring of your loved one at a point in their lives when they need their mother or father?

These beautiful diamonds will never go out of style and are appropriate to pass down to men and women alike. Whether the cremation diamond is used as an engagement ring or as a graduation gift or given on the birth of the first grandchild, you are passing down a part of your family, your heritage, and the foundation of your love that brought your family to be.

At a time in life when individuals are getting back to the basics, the most basic and pure of all human emotions is love. Give the gift of love that started as two people and grew to encompass a family.

Should the unfortunate passing of a child or young adult take place, you can choose to honor their memory and ease your pain by marking the anniversary of their passing with a memorial diamond ring or pendant from cremation diamond companies.

This loving gesture may bring some peace during a time or moment that is filled with pain, and you can have a memento that is your loved one to hold on to. Sometimes all it takes is a touch or the feel of something so personal to keep you grounded when your emotions threaten to take over.

A cremation diamond that has been created by the very fibers of your loved one is a gift that cannot be replicated at any point in time and is completely unique to your loved one who has passed.

Why are People Turning Ashes into Memorial Diamonds

Why are People Turning Ashes into Memorial Diamonds

There are a variety of reasons why a cremation diamond is a wonderful and special purchase that you will be grateful for. This beautiful diamond helps you to create a lasting and personal memory of your loved one. Each facet and cut of your memorial diamond is part of your loved one and will lovingly reflect your continued devotion to their memory.

A cremation ash diamond is a wonderful and touching way to have a tribute to your loved one that is actually formed from the cremated remains of your beloved. This honor to those who have passed is the most sincere of loving gestures and a certain way to keep their memory close to your heart.

Creating a memorial diamond will most certainly help get you through the grieving process and move forward with the new chapter of your life as you will feel your loved one with you every step of the way.

To give you some inspiration, check out some stunning examples of jewelry made from ashes.


A cremation diamond is a wonderful way to give back to your loved one by holding them close and showing the value of your love.

Cremation diamonds allow you to give back to yourself by choosing to move forward with your own life yet still have that memory of your loved one with you and cherished at all times.

Finally, a memorial diamond allows you to give back to future generations by creating a part of their heritage that can be passed down as a family heirloom.

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