Ringly Expands Smart Jewelry Range With New Bracelets

Another day, another new piece of wearable tech to add to your ever-expanding collection. Ringly, a smart jewelry company already popular for its smart cocktail rings, is introducing the Aries Collection, a range of smart bracelets that even the pickiest of jewelry collectors will love.

Ringly has just released their latest line of smart bracelets and they are as chic as they are useful. Combining the look of a classic jewelry piece with the convenience of a smart device, these bracelets are perfect for those who want to keep up with their notifications without looking like they’re trying too hard. For those interested in seeing the stylish collections, be sure to go to this website for jewelry collections. Ringly has an array of options from the classic and simple to the bold and daring, sure to please any fashionista. The bracelets are a perfect combination of fashion and technology, and they are sure to make you stand out from the crowd.

The bracelet, shown above, has the same notification functionalities as the ring, with vibrations or flashing lights that you can customize for the apps that you care about most (emails, texts, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Uber, etc.). Check out the promo video for the new collection to learn more:

It seems like such an obvious transition, so why didn’t they start with something so universally wearable as opposed to a very pretty albeit admittedly clunky cocktail ring? Ringly founder Mercando d’Avignon told WWD that it was all about mastering the “smart” capabilities of the jewelry before expanding the styles. She said,

“From day one I always knew. We started with rings because it was the hardest to do, and we can expand into other jewelry more easily.”

In expanding her range of pieces, d’Avignon wants to solidify Ringly’s position as a fashion company, rather than a tech company. In fact, she intends to make the transition into releasing new products seasonally, much like any other major fashion house. She said,

“We are always coming out with new designs; we are working on new designs for fall 2021. We are now in the phase where we are a jewelry company.”

New designs reportedly include tech-free stackable rings that can pair with Ringly, because who doesn’t want to add a little personal touch to their smart accessories?

With rings ranging in price from $160 to $260 for a real rough-cut emerald cocktail ring, the Aries Collection bracelets are slightly more expensive. Available for $195 for a limited time pre-launch, each smart bangle will retail for $275. There are four colors (tourmalated quartz, lapis, rainbow moonstone, and labradorite), all set in gold plating and either crystal or stud detailing. The first bracelets are set to ship in summer 2016, so it’ll be a bit of a wait until you can get your hands on one. I’m not much of a tech accessory girl, but I can certainly make an exception for these.

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