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Explore jewelry trends for fine, fashion and handcrafted jewelry. My Jewelry Shopping Guide includes educational articles packed with jewelry buying advice.

Come along as we follow the latest jewelry trends. Celebrities have access to all sorts of designer jewelry, and while I don’t always like their selections, the jewelry is fun to look at and is often a good preview of the pieces we’ll see on retail racks in a season or two.

Jewelry Trends and News

  • Celebrity Jewelry Trends
  • Red Carpet Jewelry
  • Royal Jewelry
  • Fashion Week Jewelry
  • Celebrity Engagement Rings
  • Celebrity Jewelry Profiles, Star by Star
  • Jewelry Designers

Celebrity Jewelry Trends

Celebrity jewelry is always fun to look at, and there are some interesting stories behind some of the world’s famous jewelry. What kind of jewelry are celebrities wearing and how do their choices affect jewelry trends? Our celebrity galleries give you an up-close look at jewelry, and usually included detailed descriptions from designers.

Red Carpet Jewelry – Celebrity Jewelry at Red Carpet Events

Follow jewelry trends by viewing celebrity jewelry worn to red carpet events, like the Academy Awards, the Emmys and more.

  • Jewelry Trends at the Emmy Awards: A look at the jewelry trends seen on celebrities at Emmy Awards presentations.
  • Designer Jewelry at the Grammy Awards: Designer jewelry is always in plentiful supply at the annual Grammy Awards. Browse our galleries for a close look at jewelry and accessories worn to the Grammys, past and present.
  • Jewelry at Teen Choice and MTV Awards: Lumping the celebrity jewelry worn to the Teen Choice Awards and MTV Awards is natural, in part because most of the jewelry at those events is more informal than designer styles we see at awards programs like the Oscars and Golden Globes.
  • Jewelry on Music Awards Red Carpets: Try these galleries if you’d like to see celebrity jewelry trends on music awards red carpets. Many awards events are covered, including the CMA and AMA jewelry trends.
  • Jewelry at the Academy Awards Presentations – Oscar Jewelry: A look at the jewelry celebrities have worn to the Academy Awards Presentations. The jewelry worn when it’s time for Oscars is sometimes a preview of jewelry trends we’ll see in stores in the coming months.
  • Golden Globe Awards Jewelry: The Golden Globe Awards are one more place to see designer jewelry, both contemporary and vintage styles. We cover the Golden Globes, and always zoom-in on the jewelry as much as possible (while still giving you a view of the celebrities).
  • SAG Awards Jewelry Trends: Earrings and bracelets. The SAG Awards are often all about earrings and bracelets. Which celebrities can wear the largest chandeliers or widest stack of cuff bracelets? Mostly diamonds and platinum, of course, but other gemstones make an appearance, too. Our SAG Awards jewelry galleries give you a better look at celebrity jewelry than you’d have if you were standing nearby the stars as they arrive.

Royal Jewelry

Some of our photo galleries focus on jewelry worn by members of royal families, past and present. Royal jewelry is often made up of classic pieces that never go out of style.

Fashion Week Jewelry

Fashion Week brings out the accessories, no matter whether it’s in New York, London, Paris, Rome or somewhere else in the world. Sometimes we see more jewelry on spectators, except in London, where designers seem to have more fun with their fashion shows, but front row spectators are usually celebrities who help set jewelry trends for the coming seasons.

Celebrity Engagement Rings

Take a close-up look at celebrity engagement rings. Find out which styles the stars are putting on their engagement ring finger.

Celebrity Jewelry Profiles

Each of these photo galleries focuses on a single celebrity. See how each star’s jewelry tastes have changed over the years. A star-by-star look at the jewelry worn by popular celebrities throughout the years.

Jewelry Designers

Read profiles of well-known jewelry designers from the past and find information about today’s jewelry designers and their specialties. If you love jewelry, you will appreciate these talented jewelry designers.

  • Enamel Jewelry Designers – Enameling: Enameling is the fusion of a special powdered glass to metals. View designer enamel jewelry and get details about the process used to make it.
  • Jewelry Handcraft Artisan Profiles: Profiles of today’s jewelry handcrafters… their specialties, what inspires them and a look at their jewelry designs.
  • Designer Jewelry Photo Galleries: Pictures of one of a kind jewelry from About Jewelry’s featured designers.
  • More Jewelry Designers: There’s a little bit of everything here. It’s a collection of very talented jewelry artisans that you won’t want to miss.

Accessory Trends

Here’s a look at accessories, past, and present, including some wild hats that would be fun to wear.