Shop Summer's Geometric Jewelry Trend Now

It’s hip to be square, and circular, and triangular and just about every other shape that was dear to Euclid’s geometry-loving heart with all the geometric jewelry that is continuing to trend this summer. We’ve gathered our favorite shapely necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings that not only strike the balance between cute and cool but will also carry over into the changing seasons. And they’ll make you smarter, because, you know, geometry by osmosis was one of the main (and oddly lesser-known) tenants of Euclid’s whole math philosophy.*

*Not true. At. All.

1. Bare Collection Arithmetic Studs, $95

Bare Collection Arithmetic Studs

The equation for cute but not too cute is right here in these 14K gold studs, available in two sizes (dainty, and very, very dainty).

2. Alexis Bittar Geometric Linked Bib Necklace, $195

Alexis Bittar Geometric Linked Bib Necklace

This abstract linked bib from the bold mind of Alexis Bittar is a total statement piece, with a three-inch (14″ to 17″) adjustable length.

3. Hey Murphy Geo Duo Ring, $98

Hey Murphy Geo Duo Ring

Simple but not boring, the clean lines of this triangle topped circle are perfect for everyday wear.

4. House of Harlow 1960 Teepee Triangle Necklace, $58

house of harlow teepee necklace

Nicole Richie‘s homage to the ’60s embraces the whole of Mid Century Modern design with tons of symmetrical shapes, including lots and lots of triangles.

5. Bare Collection Ross Cuff, $380

Bare Collection Ross Cuff

Seriously, how cool is this mixed metal cuff bracelet? It’s a strong, graphic, and totally badass (like we like our women).

6. Scocha Moon Earrings, $194

Scocha Moon Large Earrings

Though Scosha calls these large danglers moon-shaped, they remind me more of segments of an ultra-minimalist protractor. (That’s not any more of a stretch than calling these moons, they could also be bananas.)

7. Madewell Shape Study Earrings, $18

Madewell Shape Study Earrings

The simple stud earring gets a shapely twist because studs are boring unless you’re referring to a studly man, but let’s be honest, those can be boring too.

8. Odette NY Crescent Cuff, $185

Geometric Jewelry: Odette NY Crescent Cuff

Odette’s whole design philosophy revolves around combinations of simple geometric shapes, sprinkled with a bit of Eastern sensibility, and the shapes balanced in this textured recycled brass cuff demonstrates exactly that.

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