There are many different types of wedding bands that are more modern choices than other traditional metals, such as gold or platinum. There is a wide selection of men’s wedding bands that are created with alternative metals, such as tungsten and titanium. Tungsten wedding rings are much more affordable than other traditional metals.

Men Wedding Bands

Tungsten rings and titanium rings are naturally gun-metal gray. Many men and women love the unique coloring of these rings because they look more modern and sophisticated than other types of rings. You can also purchase them at a fraction of the cost of any other ring. Elemental Bands even have men’s black wedding bands available if you prefer the look of high-polish black rings or matte black rings.

What do you think of alternative metal rings as wedding bands? Would you prefer a titanium ring or a tungsten ring if you were to choose?

What is the Best Wedding Band for Men?

Many grooms-to-be find themselves wondering this exact question. However, determining which wedding band you should select does not have to be a headache. It is true that this is going to be a piece of jewelry that you are to wear each and every day, but you should take your time to truly figure out what kind of ring you want and not rush the process.

Finding a ring that’s just your style is a must when you plan to wear it for always, so it’s always great to find interesting and tasteful modern designs. The huge wedding band range from Elemental Bands features plenty of modern styles for brides and grooms who are looking for something that bit more special.

There are numerous different kinds of men wedding rings. But what are the most popular types? What kinds of rings are men mostly purchasing as their wedding jewelry these days? The truth is, there are countless unique men’s wedding bands, and as a husband-to-be, it is important to take your time to genuinely know what it is that you desire from your wedding ring.

Unique men’s wedding bands come in a variety of styles. There are hand-made designs that many men find appealing. These rings are lovingly created by expert jewelers, and each piece is truly one-of-a-kind and different.

There are also Celtic rings to choose from. Those of Irish, Scottish, or Celtic descent love the look of these unique men’s wedding bands. They evoke a sense of pride and tradition that you may want to showcase with your wedding ring.

Is a platinum ring the best wedding band for you?

Should You Buy Your Wedding Rings Online?

Buying an engagement or wedding ring is one of the biggest purchases you will ever make. Unless you plan to upgrade later because of a currently tight budget, chances are you and your partner will have the rings you buy now for the rest of your life. The pressure to buy the right one can be overwhelming – but buying online can make the search so much easier.

A Wider Marketplace Equals Lower Prices

You no longer need to rely on the handful of stores located in your town. The number of retailers online means more competitive pricing, and you can easily compare prices with little hassle. A little bit of research will also lead you to reputable businesses, so you can be confident with your purchase.

A Larger Selection to Choose From

The internet provides a seemingly infinite amount of choices, which means you have a better chance of finding the best ring out there that fits your style and budget.

More Information

Most online retailers provide all the information you need to know about each piece of jewelry: the carats, the metals, the sizing and weight, and how it was crafted. They also include large, high-resolution photographs, providing an even clearer image of the ring than your naked eye could see in the store.


You can browse whenever you want, for as long as you want. The internet allows you to visit multiple stores without driving from place to place. It saves you time and gas, and will not leave you feeling worn out.

No Pressure

There are no salespeople trying to convince you to buy, and no way to feel guilty for wasting someone’s time while you consider.

With the right research, buying a wedding ring online will take away much of the hassle and leave nothing but the pleasure of buying a beautiful, permanent token of your loving bond.

Best Cheap Men’s Wedding Bands for Your Wedding Budget

Mens black tungsten wedding bands are available in many different styles on our website.

If you are planning for your wedding on a tight budget, then purchasing your men wedding rings online is the perfect solution for you. Elemental Bands Wedding Rings are less expensive online than at a local jewelry store. They have a large variety of cheap men’s and women’s wedding bands that are not only affordable but also well-made.

They have one of the largest varieties of cheap men’s wedding bands available on the web. The selection consists of but is not limited to men wedding rings made from tungsten, titanium, gold, and platinum.

Which of the cheap men’s wedding bands are you interested in? On all of the non-engraved and non-custom items, they offer 30-day returns and a 1-year warranty. Processing fees may apply. Visit their website for details.

Alternative Wedding Band Choices for Men

Men’s wedding bands do not have to be bland, boring, or stale. There are more choices available now than ever before. There are newer, more affordable metals to choose from as well as an array of unique and different styles. Men’s black wedding bands are even available–which offers a completely new and innovative look for wedding jewelry.

Men’s wedding bands are available in alternative metals, such as tungsten and titanium. These rings are less expensive than other traditional metals such as gold. These rings are wonderful options if you are trying to plan for your wedding on a tight budget.

Another alternative style that has been gaining steam in recent years is colorful rings that aren’t the traditional silver, yellow gold, or black finish. For example, mens blue wedding bands were one of the top selling colorful among colorful mens wedding rings in 2021. New materials like silicon have made vibrant and colorful rings a possibility, and that trend is gaining popularity by the day

Men’s Classic Wedding Band Styles

There are so many options to choose from when purchasing wedding bands and rings, even when it comes to more understated items like the men’s classic wedding band. Classic wedding bands for men, despite their simple roots, can still be found in many different colors, styles, and materials. For those who do not have a specific type of men wedding rings in mind when entering the jewelry store, the selection of many similar yet subtly different rings may at first seem a bit overwhelming. Therefore, there are certain things which the couple should keep in mind when choosing the right men’s diamond wedding rings or plain men’s wedding ring for a groom.

Domed wedding bands are the most common type of men’s wedding rings, and probably the style of ring most people are most accustomed to seeing. This style is a plain ring with a convex surface, also known as the half-round.

Men’s wedding rings white gold, and yellow gold flat bands are also very popular and classic. These rings have a flat surface and are also found under the name “pipe cut.”

A men’s white gold wedding ring or yellow gold wedding ring with the tiny grooved pattern at the edges is known as a milgrain ring. Milgrain wedding rings for men are a good choice when a traditional but not entirely plain ring is desired.

Men’s Wedding Bands Advice

Finding men’s wedding bands is not as perplex as finding your mate for life, yet it’s important to decide on a product befitting to a man’s lifestyle and tastes. After all, he’ll be wearing the token of love for a long time to come. Seasoned experts agree; there is no scientifically-sound formula aiding those in need. Finding men’s wedding bands is a subjective task, susceptible to budget, individual taste, and immediate variety. Below are a few initial suggestions to keep in mind.

A wedding band can be worn on the right or the left hand, depending on the wearer's culture.

Day-to-Day Wear

To begin, be practical regarding searching for men’s wedding bands. For instance, consider a man’s career. Does he do heavy labor? Does he work with his hands all day? Will his career or immediate position influence the daily condition of the ring? Will the ring influence the man’s ability to address his job? Most men want to wear their ring on a daily basis, yet particular men’s wedding bands may be too delicate to wear while performing heavy labor. Is the gentleman okay with taking a delicate ring on and off each day? Is the possibility of a lost or stolen ring worth the risk?

In addition to work, a man’s social activities may pose an inconvenience to ring wearing. Weight lifting, sports, and other forms of exercise may limit the amount of time the ring is worn or create an impediment to normal play.

Women’s Influence

Most men want to satisfy their ladies regarding chosen men’s wedding bands. It’s flattering men want to make their ladies happy, yet it’s important for the male to choose something he will truly like. In addition, it’s important for women to be supportive but not pushy. Women have a good eye for jewelry and often want to help men, yet the process often results in men settling for something they would not have chosen themselves. Unless a couple decides on matching wedding bands, it’s best to give a man some freedom in choosing his own ring.

Choice of Metal

Men’s wedding bands are manufactured using a variety of metals, including gold, silver, palladium, tungsten, titanium, and platinum. Each metal has idiosyncratic properties, aligning pros, and cons with each choice, yet it’s important for the man to choose something truly appealing to him. For instance, titanium is the hardest natural metal available, yet it often cannot be resized. Additionally, gold is often the most popular choice for men, yet associated price tags may get expensive depending on the chosen carat.

More Research

It’s suggested to do more research on men’s wedding bands before approaching a vendor for a purchase. There are wide varieties of selections. Read about available metals and then consider a few styles as you get closer to making a decision. Don’t disregard online vendors. Those selling men’s wedding bands online often present lower prices due to the circumvention of physical store costs such as rent, utilities, and worker salaries.

Wedding Bands & Wedding Rings That Match Your Style and Personality

What is the Best Wedding Band for Men

When planning your ‘big day,’ anyone in the know or who has done it before, will tell you that choosing a theme which means something to you and your life-partner-to-be is a key first step into creating the most memorable day. The rest is detail – but boy – these dastardly details can rapidly fill up the rest of your planning time (- even if it’s years!) as it’s these little touches which will make up the fabric of your meticulously planned day and will be what makes your wedding day truly yours.

Elemental Bands is a great place to explore for engagement rings and wedding bands – particularly if you are looking for unique wedding rings ideas, or are stuck with a limited budget. With particular emphasis on men wedding bands and creating an individual look, Elemental Bands can inspire you or help realize your dream theme. Or for those who have done it before – make you wish you could do it all over again with some of the most beautiful imaginative touches your heart could ever desire!

Choosing the right wedding rings is an important task. While the engagement ring provides the ‘Wow!’ factor when popping the question, the wedding rings serve a more serious purpose.

Wedding rings, which will be worn forever day-to-day, serve as reminders of your marriage vows and of your eternal dedication to one another. Therefore, choosing the best wedding rings for the wedding day is very crucial.

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