Is Fine Jewelry Worth It?

There’s so much fast-fashion jewelry today that a person could probably have an entirely new set of jewelry every week. But there’s a reason why fine jewelry has never faded. Fine jewelry offers appearances and value that are unmatched by trendy fashion pieces. Let’s take a look at why you might want to invest in fine jewelry.

What Makes Fine Jewelry Fine?

Fine jewelry is made from high-quality parts: gold, silver, and precious gems. It’s created with craftsmanship and care. On the surface, it may look very similar to a cheap piece. But as you look deeper, you’ll find that it’s more durable, more attractive, and ultimately more valuable. Fine jewelry retains its value because it is worth at least as much as its materials. The materials themselves have inherent value.

If you break apart a piece of “trendy” jewelry, all the value evaporates. But fine jewelry can be broken into molten metal and loose gems and still retain some, if not most, of its value. Thus, fine jewelry is a staple for many people.

Fine jewelry could be worth it for you…

If you find yourself cycling through “affordable” jewelry unable to find what you want.

Why spend $200 on 10 pieces of jewelry you rarely wear when you could, instead, spend $200 on a pair of earrings that you’ll want to wear every day? Quite frequently, it’s better to invest in something that really suits you rather than keep buying products in the hope that you’ll find something that you love. Most people purchase trendy jewelry but become disappointed with it over time. It’s fragile, it breaks, it tarnishes, and it loses its glimmer. But a gold or diamond piece can look new at any time.

If you’re “hard on your jewelry.”

A lot of people think they can’t get fine jewelry because they’re hard on their jewelry. In fact, the opposite is true.

Plastic gems will break. Enamel will crack. But precious gems and metal are actually far more durable than their counterparts. Gold, for instance, will not tarnish and can be refinished and polished with very little loss of material. Most precious gems are also much more durable than “trendy” glass or plastics.

What Makes Fine Jewelry Fine

People have fine jewelry because it will last. If you find that you lose a lot of your pieces to damage, it may be better for you to get a single, longer-lasting piece rather than keep going through the more affordable ones.

If you don’t have any fine jewelry in your jewelry box.

Everyone deserves at least one pair of fine earrings, one fine necklace, and a few fine rings. If you don’t have any fine jewelry in your jewelry box, the investment would likely be worth it. Not only are there always occasions that you might need to use fine jewelry, but you will find that you’re reaching for those items more frequently than the others. Something high-quality and basic is something that you can wear every day without feeling like you’re plain or repeating yourself.

If you want both jewelry and an investment.

Gold, silver, gemstones; these are things that remain an investment. They retain their value. If you’re buying cheap jewelry, it will be worth nothing in the future. It will fall apart and it isn’t likely that you’ll find anyone who wants to buy it. If you invest the same amount of money in fine jewelry, you can know that (if you want to) you can sell it in the future. The melt value of the gold alone ensures that your property will have value, even if it gets damaged and breaks.

There’s a reason why many people invest in things like gold chains. In the old days, gold chains weren’t just a signifier of wealth. They were the wealth itself. When someone wanted to move, was having a baby, or was experiencing a major life change, they could cash their gold chains in and put it in the bank account.

If you find that you react to cheaper jewelry.

cheaper fine jewelry

Many people are simply allergic to cheaper materials. If you’ve found yourself itching and getting red when wearing chains, or if you find that your ears react very badly to earrings, you may be allergic to cheaper metals.

Most people who react to cheaper jewelry won’t react to gold. Gold is a very non-reactive material. Copper is another option for those who experience major reactions. But don’t just assume that you can’t wear jewelry if you react! It’s very likely that you just need to find the right jewelry.

If you don’t have anything to wear to fancier occasions.

You’ve been invited to a wedding. What do you wear?

If you don’t have anything to wear for fancy occasions, it’s worth it to get something. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself running around and borrowing items (or purchasing items that you don’t really like) last minute. It’s better to have something for all occasions, including fast fashion, trendy jewelry for casual outings.

Everyone wants to look great for the big moments in their life. Think about what you would wear for a fancy dinner with your spouse or partner. Do you have anything available? 

If you’re interested in passing your jewelry down to your children.

You can’t pass “fast fashion” down to your children — unless it’s in their jewelry box as they play dress-up. But fine jewelry can be passed down for literal generations. If you’d like to start a family tradition now, it’s best to get started as soon as possible. You can go and pick out pieces with your children that they’ll inherit someday.

Fine jewelry is “fine” because it has innate value. While fine jewelry may be expensive, it retains its value. Except for rare occasions (such as personalized wedding rings), you will almost always be able to recover the costs of fine jewelry in the future — though you may need to wait for a little for the materials to appreciate in value. Because of this, fine jewelry is almost always worth it, if you find yourself considering the costs.


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  1. You made a good point that buying fine jewelry can double as both investment and as a treat to oneself. I will be attending a formal event soon so I want to make sure that I will be able to accessorize properly. It would be great to be able to own my own fine jewelry that I could keep for the future even if I don’t attend a lot of formal events.

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