It is a well-known fact that the gold mangalsutra is a popular jewelry piece that has more value attached to it, than just another metal piece. It is regarded to be among the most significant signs of a woman’s marital status. There are in total five including the mangalsutra, with the others being the kumkum, toe rings, nose ring, and bangles. The pustelu is often referred to as the thaaly or thaali, mangalsutram or maangalyam.

Gold Mangalsutra
Traditional Mangalsutras.

Understanding the trends related to gold mangalsutra design

  1. Traditional Mangalsutras: Traditional ones are said to comprise of black beads which are strung on gold thread. The brides are known to wear two thaalis, with one being plain gold chain having the semi-circular pendant and the other being a chain having black beads. Some gold was added each year to the original mangalsutra back then among the older generation, thereby increasing the weight and length of the existing one to display the number of years married.
  2. The traditional designs: Mangalsutra design in a matrimonial is said to vary from one family to the other. Among Shaivite families, the Tulasi goddess design is highlighted while few tend to have the Shiva lingam. The design for Vaishnavites comprises of Y or U pattern thiruman having chakram and sanku on both its sides. The different jewelry forms are known as Kumbhathaali, Lakshmi thaali, Elathaali, Pottuthaali, etc.
  3. Diamond Mangalsutras: Every bride dreams to have this type of mangalsutra in their marriage that has a diamond pendant in it and looks gorgeous. Being cast in white gold and platinum, the diamond mangalsutra is considered to be a highly popular choice, thereby giving the bride a feminine touch. The designs could vary between exquisite diamond pendants as well as intricately designed filigree studded with precious stones like diamonds, emeralds, and rubies.
  4. Modern trends: With time changing along with the women’s varying needs, the very concept to wear the traditional mangalsutra is noticed to have undergone mammoth changes. Nowadays, there has been witnessed a dramatic transformation related to the make and style of the mangalsutras. Modern versions are stated to be more of a fashion statement instead of a marriage symbol. The modern working woman seldom dons the mangalsutra over the stylish business suits. Few of them try to have the mangalsutra to be matched according to the clothes and jewelry accessories that are worn by them.
  5. Fancy Mangalsutras: Old fashioned mangalsutras that are of single chain types get exchanged for fancy ones. The fashionable mangalsutra that is made of 22-carat gold is of three layers having an alternate style with gold cup chain and black cylindrical beads and is termed to be an eye-catcher. The 22-carat gold mangalsutra fancy contemporary design having beautiful meenakari work and colored stones.
  6. Layered Chains: These days, the two-layered chains that are beaded along with gold balls as well as black beads have become a new trend. The 22-carat gold mangalsutra that has been designed having detailed filigree patterns including black and alternative gold beads in double layer fashion is quite popular.

With so many types of mangalsutra designs available in the market, one can enjoy buying their choice and preferred design.

Mangalsutra, a traditional jewelry piece, has evolved over time. These days, the different trends present to enable the buyer to avail of plenty of choices.

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