While many people wear jewelry for the sake of it, there are some people who wear them for the good luck and fortune that they bring in. You might be here thinking, so what kind of jewelry are we talking about right? Well, in this particular article, we are going to be focusing our attention on the various kinds of animal pendants like the bull pendant and learn about the possible meaning behind them and what they actually symbolize.

In this article, we are going to walk ourselves through the common yet very symbolic animal necklaces and their characteristic feature behind them same.

Bull Pendant
Bull Pendant. Photo Credit: www.bikerringshop.com

Lion Pendant

Out representing strength and authority, the lion in any form of jewelry is predominantly sourced back to the place in Venice. The majority of people who wear lions in the form of a pendant, be it big or even small symbolize the showcase of their own strength, power as well as independence. This majestic creature is symbolic of fervent authority and the kind of aura of dominance one wants to feel when they wear it.

Bull Pendant

This is not a very common type of animal pendant that’s worn by many. Given the fact that the underlying meaning behind the pendant predominantly showcases not just strength but stubbornness too, this is a pendant that is a symbolism of determination and achievement. People with a bull pendant are often quite strong-willed and know their ways to make things work out for them in the end.

Peacock Pendant

Driving completely south from the prior two options, the peacock pendant is a completely opposite symbolism to the prior two. Dotted with a number of stones or even just metal, the peacock pendant stands for peace, tranquillity, and prosperity. If you are someone who has been seeking some stability in your life, wearing a peacock pendant can be a very good source of positive energy for you.

Butterfly Pendant

Now, next on the list is the beautiful and delicate butterfly. Just like the creature itself, the butterfly is unique to symbolize sanctity and something very feminine and pure. Butterflies are symbolic of purity and that is what the pendants stand for too. If butterflies are not your thing, you can even opt for the bee pendants which are quite similar to them and signify industry and order.

Panther Pendant

If you are someone who loves fashion and everything surrounding it, you must have heard of the brand Cartier who is known for their one of a kind yet expensive jewelry. Panther is one of the significant pendant ideas that have been going around for quite some time now. The Panther is symbolic of efficiency and speed which is definitely something a lot of people abide by.

Animal pendants are in the fashion and trend right now. From simple designs with engraved metals to pendants with studded stones, the possibilities are literally endless when it comes to them. Whatever the choice be, if you are opting for an animal pendant, make sure it is one that reflects your personality.


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