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Boho Jewelry are the Perfect Unique Gift Ideas
Image source: Ellevoke.com

Shopping for boho jewelry can be a fun and gratifying experience. However, there are many factors to consider before purchasing a beautiful, new piece of boho jewelry for yourself or someone you love. The type, style, and occasion are certainly important considerations, along with other factors, like the jewelry you or the recipient may already own or are thinking to wear on a specific occasion. In this article, you will see guidelines with areas to consider and help you make a smart boho jewelry purchase.

Chic Boho Style

Where do you go for inspiration on how to combine jewelry to achieve a perfectly chic boho style? We’re betting you like to frequent the Ellevoke website where visuals are what it’s all about. We found great boho jewelry styles on Ellevoke’s website, where you can see lots of different “flavors” of this trendy style. The “Bohemian” theme is, by its very nature, highly eclectic. It can draw on designs and materials from all over the globe while still maintaining its earthy, authentic feel. So, while the individual jewelry items and accessories you select are important, how you achieve your overall look by layering the right pieces is even more critical. As you scroll through the gorgeous boho jewelry on Ellevoke.com, you’ll notice a few common denominators.

The Ellevoke.com is a treasure trove of gorgeous boho jewelry. Their range includes original and unique designs in beautiful rattan, wood, and bamboo. If you are after exclusive and beautiful boho jewelry, then you are in the right place!

Their collections of boho jewelry are themed as “Feeling Fancy,” “Natural Boho,” and “Garden Living,” all of which are proudly handmade or selected by Ellevoke. The stylish collection of boho jewelry at Ellevoke.com is entirely handmade and limited.

The company aims to make your online shopping as easy and hassle-free as possible. Their website is constantly updated with new products on a daily basis, but if you still can’t find what you are looking for, contact them, and they will happily send you photos and details of unlisted products.

What is the Boho Jewelry Style

Trendy Boho Style Jewelry

Ellevoke.com offers a wide variety of natural handmade boho jewelry. Great quality earrings and pendants, special sets, and much more. Feel free to see it all yourself at their online Boho Jewelry store.

From trendy bamboo earrings to classic rattan earrings, many of Ellevoke’s best boho jewelry designs are crafted from natural materials. Natural materials are easy to take care of when it’s maintained properly.

If you have yet to wear one of the pieces of boho jewelry made from rattan, wood, and bamboo, check out the Ellevoke website. With such a wide variety ranging from Boho-style jewelry to fancy earrings, there’s something to suit every style.

Boho Jewelry Design Inspiration

Inspiration is all around us. Those of us who create things for a living have learned to be exceptionally tuned into our senses as we never know when the desire to design will strike. We can’t help but notice the rich, vibrant colors of nature and how they make such beautiful inspiration for boho jewelry designs.

From natural materials like rattan, wood, and bamboo, boho-style jewelry delivers a perfect inspiration for designing jewelry. Since neutral hues and easy-to-wear accessories are all part of the boho style jewelry collection, this season’s natural beauty makes for some fabulous style inspiration. But before we head off to create some new pieces over our pumpkin spice lattes, here are some ways you can incorporate those leafy hues into your current wardrobe with the help of some ready-to-wear Bohemian jewelry designs:

Boho Jewelry Design Inspiration
  1. Accessorize an everyday look with the Long Pendant Flower Acrylic Earrings from Ellevoke.com. This stylish earring piece’s stone captures the rich brown of late fall leaves. Better yet, the neutral hue is ideal for wearing with some of fall’s boldest colors, like emerald green.
  2. Rock a little black dress or an on-trend leather skirt and top with a Crystal Leaves Climber Earrings. Glimmering with the rich Zirconia found on leaves in late September, the earring will make a great addition to your autumn ensemble.
  3. The look of leather is both luxurious and timeless, but leather also happens to be a hot current trend. To capture the rich rust hue of the late autumn leaves, invest in Vegan Leather Leaf Earrings. Not only is this bonafide celebrity jewelry, but it’s also versatile enough to be worn in three ways.
  4. If you’re the type of woman who must wear earrings with every outfit, you’ll love the Acetate Wavy Hoop Earrings. This set takes a classic set of hoops for a twist and finishes off the look with acetate crystals that add a subtle shimmer. Wear them with anything you deem worthy.
  5. For a rough yet refined look that captures the beauty of nature, pop on a Waterdrop Earrings. Handcrafted and easy to wear, this earring really blends the beauty of the elements together, just like the season we’re about to enter.

This season, pay extra attention to what inspires you. Take some time to slow down and appreciate the beauty of the changing leaves, the gorgeous colors of the sunrise, and the crisp autumn air in the evenings. You just might be surprised by what inspires you.

Top 5 Tips to Achieving a Stellar Boho Style on a Slim Budget

We all have that uber-chic friend or, perhaps, favorite style blogger that manages to look fabulous on a dime. She shops at H&M, Forever 21, thrift stores, and her own closet and manages to pull herself together like she just stepped out of the glossies. That’s an art that we find infinitely more impressive than going hog wild on an Amex Black Card – though we admit that would have its rewards, too.

Fantasy aside, having great style without spending gobs of money or time is utterly doable. And one of the easiest ways to do it is with jewelry. While many people think of jewelry as the icing on your red velvet cupcake, we often find that outfits are often inspired by our jewelry.

Boho Style on a Slim Budget

So, we’ve put together a few tips for you to help you stand out without breaking the bank.

  1. Pick a style inspiration to use as your base. Are you going for a style that is bold, boho, or beachy? Do you love the way Rachel Zoe punctuates her chic boho style with chunky necklaces and cuffs, or are you more of a Gwyneth gal and a fan of layering delicate pieces together?
  2. Start with one key piece. After you’ve identified your style inspiration, pick the one piece to start with that will help you build the look. Is it a fabulous pair of hoops, a great cuff, a bold necklace? One of the best places to search for your must-have boho style jewelry items is Ellevoke.com, where you will find everything from necklaces to rings, antique Bohemian stone earrings, and more.
  3. Make an impact. If you want to emphasize your face, try a great pair of oversize hoops. Want to emphasize your décolletage? Try the beautiful Oblong Pave Nugget that Brooklyn Decker wore in Women’s Health. It’s a conversation piece on its own, but if you’re feeling fun, you could layer your own jewelry and add in a few other necklaces of different lengths to give more interest to the look.
  4. Shop your own closet. We’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: Don’t forget to hunt through your own collection. Just looking at it with a fresh perspective will inspire you to put pieces together that you wouldn’t have before. And one of our favorite looks is layering vintage and contemporary together.
  5. Work it! Being bold with boho style jewelry doesn’t mean donning pieces that are so big that they wear you — although, on the right personality, this is a super-fun look. What it does mean, however, is that you do have to work it a little. You have to play and experiment and move the needle just a little notch or two. What does that mean? If you usually wear a single gold chain, up the ante and layer two or three necklaces. Is your watch the only item on your wrist? Try replacing it for a day with a cuff, or wear a cuff on the other side and add some bracelets on top of your watch.
  6. Have fun! Play, enjoy, experiment, and if you need inspiration, check out our fashion blog.

Boho Style Earrings as a Gift for a Woman

Boho Style Earrings as a Gift for a Woman

I have no doubts that women love earrings, most of all. And it’s easy to understand. Namely, earrings accentuate the color of her eyes and the beautiful line of her chin. Beautifying lobes of their ears, women strive to make them sexier and more refined.

That’s why if you present her with one more pair of earrings, it will always be the right gift for her.

Nowadays, earrings are considered to be one of the most stylish accessories. That’s why don’t be afraid to present a woman with an earring. It can add a special charm to her outfit.

Even if you choose a gift to your own taste, you should do it carefully. For example, Wide Tassel Earrings will make a good match with an outfit of any color and will add some extravagance and charm to it.

An acetate earring or an oval rattan earring will accentuate the originality and merry spirit of its wearer.

If you present a woman with earrings, you express your admiration by her beauty, with a ring – you hint at a special attitude to her, a necklace says how deeply you value your dignity and individuality.

But if you present her with everything at once, she will get all your compliments at once, and believe me; she will appreciate your efforts.

What a Great Boho Jewelry Style!

The style of a stylish, beautiful, self-confident woman is created by thousands of details. And of course, boho jewelry plays one of the leading roles in a lady’s image. It is not a secret that well-chosen jewelry is able to turn even the simplest attire into a queen-like dress, and a simple, modest girl into a real queen.

Boho jewelry for ladies is a great addition to the style, the finishing touch that accentuates the refinement, uniqueness, and elegance of a woman.

A great number of shops offer a wide range of boho jewelry for women of high quality. With their help, you can not only embellish yourself with the amazing Bohemian style but make a good gift for your friend, mother, or sister. Nicely chosen jewelry can accentuate the individuality, style, and taste of any woman. A lady can become more beautiful and feel more self-confident.

Many high-quality boho jewelry producers try to take into consideration an image of a modern woman while elaborating on the jewelry design. With the help of beautiful adornments, a woman can look her best everywhere: being at home, at work, at a party, or disco.

Of course, producers take into consideration the age of a woman so both young ladies and older women can choose something appropriate.

The design and style of boho style jewelry are so impeccable that women treat them as real jewelry pieces.

Do not be afraid to use Bohemian jewelry. It makes a woman more beautiful and elegant and feminine.

Remember that rightly chosen boho jewelry made of natural materials can realize any dreams and make a woman more wonderful and gorgeous.

Boho Jewelry Style

Positive Influence of Bohemian Jewelry

Psychologists affirm jewelry can cure people. When a lady buys a new ring, a bracelet, or a pair of earrings, it certainly helps not only to improve her mood but to feel better. We all have problems to resolve, but when a woman chooses a jewelry piece carefully, it helps her to forget all the unpleasant things and makes her feel happy.

Bright beads and very tender flowers, shining rhinestones and cool chains, matte enamel, and Bohemian jewelry pieces evoke the desire to try on and buy something cute.

Of course, probably diamonds are the best girls’ friends, but they cost a lot of money. Even celebrities do not always buy them but hire them from famous jewelry companies. That is why the best friends of modern girls are rather earthy and natural colors, natural materials, and other so-called boho jewelry.

Jewels are made in a more conservative style, while Bohemian jewelry can be of various original designs and great colors. Boho style quickly reacts to fashion caprices and new fashion trends, that is why it makes a great match with the boho-inspired look clothing.

Boho fashion and jewelry can be different: it can be classic, ethnic, avant-garde, etc. Of course, everything is clear with the classic boho style. It imitates natural jewels. They use a number of different natural materials to create really gorgeous jewelry pieces. And such materials as rattan, wood, and bamboo are great options for it.

As for Bohemian jewelry, these are great jewels that are absolutely independent.

They don’t make it look like jewels. They are extremely gorgeous and original and made of different materials.

So as you see, the choice is really wide. Every woman can choose something to match her taste and apparel.

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