For other people, every day seems to be a fashion show with the world as their runway. However, if they do not coordinate their style with their jewelry, the supposedly timeless classic becomes a hopeless vogue tragedy. When there is a mismatch in trinkets and clothes, the people who see you will not know what to look at first. But you can wear jewelry such as rose gold earrings as a complement to even the simplest of attires.

The Benefits of Wearing Rose Gold Earrings

The first earrings did not stem out of a need for a new sense of fashion. The first earrings were developed in ancient China for medicinal purposes where acupuncture was the treatment of choice for stimulation. But the rise in popularity of the rose gold earrings and jewelry came from a signature piece in the 1920s called the Trinity Band, a ring made out of three small bands of white, yellow, and rose gold. The latter brought out warm and soft tones, hence the birth of a new line of jewelry which included earrings and necklaces. Also known as Russian gold due to its beginnings, the mixture of copper in yellow gold and silver gives it a rosy, reddish color than regular gold. And nowadays, a lot of people benefit from it for the following reasons.

Easily complements the skin tone

Rose gold gives out a pink tone. It also has a matte finish that goes well with modern bracelets and necklaces. People of all nationalities can wear it because it does not discriminate against skin tone.

Looks vintage and antique

Earrings made out of rose gold are designed to look like antique jewelry. Unless you are going to a masquerade, try to avoid wearing it with Victorian-era designed clothes (lacey outfits, long dresses, etc.) Pairing it with short skirts or simple blouses will make it stand out more. When you put up your hair, the earpieces become an accent and will be the focus of your face. And since it radiates a warm feel, it also looks more romantic.

Symbolizes a comfortable lifestyle

In decades and cultures past, wearing gold is a symbol of social status. The wearer exudes an air of wealth, confidence, and abundance. However, rose gold earrings and jewelry tell a different tale nowadays. Most trinket-wearing people are used to sporting ornaments before leaving the house for work, school, or recreation. Those who wear them feel comfortable and secure.

The belief in positivity and healing

Some cultures believe that all kinds of gold have the power to attract luck, happiness, and peace of mind. Rose gold connotes warmth and comfort, as well as protection from negative energies and spiritual and emotional healing. A few believe that it removes evil energy from the body. While some do not believe these, it does not hurt to try.

Does not rust, corrode, or tarnish

Some metals are prone to rust and may fade over time and constant use. But gold and rose gold does not corrode and tarnish. Whether it be a rose gold pair of earrings or a bangle, it will not lose its color even if it lasts for decades. It looks better as it ages.

It would help if you left a little sparkle wherever you may be. Add a little blush to your day-to-day look by wearing some rose gold jewelry before you go out.


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    I loved that you mentioned that rose gold jewelry pieces are made to look like antique jewelry. I’m looking for the perfect gift for my girlfriend because her birthday is in two weeks. She loves antiques and lacks some jewelry pieces, so I’ll follow your tips about looking for rose gold pieces.

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