Ash Holder Jewelry
Three different types of ash holder pendants.

Ash Holder Pendant Necklaces

Ash holder pendants and cremation ashes bracelets give you an opportunity to wear a reminder of your loved one near your heart. And while they traditionally are used to hold ashes, you can insert other types of memorabilia into one of the vessels — maybe a lock of the person’s hair, a snippet of cloth from a favorite piece of clothing, a tiny note with a message to the person you lost, or anything else that’s significant to you.

Ash holder pendants are often made from either sterling silver or rhodium-plated sterling silver, and they usually come with a small funnel to help you insert ashes more easily.

For security, it’s a good idea to seal a vessel’s screw-off tops with permanent adhesive after you’ve added the ashes or other contents.

You’ll find many different types of ash holders in the collections linked below, not just the three illustrated above. The paw print vessel on the left is just one example of the many ash holders designed in memory of our pets.

Ash Holder Pendant Necklaces

Other Types of Cremation & Memorial Jewelry

LifeGem is one company that’s creating diamonds from cremated ashes (and hair). The company needs only 8 ounces of ashes to make the memorial gemstone, and they can be ashes from a cremation performed many years ago. Read the article, and then explore the company’s web site for answers to your questions about the diamond making process.

Memorial Diamonds from Hair

Memorial diamonds can also be created from a lock of hair, and that choice is one that we could make before death, resulting in a gift that would be more acceptable to family members who might resist wearing a diamond made from ashes.

Would you wear a diamond created from human ashes?

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