If you want to find the perfect customized name or initial piece of jewelry for adults, this is where you can find it!

We love nostalgic accessories around these parts. It can be so much fun to shop for stuff that you loved when you were 13; it’s the same reason it’s so hard to part with random scrunchies you find in your parent’s house. It takes you back to being a kid, and that can be awesome. One of my favorite pieces of jewelry that everybody seemed to have when we were kids was the name necklace. Whether it had your full name, your initials, your nickname, or your pen name (for fancy teens), those cute pieces of lettering dangling around your neck looked rad.

As adults, we do not do a whole lot of showing off regarding our names. Sure, there are those who tattoo them all over their bodies, but typically, showing off our names is an activity reserved primarily for name tags at awkward work functions and speed dating events. Let’s bring back the jewelry that reps our initials and names, shall we? The following range from simple necklaces to cool rings to amazing ear cuffs, so check it out! It’s the perfect (and usually customizable) present for a relative, friend, partner, pet, or yourself!

Custom Word Ear Cuff

How cool is this ear cuff? No piercing necessary!

Bottica Saxony Necklace

This typography is so cool; you’ll find yourself wearing it with every outfit–work, play, and late night.

Moon and Lola ‘Annabel’ Large Personalized Monogram Bracelet

The best thing about this: you can customize the color of the monogram. My personal favorite is the black because it works so well with the metallic bracelet, but pick whichever one goes with the majority of your wardrobe!

Acrylic Monogram State Necklace

Texas lovers unite! And surely any other state, but gosh, all the Texas people I know are so incredibly stoked on their state. Perhaps because it looks the best when cut out and worn as jewelry…

Two Penny Name Necklace

This customizable hand-stamped necklace adds a unique vintage feel to your everyday jewelry.

Lisa Stewart Leather Garamond Personalized Initial Wrap Bracelet

This cool wrap bracelet adds an edge to your outfit without overpowering your look.

Sandy Hyun Blue Personalized Necklace

For the preppy, modern initial necklace lover.

Lisa Stewart Gold Allison Personalized Script Initial Necklace

This gold plated necklace is feminine, pretty, and most similar to your nostalgic middle school initial necklaces while still being super polished.

Location Cufflinks

How gorgeous are these cufflinks? Whether you’re gifting these to somebody or wearing them yourself, they add a personalized and sentimental touch to your look.

Two Finger Bar Ring with CZ Birthstone

Customize your jewelry two ways with this cool statement ring: get your birthstone and your name in gold-plated jewelry!

College Name Rings

While this may be intended for your college’s initials, you could easily just use your own!

Vintage Kitty Brooch

Okay, fine, this is only for people named Janet. But if you know a Janet, GET THIS FOR HER. It’s adorable.

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