An Overview of Ten Most Popular Engagement Ring’s diamond Shapes

Choosing that perfect engagement ring can be overwhelming. After all, it’s a piece of jewellery that you’ll be wearing for a lifetime. The ring has to look and feel perfect. One of the important factors to consider while choosing that perfect engagement ring at Diamonds-USA is to look for a shape that can well define your ring.

Let’s take a quick look at the most popular engagement ring shapes that will truly stand the test of time.

  1. Cushion cut diamond:
Most Popular Engagement Ring’s diamond Shapes

Cushion cut rings have rounded corners with a brilliant cut facet style. It typically has a rectangle shape or even a soft square, all with curved edges. The diamond in this type of ring is perfect for a vintage-inspired setting. This timeless gemstone is popular in halo rings and is an ideal choice for a lady with long and fleshier hands.

  1. Princess cut diamond:
Princess cut diamond

Princess cut is popular when it comes to its brilliance and consistency. It is a square-shaped diamond that is designed from the inverted pyramid of rough diamond stone. This type of diamond has 50 to 58 facets and two to four chevron patterns.  Diamonds with two chevron patterns reflect bolder flashes of white and colored lights. Princess cut is a perfect alternative to traditional round engagement rings and is admired by ladies who ooze love and passion.

  1. Asscher cut diamond:
Asscher cut diamond

Asscher cut is mostly found in antique jewellery shops. This square-shaped diamond with trimmed edges has significant facets and a huge crown that radiates shine. What makes this cut unique is its perfect blend of vintage and contemporary style and sophistication. Asscher cut rings are undeniably elegant and are a great choice for a person who is fashion conscious and prefers exclusive designs.

  1. Emerald cut diamond:
Emerald cut diamond

The emerald cut flaunts elongated, chiseled step cuts with straight linear facets. The corners of this type of diamond cut are cropped to prevent fracture and add stability to the ring. The emerald cut is loved by women who pay attention to detail and are fans of exquisitely crafted jewellery. The diamond offers high-grade clarity with an ultra-flattering appearance. The rectangular shape of the emerald-cut ring makes it one of the most beautiful engagement rings.

  1. Round cut diamond:
Round cut diamond

As the most popular engagement ring shape, this timeless classic round cut truly outshines all others. If you desire an elegant, classy yet sparkling diamond ring, you can’t go wrong with round-cut stones. The dazzling appearance of this classic shape is the right choice for those who are mostly attached to vintage style. The round cut looks iconic in a solitaire setting and is admired by women who appreciate elegance and tradition.

  1. Oval shaped diamonds:
Oval shaped diamonds

If you’re looking for brilliance, durability and style in an engagement ring, the oval-cut diamond is what you require. Bursting with brilliance and fire, this fancy shape has the power to make your hand look slimmer. The symmetry and elongated shape sparkle exquisitely and go well with a romantic-natured and feminine personality.

  1. Marquise cut diamond:
Marquise cut diamond

Marquise cut diamond has remained one of the most delightful choices for several centuries. The narrow shape of the marquise resembles the shape of an elongated eye. This makes the crown of the diamond looks huge and your fingers appear slimmer. With its sharp ends and elongated shape marquise certainly has a grand appearance. This type of engagement ring is perfect for those who want to maximize carat weight.

  1. Pear shaped diamonds:
Pear shaped diamonds

Pear cut diamond also known as teardrop is a blend of oval and marquise shapes. This timeless shape has a rounded side that narrows down to a discrete point. The severity of the bowtie makes pear shaped diamond unique as an enchanting engagement ring. The graceful curves allow the stone to sparkle even brighter and make it look sophisticated. The shape makes your finger look elongated and slender.

  1. Heart shaped diamonds:
Heart shaped diamonds

If your romantic partner is looking for a unique engagement ring, she needs a heart-cut stone. The modified round-cut diamond says a lot about symmetry. This modern trendy cut has excellent light performance and is a joy to behold. The heart-shaped diamond has been there around for quite a long time and has become popular among celebrities for its statement shape. It looks great in a solitaire setting which accentuates the shape of the stone and makes it stand out on the finger.

  1. The radiant cut diamond:
The radiant cut diamond

The radiant cut combines a square or rectangle shape with round brilliance. Due to its dazzling brilliance, this type of engagement ring is gaining popularity. The high level of brilliance, the cropped corners and numerous facets in the pavilion and the crown make radiant cut rings an enthralling choice among the to-be brides. Most importantly, the beveled corners of radiant cut add more stability thereby making it a wise choice for those with a super active lifestyle.

Hope this article will help you set which engagement ring shape is best for you.

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