Make Your Next Jewelry Investment a Cuban Link Chain

Jewelry has been worn since ancient times. For men, it was a sign of luxury, status, and power. Kings would wear rings to symbolize royalty, and chiefs would wear gold and silver pieces. As time progressed, male rulers would cover themselves in jewels and rare metals to show their power, and soldiers would be decorated for war. Jewelry was even used in religious ceremonies to ward off evil spirits. Throughout history, jewelry was essential for men to be recognized as significant and powerful. However, during the industrial age, men in western culture began only wearing jewelry for practical uses. They would wear pocket watches, tie pins, and cufflinks. It wasn’t until the 1960s when men began wearing jewelry as fashion. And in today’s world, men’s jewelry is one of the top trends once more. Things like music, the mashing of global cultures, and social media have strongly influenced the fashion industry. And if you are looking to invest in something big to elevate your style, then a Cuban link chain is it.

History of the Cuban Chain

The Cuban link chain has been an iconic piece for men to wear. It was believed to originate in Miami in the 1970s during a large movement of the hip-hop era. Music artists wore these chains in the spotlight to represent status, wealth, and style. One of the top artists in the 1970s was DJ Kool Herc. He is known for being one of the famous hip-hop artists to mainstream Cuban link chain necklaces. Cuban chains have always been a statement piece. And from the 1970s to now, they have only grown in popularity. Music artists, celebrities, and fashion enthusiasts all followed suit in wearing Cuban chains. By wearing these chains, you also get to show off your status and style to the world.

What is a Cuban Chain?

A Cuban link chain is a type of cable link chain that has oval links connecting it all the way around. There have been variations of the chain created over time. There are thin and thick styles of the classic Cuban chain. Some are covered in diamonds, while others are traditional gold or silver. The links in the chain also have variations. Some are oval, some are prongs, and some are even spiked. With the different styles flooding the fashion industry, the Cuban chain has become the ideal statement piece.

What is a Cuban Chain?

There’s a reason why this chain stands out among the rest. Well, there might be a few reasons. Because the Cuban chain made its big appearance with celebrities, it was already given the status of high-end jewelry. The prices were higher for this chain, and music artists used it to show off their wealth. Big Daddy Kane, Jay-Z, Usher, and DJ Khaled all influenced the jewelry style for men. This made it easily recognizable for just about anyone. It is also perfect for combining with custom pendants. It’s common to see artists and influencers wear a Cuban chain with their favorite pendant. Because this chain can be covered in diamonds and vary in size, it is a popular choice for those who want to show off their best. Lastly, it is versatile. It can be layered with other chains, worn as a bracelet, and even a ring. The thickness and length have wride ranges to go with just about any outfit. This makes men who are looking for top jewelry pieces gravitate toward this chain.

Options for Cuban Chains

The options for this chain are practically endless. But you only need a few styles to elevate your look. Some options are:

  • Double Layer Miami Cuban Chain: For this style, you will layer two gold or silver chains that vary in length. The thickness is up to you, however a medium thickness will make your chains easily seen.
  • Standalone Diamond Cuban Chain: If you are looking to make a bold statement, then this style is perfect for you. The ideal thickness is between 19 and 20 millimeters, and a length anywhere from 18 to 24 inches.
  • Diamond Prong Cuban Chain and matching bracelet: A cuban chain and matching bracelet can level up any outfit. For example, try a 12 millimeter necklace that is anywhere from 16 to 24 inches in length. For the matching bracelet, the thickness should be about 19 millimeters and the length should give you little room on your wrist but not look sloppy.
  • Diamond Prong Cuban Ring: Take your look a little further and add a ring to match your chain and bracelet. This will grab the attention of everyone around you as you show off your confident style.

When looking for a way to elevate your style, investing in a Cuban link chain is the way to go. There are many options for this type of chain and how to wear it. This iconic chain will show off your confidence and take your wardrobe to the next level.

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