Lab Grown Diamonds In Calgary - A Quick Review

Have you ever wondered how possible it is to have your ring, bracelet or earrings scientifically grown in a laboratory? You may be guessing what the process entails and how to go about it and that is why we have decided to clarify some of these procedures by doing a quick review of lab-grown diamonds in Calgary.

In most cases, precious pearls and pieces of jewelry are embedded with hidden worth and value that may not be visible at first glance. It may look attractive, beautiful, desirable, and impressive but the actual beauty lies on the inside. This is not farfetched from the true representations of diamonds.

Diamonds are precious, clear, crystal-like carbon cubics extracted from hot-tempered surfaces beneath the earth. They are made of carbon atoms formed over 150 – 250 years in the earth’s crust. Before the invention of science and technology, diamonds were mined using crude and less sophisticated means. Presently, lab-grown diamonds are used to replace mined ones. Science has also made it possible for people to produce precious pearls from the comfort of a lab. This in turn goes a long way to checkmate the environmental hazards caused by mining.

In this article, we would discuss some amazing discoveries about diamonds. Please read on as we explain more.

How Are Lab-Grown Diamonds Made?

Man-made diamonds are artificial. They can be made by any of these methods:

  • High-Pressure system (HPTP)
  • Chemical Vapor Disposition (CVD)

High-Pressure System

This method involves exposing a seed of precious stone to high degrees of heat and carbon graphite. This heat melts the graphite and deposits bits of carbon around the seed. This was the first method used in making lab-grown diamonds before the introduction of Chemical vaporization.

Chemical Vapor Disposition

This method is a modern way of growing diamond pearls in the laboratory. It entails keeping a seed of diamond in an enclosed container and releasing heated carbon gas around it to build atomic carbon bit by bit. The carbon atoms grow around the diamond until it reaches your desired size. This method requires the use of a highly sophisticated vapor chamber. If you need more information on how lab diamonds are grown, you may want to read this article.

Pros of Lab-Grown Diamonds In Calgary

Pros of Lab-Grown Diamonds In Calgary


Unlike the process of mining precious stones in Calgary which requires damaging the ecosystem to extract crude diamond pieces, growing one in an enclosed space makes it environment friendly. It prevents damage to it.

Besides, the mining of gems may pose a potential threat to lives and properties in your area. For instance, gas explosion, ground collapse, acidic emission may occur during the process. To make the world safe and prevent the effect of global warming, greenhouse effect, and environmental degradation, growing precious stones in labs offers a viable alternative.

Less Cost

As stated earlier, mining involves the use of crude implements and human labor which makes it cost more and less effective. Lab-growing of diamonds around your vicinity is less expensive. The cost incurred just involves the price of getting equipment. After this has been done, production can take place on a high scale and at a lower rate.

This makes the price of lab-made precious diamond earrings, jewels, bangles, or rings less expensive in your locality.


You may be wondering if the quality of the gemstone will be altered. But surprising as it may seem, the quality remains intact. Both the outward features and inner worth remains the same. The isotropic, optical, pure, and clear crystalline features are evident in it. So, whether natural or man-made, you have a complete embodiment of precious stones. If you find it difficult knowing the quality of gemstones and you want to learn more about them, you can visit:

Saves Time

Man-made diamonds are usually less time consuming compared to mining options. Before mining can take place in any locality, it requires proper research, planning, survey, examination, and preparation of the site. These processes can take several weeks and even months. With a laboratory, this process can be shortened to about 10 days as carbon emissions are steady and quick action compounds or elements. However, it depends on the size you intend to grow.

Less Stressful

Making clear, crystal-like gemstone in scientific labs reduces stress. It is more or less an effective and efficient mechanism or alternative to human labor. From the comfort of your workplace, you can relax, observe, and do other things while you grow it. As a result, your precious gemstone has a flawless and perfect outline just the way you want it.


Man-made diamonds are free from impurities since they are made from pure and unadulterated carbon cubic gases.  Everything is monitored and checked to ensure that there are no impure substances in it. Therefore, your diamond is a real one.

Originality and Creativity

Gemstones grown in labs around Calgary are classified as original pieces. This is because they have the same chemical composition as mined ones. Their beauty or outcome is also largely determined by the creativity of the diamond shaper or cutter. A beautiful diamond is a product of one’s imagination. Having one leaves you with a lot of different patterns, styles, and designs to choose from based on your need.

Cons of Man-made Diamonds In Calgary

The following are some of the cons of man-made diamonds in Calgary:

High Cost of Equipment and Maintenance

With the numerous uses of diamonds in new technologies, growing them requires high technological equipment that cannot be gotten at just any price. They are expensive and difficult to maintain if not properly taken care of.

Difficult to Learn

As a novice in diamond matters, it will be difficult to work without adequate skill, knowledge, and expertise. Therefore, this makes it a rigid process of learning.

Highly Demanding

More than having the equipment, knowledge, skills, and expertise, it requires a great deal of patience, observation, and monitoring to ensure that every slight change is noticed and adequately attended to, to prevent abnormalities or mistakes in the outcome.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing Man-made Diamonds In Calgary

Factors to Consider Before Choosing Man-made Diamonds In Calgary

Here are some helpful tips to consider before choosing lab-grown gemstones in your locality:

  • Always search for a trusted and reliable source. You can do this by asking family, neighbors, or surfing the Internet.
  • Research and read about diamonds. This will help you know a real or fake one.
  • Take note of your preferences, color, style, or design.
  • Review different prices on various platforms to get the best price offers.
  • Always look out for quality. They come in high, medium, and low quality.
  • Get yourself acquainted with diamond terms like carat, color, etc.
  • Consider your budget before making your choice.

These are some tips to help you make the right choice of lab-grown diamonds. Additionally, if you need help with identifying raw diamonds, you can check here.


Having discussed extensively about lab-grown diamonds in Calgary, it is important to note that they have pros and cons which we have outlined in this article. So, before making a choice ensure you check out the available options and alternatives at your disposal. Do not be in a hurry to choose.

Also, you can seek expert advice about knowing its worth and value. This will ensure that you get the best quality and choice. Do not forget the tips we have shared, you can try out lab-grown diamonds at any time.


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