The diamond is the most expensive gemstone in the world due to its extreme beauty and its high aesthetic value. Those who are introduced to the world of jewelry may wonder if are diamonds rare. The reality is that yes, diamonds are rare because they are difficult to find, since the possibility of their formation is low, it takes place deep in the earth and its process takes millions of years. Rare Carat is the number one diamond company in the United States and is on a mission to educate its clients on everything about these luxury gems.

The rarity of diamonds depends on several factors, as explained by, where it is revealed that the quality of a diamond largely determines the price of this gem. The diamond industry has evolved enormously, creating lab-grown diamonds. These diamonds are created in a laboratory, in a controlled environment and look and feel just like natural diamonds.

Through a lab grown diamond you can see the same level of clarity and color as a natural diamond. They have a higher clarity than natural diamonds because they have a uniform crystal structure. Lab grown diamonds have the same colors that can be found in a natural diamond: transparent, white, yellow, pink, etc.

When analyzing the purity grade of a diamond, the clarity level of this gem must be determined. As explained by, VS1 diamonds manifest one or more small inclusions that are not noticeable to the naked eye. This degree of clarity is so high that these inclusions are difficult to detect even for an expert gemologist. The clarity level of a diamond is important, as this feature largely determines the beauty of this gem. The clearer a diamond is, the more perfect it is perceived externally.

When introduced to the universe of these gems, many people ask themselves: are diamonds rare? By understanding their main characteristics, customers understand the rarity of diamonds and the beauty they boast.

A safe investment

Buying a diamond represents a smart investment and the customer should be well informed before making it. Rare Carat offers a wide variety of high quality diamonds at convenient prices. This platform provides unbiased advice on each diamond and delivers free gemological checks so that the client knows everything about the gem they have purchased. Rare works with AI and expert gemologists who understand the diamond market perfectly.

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Anyone who wants to buy a diamond should visit to learn all about these gems. The diamond industry presents news, trends and opportunities that should be known in advance. A well-informed client has access to unique offers that allow him to save money. Rare Carat works with trusted distributors who offer gems of great aesthetic value at competitive prices. This platform provides excellent customer service, answering all questions and guiding the client to close a good deal. The efficient advice that Rare Carat provides to its clients makes them feel confident when making such a significant investment as buying a diamond. Rare Carat also effectively guides the buyer when he has in mind to buy the engagement ring, clearing any doubts that may arise.

Lab Diamond Color & Grading

It is also recommended that the client visit Rare Carat website to learn about crucial details concerning a diamond.


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