It is fundamental human nature to seek attention to be loved and cared for, especially when we go out into the world every day. We take care of our skin to look more radiant, wash our hair with oils and lotions to enhance our beauty with our hair, and spend a significant amount of time each day preparing what to wear and how. So why shouldn’t we accessorize ourselves with charming jewelry to look more attractive? Jewelry has always been the answer mixed with other accessories, whether women’s diamond chains or men’s watches and ties.

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The ability to look good and attractive is practiced as people’s second nature while performing day-to-day activities. Therefore, we have a few essential pointers in this article to guide you towards a better thought process to carry your look to enhance your beauty.

Layering Your Chains and Bracelets:

If the purpose of your jewelry and accessories on a particular day is to look good and stylish while garnering a bit of attention along the way, then stacking and layering is a good option. When layering, the first rule is to stack a couple of chains of thicker size for men and experiment with the length for women where you should be taking care of the unique contrast each of the layers gives you. Each layer should be appealing and complement each other as layering never goes out of style if it compliments your outfit. You can always start with a shorter length and then increase to the look you always wanted.

The same is true for bracelets, different complementing colors and soothing textures can be brought together with a chain or two in the middle to provide the beauty you can emanate. You can also try this method with multiple earrings and studs on your lobes for accentuating your look.

Mixing and Matching Metals:

The second thing that really attracts someone’s attention is complementing metals and gemstones. Previously gold or gold studded with diamonds expressed charm and beauty, but the luxury price tags that go along with them aren’t something most would like to aspire to when it comes to looks. So mixing and matching for the more vibrant look is the demand these days. Many consumers prefer mixing any gold accessory with either a different colored gold or diamonds and gemstones to enhance the radiance of the focal piece.

Matching different metals with shades brings a fantastic appeal to the beautiful designs, which can hardly be captured by pure gold. The exoticness of the mixing boosts your confidence and is pleasing to the eyes of the onlooker. The same can be done for rings matching your pendant or complementing the color of your focal piece and its holdings with other accessories.

Choose a Focal Piece To Define Your Style:

The best attention or attraction you can get is with your statement piece. That is their purpose, after all. You are wearing a focal piece to make it prominent enough to be noticed first. This focal piece can be a gemstone or diamond-studded pendant, a signet or cocktail ring, an earring with a similar concept or stacked earrings and studs, or finally, a stack of mixed and matched bracelets with one prime one in the middle.

Whatever your complements, a focal piece accentuated with other colors and metals will garner attention and cater to your outfits on that particular day.

Accessorize Keeping Your Dress in Mind:

Even though it is a simple instruction or thought process, sometimes, you might forget what you are matching and accessorizing when you are in a hurry. Your outfit is the key to this simple process. You can easily accentuate a V-neck dress or a shirt with a heavy necklace or low hanging pendant to enhance your neck, which is similar if your arms are bare to complement your chest lines. The opposite is true for closed dresses and shirts where you can enhance the look with bracelets or earrings.

Simplicity Paired with Vibrancy:

Depending on what jewelry you are focusing on, the dress and outfit you wear should be subtle, so the focus becomes prominent. An elegant outfit with complementing colors will do the trick. If your outfit or dress has patterns or is colorful, your jewelry should be soft and minimal. In both of these scenarios, complementing one with the other enhances your beauty and outlook.

For parties or functions, most statement jewelry will go with a black dress as a perfect background to focus up ahead and steal the spotlight of everyone in the room.

Going Exotic:

Adding a few exotic items to accessories and outfits will always and surely bring charm to their eyes as well as confidence in yours. Exotic items in your jewelry will always bring color to everyone’s day, breaking monotony chains and the same old outlooks. It will breathe fresh air into your day and outlook. You can get more ideas for gold chains different styles that you can accentuate with some exotic pieces to cement your charming look.

Experiment Your Style with Your Personality:

Fashion trends change so rapidly with every show and red carpet function that it is really hard to keep up for people with actual work where they can’t wear these fashions and headline-making outfits. You should get great ideas from these events but mix them with your style and your body and face structure to have a premium, unique look that is all you and where you will shine. Keeping up with trends and fashion will make you lose your actual personality and self.

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While jewelry has been every woman’s weakness, beauty and charm are everyone else’s weaknesses, not just the men. They want to look good and charming is the desire of everyone despite their age. Different cultures perceive jewelry differently, but one thing is common, getting attention to be praised for it. We have combined a few of the most important pointers in this article to better understand your style and how to carry it with a few simple tricks.

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