Jewelry Guide For Working Women

We all know that jewelry is meant for playing with the look you want or the mood you are into at the moment. We are so happy you loved shopping and consider the best jewelry stores in st thomas that fit into your mood. Besides that, jewelry pieces are an essential part of everyday life as it adds a personality to your outfit and even elevates your casual attire. Therefore, you must consider that having everyday jewelry is as important as having a perfect white, LBD, or tailored blazer in your wardrobe.

The best everyday jewelry sets your accessory game right. As simple as silver coin necklaces can instantly elevate your basic jeans and tee look. Gold and silver jewelry staples work right in adding power to your office look and feminine touch to your date night outfit.

Don’t worry if you are unaware of the jewelry staples, and we have made a perfect list for you. Go through the blog and find out yourself!

  • Studs

Dainty gold diamond studs are a must-have in every woman’s jewelry collection. It works as a perfect everyday pair of earrings as they are elegant with a perfect amount of sparkle. In addition, opting for dainty designs can work as a chic alternative to every other earring.

  • Pendant Necklace

Some women tend to feel somewhat naked if they forget to wear anything around their necks. If you are one such person, choosing a simple moon necklace in silver or even gold can work best for everyday life. However, depending on your personality, you can switch the pendant and choose something which is more you! – like a small and understated gold or sterling silver coin necklace.

  • Layered Necklace

It may be a little overwhelming to find the exact layered necklace you want for your attire. Thus, it is best to opt for multiple chains with pendants of your choice. For example, you can purchase a sterling silver star necklace and a moon necklace in silver – layer them together to add an extra feminine touch to your appearance.

  • Basic Ring

A simple gold or silver ring can look absolutely stunning on everybody. It leaves us with endless opportunities to style or stack it, further enhancing your hand’s beauty. Of course, the best way to look classic without overdoing anything is to opt for just one or two basic bands or rings. But on the other hand, stacking a few of them can give you a fashionable look that is more appropriate for outings and not for a professional appearance.

  • Statement Ring

Having simple rings can serve well for your everyday purpose, but there is no harm in rocking a single statement ring for everyday purposes. For choosing just the perfect one, you must opt for conventional geometric designs in gold. It will showcase your bold personality without overpowering you, especially in your workplace.

  • Statement Bracelet

Make a statement with a unique bracelet or even stack a few of them for an even more powerful look. Whether you are looking for a charm bracelet that still looks professional or a permanent bracelet you can put on and don’t have to worry about again, there are many great bracelet options for working women.

  • Dainty Earrings

Studs are not the only earrings you must-have in your jewel box, as you can have many dainty pieces for office wear. But as we are talking about staples, you must opt for an important earring option, i.e., dainty silver circle earrings. Again, these can be tiny ones or little large ones – both are a plus in your wardrobe.

Where To Shop For?

Now comes the big question!

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