Did you know that the first Sunday of August is specially dedicated to celebrating sisters? The special bond of sisterhood needs to be nurtured and appreciated. One way of showing your sister that you care for her is by getting her thoughtful jewelry pieces she can treasure forever. Here are some jewelry pieces you can consider;

1. Bracelets

These are the most common jewelry pieces sisters get for each other. The great thing is that you can have them customized to fit each of your tastes and preferences. If you are grown, you can inscribe a treasured childhood memory that both of you shared.

If they are younger than you, there is a high chance that they look up to you. In this case, an inspirational quote makes for a superb inscription. Be sure to pay special attention to the metal and colors they like so they will immediately love it when they get the gift. You can add matching mini charms that add a unique aspect to your bracelets. If your sister is reserved and doesn’t like extravagant bracelets, you can go for a classic, compact gold bracelet that goes with pretty much any outfit.

2. Necklaces

With or without a pendant, necklaces remain a timeless jewelry piece to gift a loved one. This gift will remain close to your sister’s heart figuratively and emotionally. Do you have a picture of the two of you as kids? This would form the perfect picture addition to a pendant. There are a variety of jewels you can add, including sapphire and diamond.

Generally, most necklaces are made of silver or gold, but zirconia is now a contending player in this field. You can never go wrong with a zirconia necklace with a simple yet stylish heart pendant, for example.

3. Rings

Rings are most thought of as suited for occasions such as engagements and weddings. However, they can make for a fantastic gift for your sister. Let her adorn her fingers with rings that you have customized for her.

A unique approach to getting your sister a ring is to focus on her birthstone. This is a beautiful way of reminding her of her birthday and the day you both came into each other’s lives. Because rings are so unexpected, they are much more special, and your sister will surely appreciate the thought and love.

4. Earrings

It has long been said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, so why not gift your friend some diamond earrings? Diamond studs are an investment; no one can be more worthy of them than your sister. The great thing is that diamond earrings will never go out of style, so she can wear them as long as she wants.

You can even add more bells and whistles and turn the earrings into a family heirloom, which can be passed on to others in the family. Diamond loops and studs speak elegance, and with a matching bracelet or necklace, your sister will always have a signature jewelry piece for those black-tie events.

5. Anklets

You know your sister best, so you are better placed to tell if anklets are her style. Since only a few people wear anklets, they are not an ordinary gift. Set yourself apart by getting a personalized anklet for your sister. You should look for gemstones that match your sister’s personality and style.

Do not shy away from adding a special message that can be engraved on the inside.

Whatever the type of jewelry piece you choose, your sister will feel loved and cared for. Jewelry is one way of strengthening the bond between sisters, so visit a jewelry store today and get her a lovely piece.

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