One of the best forms of personal expression is jewelry. Fine jewelry is priceless. They don’t come cheap, and you must handle them carefully to maintain them. Remember, no matter how expensive a piece of jewelry is, it is metal and can lose its shine, whether it is gold, which doesn’t glitter as much as when you bought it, or a diamond ring, which can start looking dull. The reasons for this are simple, from improper storage to wearing the fine pieces daily without proper care. Both reasons can lead to gemstones looking dull and tarnishing metals. Also, if your fine jewelry pieces interact with chemicals or bleach, they can lose their shine. So, how do we ensure this does not happen? You must maintain them carefully, and the following tips can help.

Use simple solutions

You may be tempted to use expensive cleaners and solvents to clean your earrings or diamond necklace. But don’t! Warm water with soap is the best way to clean your gold vermeil earrings. Other than this, you need a soft-bristled brush to clean any jewelry you have. It is a simple and inexpensive way to clean your jewelry. The blue solvent you get when you purchase a diamond ring is full of alcohol. So, when you put a stone in it, or even an emerald, the situation can get worse. They have oil that leaks out due to extreme alcohol, which makes the ring unstable. Instead, a soft toothbrush can help you remove the grease without hurting the stone. If you have an antique piece, research how to clean it without damaging it. Avoid professionals who use ultrasonic cleaners, as they can damage these older pieces.

Never use dish soap or detergent to clean the jewelry

Your fine jewelry is sentimental to you. Do not damage it by cleaning it with dish soap or detergent. Any solvent that is harsh or full of alcohol is lethal for fine jewelry. These harsh chemicals will severely harm the gemstone.

Don’t sleep in jewelry.

Do you sleep wearing your earrings or necklaces? Then stop doing it. It is not just harmful to the jewelry but also harms you personally. For instance, sleeping in your earrings can harm you, as the earrings can reach your ear canal. Similarly, wearing a chain while sleeping can lead to breakage. If you are wearing a stone ring, it can come off while you sleep. The best thing to do is sleep without jewelry and wear it again the next day.

Protect your gemstones from heat and cold.

Do you have any precious gemstones? Then you must protect them from light, heat, and sun rays. They can affect any colored gemstone you have. The color and its durability suffer due to these factors. If you let these elements affect the gemstone, like kunzite, amethyst, and shell cameos, for too long, they can even fade and damage it. If you wear amber, keep it away from extreme light. Otherwise, it will darken over time. So, keep your precious gemstone away from these elements.

Know if your gemstone is treated or not.

A few colored gemstones get routine treatment to improve their clarity and color. However, these treatments use heat, steam, ultrasonic cleaners, and solvents. All these things can negatively affect the quality of the gemstone. If you want to maintain such a gemstone, you must know about it. Thus, get the GIA report to know all the information about the stone. That way, you can take proper care of the gemstone.

Have proper storage

To keep your jewelry safe, proper storage is necessary. If you overlook this step, you will damage your fine pieces. For instance, several people often leave their fine pieces in the drawer or the dresser’s top. If you do this, your jewelry will get scratched, or the gems will be damaged. When you buy jewelry, it comes in a pouch or a box. Right? So why can’t you keep them in proper storage? Also, never store gemstones of different types together. Otherwise, they will knock and tarnish each other. So, buy the best storage boxes for this fine jewelry or keep it in its original packaging.

Wear them carefully

Never wear your jewelry in a rush. Also, wear it last after you are fully clothed and in makeup. Otherwise, clothes or makeup products can tarnish your jewelry. Similarly, take them off first.

Jewelry is an investment and a way to accessorize yourself in a way that speaks to your style. The jewelry you buy is special, and the ones you get are even more special, whether it is a ring from your partner or a necklace from your mother. Even the hands-down winners are special. You should try these tips to ensure they stay in one piece and shine. Try everything from storing them properly to taking out the jewelry when you go swimming or do the dishes.

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