How to Wear Collar Chocker

Maybe you’re not a fan of jewelry, and that’s your right. There are certainly other ways to enhance your outfits, which you can learn more about at this link. But if you want to invest in a piece that will make a statement of your style, then a collar choker necklace is a perfect choice. While not a prevalent trend this summer, it’s a piece that will be cherry on top for any of your outfits.

Chokers are very short necklaces that fit snugly around your neck. They have a long history as the first signs that these pieces were a desirable accessory date back to the Middle Age era. Back then, ladies fitted them with long dresses, kitschy hairstyles, and makeup that you can only see in theaters today. These accessories were supposed to prevent their necks from being hurt by collars or stiff necklines.

But chokers have survived all the fashion challenges since then. Today, you can see these collars in a slightly different, more discreet edition, although kitschy pieces in various colors are also present. Of course, you will choose the model that best suits your style and personal preferences.

Know Your Style

The secret of wearing chokers and look great is on how to properly pair them with your look. You have to remember that these necklaces are accessories and shouldn’t stand alone in your outfit. They complement the colors, fabrics, and patterns that you already wear. So before buying any of these necklaces, find out what you will pair them with so you can be sure they will fit into your fashion style.

If you are into casual fashion, wearing silver choker necklaces will never go out of style. They are simple but very bold. If you are into something sexier, wearing a white or black necklace with beads can help you stay stylish from day to evening, as these will match everything, from short breezy dress to super-tight black midi dress.

Not Too Tight

How to wear a collar necklace

Wearing a choker will definitely make you look gorgeous and sophisticated. But you should never sacrifice your comfort just because of sexy appeal. In other words, your collar necklace shouldn’t be too tight and make you feel like choking for real. It should rest lightly on the collarbone, not high on the neck.

If you are planning to go out on a date or an outing, a delicate black choker will surely match the elegance of your outfit. If you opt for some sports elegance, your necklace can be a simple lace bound in a bow. But for something more feminine, like a dress with a round or V neckline, the addition of a wide collar choker is a score.

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Say ‘Yes’ to Layers

Pairing chokers with other accessories is not rocket science. The thing is simple – if this piece is bold and eye-catching, the rest of the accessories, like earrings or bracelets, should be discreet. For example, a collar with added stones fits with simple, monochromatic outfits. You won’t need anything else as this necklace will surely stand out.

If you want to wear a collar necklace on some festive occasion and look sexy, pair it with several other necklaces. These chains should be thin, as the choker should be the one that attracts attention to your neckline. Wear your hair in a simple up-do and your skin exposed to the world.

Choker over Collars

Chokers are mostly eroticized because they give a dose of sex appeal to every outfit. But that doesn’t mean you can’t wear these collars even if you’re wearing a little more conservative clothing. It can match almost any kind of clothing, from jumper dresses to shirts.

If you want to enhance your business look, choose your collar choker to fits snugly over your tops (collars). You can team it with a simple blouse, shirt, or turtleneck. The rule is that your necklace should not overwhelm your outfit so fit it into a plain style.

The modern choker necklaces carry with them a dose of sex appeal and self-confidence that every woman always needs. At the same time, one such piece of jewelry can completely change your styling from average to chic. So you need to be bold and include them in your must-have list of accessories.

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