Whenever you get home from a big night on the town or a busy day at the office, the first thing you will probably do is remove your uncomfortable clothing and heavy jewelry so you can slip on your comfy pajamas and get in under the covers. Unfortunately, much like washing your face and conducting your nightly skincare routine, this can become somewhat of a chore-meaning that the temptation to just leave your precious jewelry wherever is all too real.

How to Keep Sterling Silver Jewelry From Tarnishing

However, while having a blasé attitude toward how you store your jewelry may seem harmless, over time it can leave your jewelry looking a little worse for wear, mainly if it’s silver jewelry. Due to its composition, silver jewelry is especially vulnerable to tarnishing and corrosion, so not storing it correctly can have an effect on not only its appearance but also its lifespan. Fortunately, with these handy hacks on how to store silver jewelry, you can keep your accessories in tip-top shape for many years to come. 

Read to learn how to store silver jewelry to prevent it from tarnishing. 

Store Your Jewelry Separately

Store Your Jewellery Separately

Sterling silver becomes tarnished due to being exposed to moisture and sulfur in the air, however, it can also happen as a result of the metals present in other types of jewelry. Storing your jewelry too close to each other is a bit of a risky business as it can lead to necklaces and chains becoming tangled with other items and also because the vastly different compounds in other types of jewelry can react with one another, thus leading to tarnishing. By keeping your jewelry separate when you store it or by even investing in a tiered jewelry box with multiple sections, you can prevent your jewelry from becoming tangled and scratched while also ensuring that it remains relatively tarnish-free. You could even take it a step further by storing each item in an anti-tarnish bag or in non-adhesive zip-lock bags. 

Keep It Away From Sunlight & Wood

Keep It Away From Sunlight & Wood

When storing your jewelry, it is crucial that you place it in a cool, dry spot. This will keep your pieces away from two of the biggest culprits for tarnishing, moisture and sunlight. This means you should avoid storing your jewelry in areas such as the bathroom and the kitchen because these rooms frequently come into contact with moisture, while areas such as sunrooms and window seals often see too much light. A general rule of thumb is to keep your accessories in a jewelry box that is kept in areas such as a wardrobe or even the linen cupboard. When picking out your jewelry box, however, avoid the ones made from wood as they have often been treated with chemicals that are hazardous to silver and increase the likelihood of it becoming tarnished. 

Avoid Storing Your Jewelry Near Beauty Products

Dress Engagement Rings

While they might make your accessories smell good, storing your silver jewelry near beauty and personal care products is a big no, no. While it is very tempting to have your jewelry on display on your dressing table alongside all your personal care products, makeup, deodorant, perfume, skincare and other common beauty go-to’s are laden with chemicals that can interact with your jewelry. These products also contain high levels of moisture and can easily cause silver to become tarnished. For this very reason, you should also take care when applying these types of products when wearing your jewelry and to consider putting them prior or avoid getting too close. 

Store Them With Something To Absorb The Moisture

How to Prevent Your Jewelry from Tarnishing

While there is a multitude of ways to avoid moisture near your jewelry, nobody’s perfect and accidents do happen. Fortunately, you can prepare for those “what ifs” by storing your earrings, bracelets, and more with something that will help absorb the moisture. Two very effective remedies for combatting moisture are silica gel and activated charcoal, products that you are likely familiar with if you do a lot of online shopping. Another easy and cost-effective solution is placing a few sticks of chalk in your jewelry storage. Chalk is incredibly dry which makes it naturally very absorbent, chalk is also frequently made from materials that won’t interact.

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