Careful thought must be given when searching for the ideal groom’s wedding band. Whether deciding to make this a surprise or letting it be a personal decision, it must reflect his style and personality, something he’ll want to wear each day for a lifetime.

When the groom looks for perfect men’s wedding bands themselves, shopping can become daunting with the countless choices. It can be challenging to know how to start. Prioritizing different variables will help with the decision-making process before you shop.

First, it’s essential to develop a price point you want to stay within and consider your lifestyle and the abuse the ring will need to withstand. For some men, it’s wise to buy two rings, one to wear when working and the other for evenings and weekends out.

Consider the following factors before heading out for your wedding band shopping trip.

What To Consider When Shopping For Men’s Wedding Bands

A man’s wedding band needs to not only reflect his personality and style but also fit in with how he lives and works. Nowadays, most couples either select their rings together or shop independently to find the perfect ring and share it with their significant other.

Between the styles, metals, and finishes, choosing can become overwhelming. Let’s look at factors that can help narrow the selection process somewhat. 

·      Develop your price point

Before ever looking online or setting foot in a brick-and-mortar shop, you must develop a budget that you stay within.

While each wedding has a relatively strict budget for each element, it’s important to prioritize some aspects. A wedding band is one of the most critical investments since these are for a lifetime, with the budget determining the quality. 

The suggestion for men’s wedding band prices ranges from roughly “$800 up to $2000,” but there’s no right or wrong price point. The only rules that apply are those set by you as a couple, ensuring it’s comfortable for your lifestyle.

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·      The ring should fit your style

Many are under the misperception that a men’s wedding band is a relatively easy decision in the wedding planning process, pretty straightforward. The market, however, is expanding with varied styles, something the groom has a vested interest in. 

The ring should fit your style

·      Which metals do you prefer

The metals on the market go beyond the traditional gold and silver. Tungsten is one becoming increasingly popular, and platinum is another favored choice.

  1. Platinum: A precious metal that is durable and one of the rarest from the earth’s crust. For men who work in the trade industry with heavy hand work, exposure to chemicals or abrasive materials, this metal boasts the ability to withstand abuses. The metal is also hypoallergenic, with minimal risk for skin reactions.
  • White gold: These are plated in rhodium, considered a part of the platinum metals, showing a vibrant white shade in the same vein as platinum but for a much more budget-friendly cost. The plating with these pieces will generally last for roughly a decade and then will need to be replaced.
  • Yellow gold: This classic presents a warm subtle natural yellow hue that will not fade or discolor over time.
  • Rose gold: A rose gold band is a stunning, vintage, rarely-seen ring preference. Anyone who prefers a distinct ring that will keep its color with the passage of time will enjoy this band. The unusual color is created by alloying other metals into the rose gold, including copper.
  • Tungsten: Tungsten is an alternative metal choice becoming favored among couples today with its modern appearance and substantial durability and strength. It’s a handsome ring that functions well for those who work hard with their hands.
  • Stainless steel and sterling silver: The stainless steel ring offers fantastic durability with low maintenance requirements. On the other hand, Sterling silver is a malleable, soft material prone to tarnish. It’s more suitable for fine jewelry pieces that get occasional wear more so than a wedding ring that will be worn continuously with the potential for extensive abuse.

Final Thought

The priority when picking out your wedding band is to get a fit that suits you. The most accurate fit will be achieved by working with a jeweler to measure for optimum comfortability. Many people prefer a ring that is easy to remove but not so loose that it falls off, referenced as a “comfort fit.”

The latest collections of men’s wedding bands are expanding, with grooms opting for alternatives to the traditional gold or silver simple bands.

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