Brilliant sparkle, gorgeous shape, and always show-stopping: pear-shaped diamonds may be a classic cut, but there’s something so special and unique about the shiny teardrop shape.

The pear is considered to be an elongated stone, which looks nice and big on the finger and can also make for an affordable engagement ring. Aside from all of these incredible features, pear stones are especially fun to set. Their unique shape creates playful silhouettes that can stack perfectly with other rings to make exquisite matching sets. 

Six reasons we ♥️  pear-shaped engagement rings:

  1. The brilliant cut of the pear shape has the classic glittery sparkle we love to see in engagement rings.
  2. The elongated cut provides lots of finger coverage.
  3. Pears look larger per carat than a round cut, which means a bigger-looking stone for the same price.
  4. It’s a classic shape with a one-of-a-kind silhouette. 
  5. The pear has a slimming effect on the hand because of its elongated shape.
  6. The shape is versatile and can be set in both vintage and modern settings. 

Like many other fancy-shaped stones, Pears are generally less pricey than round cut stones. Considering that its elongated shape makes it appear larger than a round stone of equivalent carat size, you can get a bigger diamond for your money by choosing a Pear!

Some Tips on Choosing the Perfect Pear

Why We Love Pear-Shaped Engagement Rings

Every diamond shape comes with its pros and cons, and pears are no exception. One major advantage of pear-shaped stones is their brilliance. Their sparkly cut makes it so that imperfections are easily disguised by the sparkles. Looking for an eye-clean stone in the VS range means you can save your budget elsewhere!

The lengthened shape of pears and other elongated stones can sometimes have “bowties”. This detail is composed of dark facets in the center of the stone. While they can add a bit of dimension, they can also distract from the sparkle. 

But don’t let bowties scare you away from Pear center stones! There will always be a bowtie on pears (and ovals). If you choose a light one that is filled with sparkle, and avoid pears with any dark features, you’re sure to choose a stunningly beautiful pear center stone. 

Setting Pear Diamonds in Engagement Rings

Why Pear-Shaped Engagement Rings Are An Absolute Dream

Pears look stunning set in almost any setting, from minimalist to intricately detailed, vintage to modern. 

It’s important to keep in mind, pear center stones less than 3 carats will have three prongs, while larger stones will require five. 

Looking for pear ring inspiration? Check out some of our favorite pear-shaped engagement rings from Keyzar.  

The Twig

The Twig engagement ring

The delicate elegance of The Twig engagement ring with its two round brilliant side stones matches perfectly with a dainty pear-shaped diamond. The twisting branches design represents your growing family tree. The ring is part of Keyzar’s signature collection, so if you’re wild about the style, there are many pieces to add to your collection, including a matching wedding band, and a matching band for your partner. 

The Pavé Kamellie

The Pave Kamellie engagement ring

This beautiful diamond-filled micro pavé setting gives the look of endless sparkle, accentuating the brilliance of a pear-shaped diamond. The hidden halo elevates the center stone, making The Kamellie perfect for making matching sets while dazzling from every angle.

Hidden Halo Penelope

The Hidden Halo Penelope Engagement ring

The Hidden Halo Penelope is a stunning, effortlessly beautiful setting with accent side stones, and has diamond shimmering from every corner, adding sparkle and scintillation. The delicate look is perfect for a pear. 

Picking the Perfect Match

Picking the Perfect Match

The elongated and unique teardrop shape of pear stones makes them perfect in creating matching sets. Engagement rings and wedding bands fit together differently depending on the profile of the center stone. Sometimes they create beautiful sets that sit flush together, while other times the pair creates an intriguing look using negative space. 

Pears are perfect, no matter which kind of set you’re looking for! Their elongated shape stretches over the top of wedding bands, creating a wonderfully cohesive set. The brilliant sparkle of pear shapes enhances the classic elegance of settings like The Mia. 

Pears + Chevron Bands

Chevron wedding bands are super trendy at the moment. Chevron bands offer a modern, stylish look that pairs perfectly with pointy pear-shaped engagement rings. 

Pavé and other diamond-studded chevron bands enhance the center stone’s brilliance and make for a gorgeous look paired with pear engagement rings.

Ready to rock a pear engagement ring?

How To Pick And Set The Perfect Pear Shaped Engagement Ring

Pear-shaped engagement rings are show-stopping, effortlessly beautiful, and super popular ATM. The brilliant stone looks larger per carat, making it a perfect choice if you want to go for a bigger rock on your finger. 

Whether you choose to keep it classic, go modern, or find a setting that’s uniquely you, pear-shaped diamonds will not disappoint. They’re the perfect combination of brilliance, size, and elegance. It’s not surprising pear shapes will be a top trend in 2023.

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