single strand necklace

A single strand of pearls, gold or silver, is like a blank canvas or a sheet of music without notes. The possibilities are up to the imagination of the owner, and the creation can be changed as often as the mood. If you have such a treasure somewhere in your jewelry collection and are looking for some inspiration for what to do with such a piece, here are some ideas to have fun with using an otherwise ordinary find.

For the Head

Maybe you already have a single strand as a favorite in your collection, or maybe you have your eye on a piece online and are ready to make that jewelry store POS, but in either case, you know you want to do more with it than pair it with great earrings. One option is to put a charm or three on it, grab some pins and turn it into a tiara. Depending on the hairstyle you choose, the sides and back can either be hidden or showcased along with the front that can stay in your hair or lay on your forehead.

For the Neck

A single strand can be a powerful statement all by itself, or it can be layered as part choker piece that brings the focus to the base of the neck. Of course, charms can always be added if it is a plain strand, but a long strand of pearls that is doubled to feature one loop close to the neck and letting the rest fall long is a way to dress up any top. Cuban, box or rope chains given as gifts can take on new looks when lengths are manipulated by fastening on different lengths or by switching charms.

For the Hands

There are two ways to make a single strand be a feature on your hand. One is to wrap it around a finger and complete the strand by wrapping it around the wrist. It is a ring and bracelet piece. The second is to simply wrap the strand as many times as necessary for it not to slip off the wrist to convert to bracelets. Both of these styles can be used in conjunction with other bracelets for a layering effect.

For the Waist

Crop tops are common, and using a single strand as body jewelry around the exposed waist is an option. It will dress up the casual nature of the crop and add sparkle to the skin. The single strand can be as decorative as belly dancers’ jewelry or as classic as a small shimmer of gold. Decorating the mid area with jewelry is a nod to belly piercing without the pain.

For the Ankles

A single strand can be used as layered anklets shown off by sandals, heels, or bare feet. This is a similar feature to the single strand around the wrist, but ankles tend to be thicker than wrists, so they will not take as many times to wrap. An attempt can be made to loop a toe first and then complete wrapping around the ankle, but toes are not as long as fingers, and the toe ring can slip off easily.

A beaded strand, or a strand of any type of metal, can be used in a variety of ways to enhance a wide range of looks. A cable chain can be the lone piece wrapped three times around the neck for a tight choker or in full length over the head, reaching almost to the waist. Colorful glass beads along the waist can be just what a white crop top needs or they can be layered with a sterling silver rope bracelet on the wrist. One single strand can be used differently each day of the week to keep imaginative juices flowing and wardrobes from getting boring. From the top of the head to the toes, a single strand of jewelry has the ability to dominate any look.

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