How To Make Earrings With Beads

In one form or another, jewelry is common among accessories used by people to style themselves. These can be anything, ranging from heavy, eye-catching necklaces to a beautiful pair of earrings. This guide will specifically cover earrings and how you can make earrings for yourself in the simplest of ways.

Of all the do-it-yourself things possible, making earrings for yourself or jewelry, in general, can get creative and fun. We will provide you with easy-to-follow details on making beaded earrings. Using beads to make jewelry is a popular jewelry-making technique, and it is no different when it comes to beaded earrings.

Handcrafted jewelry making always gives a special, personal touch to whatever you make. You can get as creative as you like while making your own beaded earrings and trying unique designs and styles. By following this guide, you will be ready with your first pair of beaded earrings in no time! If you are not feeling like doing some handcrafting but love how handmade products look, you can find beaded earrings at Cheyanne Symone Earrings and use them to make your own DIY designs!

Making Your Own Beaded Earrings

We will guide you in making earrings using beads in a few simple steps. You no longer have to struggle with the question of how to make earrings with beads.

Things You Will Need

To start off, gather the important supplies you will need to make your bead earrings. Most of these supplies can easily be found at a local craft store or on an online platform that sells supplies for jewelry making.


The star of your handcrafted earrings: beads. You can get as creative as you want when picking beads to use in your earrings. Feel free to use as colorful, decorative beads as you like. Different beads will give a different look to your earring. Pick larger beads if you are looking for a simple look with a few beads, or use a good amount of small, multicolored ones to create a flashy earring—many options to go with.

Head pin

You can get different sizes of head pins, depending on your requirements: the thickness of the beads you use in particular. A head pin packaging will commonly have measurements in gauges (ga) mentioned on them: larger the reading, thinner the head pin.

Round nose pliers

Round nose pliers will get most things you need pliers for done easily. If you are really enthusiastic about making jewelry, consider buying pliers specifically designed for handcrafted jewelry.

Earring hooks

Depending on what style you are looking for, earring hooks come in various shapes and sizes. A few popular types include:

  • Kidney Style
  • Lever Style
  • Fish Hook Style
  • Back Style

A pair of wire cutters would be another handy tool. You may not need one if you are using all-in-one pliers.

With your tools set, let’s craft!

Adding Beads

The first thing to do is to add a bead with a smaller hole than the rest of your beads or a spacer bead at the bottom of your head pin. This is important as the spacer bead will keep the beads above it, place them, and prevent them from dropping below their position. Once the spacer bead is in place, add beads to the head pin in any way you like. Here are a few things you can try.

  • Try different variations of beads in terms of size and color. Pick a look that suits you best
  • Use spacer beads between different colored beads if you want them to appear separate

Continue adding beads until you have 6 millimeters to a centimeter of space left on the head pin. Make sure you are not saturating the head pin with beads, as you want to leave some space for the beads to move.

If you are looking to make a smaller earring, clip excess wire using wire cutters.

Bend The Endpin

To secure the beads you have just added in place, bend the top of the head pin at an angle that makes it 90 degrees to the beads. You can now attach an earring hook to the head pin.

Adding The Earring Hook

Now, you can add an earring hook of your liking at the head pin’s top. Once you have added the earring hook, close the top of the head pin you bend 90 degrees into a small loop.

With the hook added and secured after you bend the wire, your beaded earring is ready to wear! In the same way, make a second earring to complete the pair.

With handcrafting, there’s always more you can add to whatever you create. Once you have gotten hold of the basics, try some of these styles that will take your bead earrings a step further.

Wire Wrapping

Wire wrapping is a skillful technique that will make earrings look even better. The style will work best with a single, large bead. Pick a pair of head pins that have a good amount of wire left after placing the beads. Then, using pliers, wrap the straight wire around the bead in a pattern.

This method is not the easiest style to ace, so be patient while you learn the skill and enjoy the look achieved once you perfect it.

Mixing Things Up

Head pins may be the standard base needed to craft an earring, but you can certainly use other supplies to make beaded earrings. Consider using hoop earrings instead of a head pin. Continue adding beads to the hoop earrings until you get the right look. A small number of beads will work if you are working with a small hoop.

How To Make Earrings With Beads: Explained

Have some leftover beads from some other craftwork? Consider making yourself a pair of beaded earrings with very few materials. Beaded jewelry is not exclusive to earrings. You can also use them to craft other jewelry pieces like necklaces and bracelets.

A prominent type of bead earrings would be native American earrings. You will love wearing these must-have, handcrafted earrings, so check them out!

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