Most Durable Wedding Band
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When it comes to choosing a wedding band for a man, durability is often at the top of the scale of preference.

That’s because many men work jobs or have hobbies that expose their rings to wear and tear which is why they require a durable ring that can take a beating while still retaining its original form.

Therefore, when shopping for a men’s wedding band you should be on the lookout for one made with durable materials. However, there is a horde of materials available to make a wedding band, making selection tricky.

On that note, we have prepared a guide on finding the most durable wedding band materials for men.


Tungsten is a rare metal found within the earth. Wedding bands made out of tungsten are capable of withstanding high-friction situations such as being slammed against an item. 

They’re also scratch-resistant making them perfect for men that like to engage in sports or handy work.

Due to its tough nature, tungsten wedding bands are pretty heavy, so you would most likely feel the strong presence of this ring on your finger.

It’s also worth noting that due to how sturdy they are, tungsten rings can’t be resized – so if you’re getting one, make sure you get the right size.


Unlike tungsten which is heavy, titanium is a popular wedding band material because of how lightweight and comfortable it is on the skin.

Although it’s lightweight, it won’t bend or break. A titanium wedding band is perfect for men that don’t want too much weight on their fingers. Titanium wedding bands are also hypoallergenic and great for men with sensitive skin.

If you’d prefer the comfort of men’s titanium wedding bands over tungsten and other sturdy materials, Alpine Rings has a great selection of titanium bands to choose from.

Cobalt Chrome

Cobalt chrome is a metal alloy of cobalt and chromium. It is one of the least-used wedding band materials for men but it’s also one of the most durable as it is scratch-resistant and shatter-proof.

Cobalt chrome bands are also quite affordable so they won’t constitute a large part of your wedding budget. One cool thing about cobalt chrome bands is the fact that you can engrave messages on it. 

So if you’d like to engrave your partner’s name on your wedding band as a heartfelt gesture then you should consider getting a cobalt chrome ring.

It’s also worth noting that cobalt also comes in different shades, offering couples many options to choose from.

Black Zirconium

Black zirconium is famous for its deep black appearance. Like cobalt and tungsten, it is fairly new to the wedding band scene.

It’s perfect for men that want a unique look on their wedding bands. You can also laser-cut designs onto black zirconium wedding bands.

Black zirconium wedding bands are pretty durable and can withstand the wear and tear of daily activities. Like tungsten, though, it’s nearly impossible to resize, so make sure you get your size right.

Oxidized zirconium has a low density but is also quite hard. Its weight fits perfectly on your finger.


A non-metal option, ceramic infused with other metals is a durable option for your wedding band. There are more than 90 options available for this wedding band, and it is stunning to look at. It is heat resistant and this wedding band can withstand up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit.

The ceramic used to make this ring is also quite durable, so much so that you can throw the ring across a room without worrying about it breaking.

As you’ve seen today, there are a number of options available when choosing durable wedding band materials like titanium, tungsten, and cobalt chrome to name a few, but you should always choose the material that would give your ring the looks that you would always be proud of.

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