Wedding bands represent the eternal bond of lifelong love and commitment between couples starting their journey together. As it plays a critical role in the wedding ceremony and beyond, many couples spend a significant amount of time looking for the perfect fit to symbolize their relationship.

As you browse rings with different gemstones, styles, and settings, choosing a ring that ticks all the boxes may be challenging. Couples with a unique vision can benefit from customizing a wedding band that fits their taste from start to finish. A custom band is the best option if you have a unique vision or are just looking for something handcrafted vs. mass-produced. The following guideline can help you craft a wedding band that perfectly captures your relationship.

Consider Lifestyle

One of the most important things to consider before finalizing a wedding band is your lifestyle, such as your work, activity level, and daily routine. While a specific design or style may look appealing, it may not be practical for daily wear. For instance, single-prong set bands are in-style but prone to stone loss. Even for those who wear their jewelry lightly, this style will likely require annual maintenance and repairs.

If you know you’ll plan to wear your wedding band every day and want something low maintenance, consider a plain gold band. While it may sound simpler, there are many ways to customize it – from gold color and karat to bandwidth, shape, and textured finish.

Look for Inspiration

There is no right or wrong choice when creating a wedding band. You can go for a traditional look with a simple band, or opt for something more ornate, such as a band with diamond patterns or unique textured finishes. If you’re unsure what you prefer, look for inspiration on different platforms to simplify the decision-making process. You can consult your friends and family and look at their wedding rings to determine if any designs speak to you. You can also look for inspiration online, on lifestyle magazines, and on social media feeds.

Another great way to find inspiration is with the help of a streamlined team of jewelers with deep geology knowledge that create based customized wedding rings on their client’s needs. An experienced jeweler can help you navigate the stressful design process and help you get familiar with both common and unique wedding band designs. They can show you wedding band samples of their past work or help you craft a brand-new design based on your unique needs.

Think About How it will Integrate with Your Engagement Ring

Your engagement ring setting style can help you determine what type of wedding band will look best with its mate. Think about how you want to wear your wedding band with your engagement ring. Do you want to wear them on the same hand, stack them on the same finger, or wear the rings separately?

Stacking rings has been a common trend for many years, but it’s important to understand how to wear the stacked rings correctly. It typically involves paying attention to the number of rings, their designs, and your comfort. 

If your engagement ring is low profile, likely a shaped wedding band will look best. A solitaire or lifted stone may be able to accommodate a straight wedding band with a flush fit.

Determine the Number of Bands

It’s important to determine how many wedding bands you prefer, as this can influence your design. Some individuals prefer one wedding band, while others opt for two bands – one simple gold and one flashier.

Couples who choose to have two wedding bands each make this decision for various reasons. For instance, they want to protect their flashy ring for special occasions and use the simple one for everyday use. Others may choose two bands because one is a family heirloom passed down for generations, but it doesn’t reflect their style or lifestyle.

Take your time to figure out what you want from your wedding band before your initial consultation with the jeweler. Once you’ve figured that out, trust your jeweler to help you craft the ideal wedding bands celebrating the union between you and your significant other.

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