Finding wholesale gold jewelry suppliers can be somewhat tricky, especially if you want true wholesale prices. Having operated a small art and framing store in the past and currently a handmade jewelry business, I can tell you that you have to be very careful who you buy from when it comes to getting wholesale prices on any type of merchandise. Some suppliers bill themselves as “wholesalers” when they really are only selling factory seconds or lots that they have bought at true wholesale prices.

How to buy wholesale 18k gold jewelry online

Find a Good Wholesale Gold Jewelry Supplier

If you are looking for high-quality wholesale 18K gold jewelry online at attractive wholesale prices, is a great place to start your quest on getting straightforward answers about the wholesale diamond and gold jewelry.

You can check out some of the deals I found by scrolling down to the bottom. The company often has listings for wholesale lots, which means that you will have to buy jewelry in quantity. Having to buy 5 bracelets when you only want one defeats the purpose of getting cheap wholesale prices, though. If you want to re-sell the extras or all of it, you can get some great deals.

Play with Diamonds in Thailand has a tremendous track record in manufacturing and exporting premium quality wholesale 18k gold jewelry and diamond jewelry. The company distinguishes being one among very few manufacturers with high quality, best price, and on-time deliveries. offers an incredible selection of wholesale 18k gold jewelry in the latest styles and designs. Their vast experience and talented designers are trendsetters in wholesale jewelry.

Take advantage and buy wholesale jewelry directly from the source. Besides the wholesale 18k gold jewelry items you see on this page, they also offer body jewelry, rings, earrings, diamond jewelry, and other jewelry findings.

The company has rightly earned the position of being a reliable supplier to prominent international jewelry brands and retail stores. Their expansive production facility ensures that all orders are customized, manufactured, and delivered within the dedicated timeline.

They are also one of the preferred wholesale jewelry manufacturing companies, which design and cast jewel pieces with diamonds. The company not only customizes designs but also operates as trendsetters of bespoke jewels.

Glance through their comprehensive website is nothing short of a wholesale tool to identify your jewelry-related requirements. The active online support is dedicatedly available to address your inquiries and offer assistance.

Tips for Buying Wholesale Jewelry

If you do have a business, you should check out some of the merchandise stores online, like Play with Diamonds. You will find many good deals for wholesale 18k gold jewelry here.

Tips for Buying Wholesale Jewelry

Take note of the discounts they are willing to give you, what their terms (how you will pay) are, and also be aware that most wholesale companies require a minimum purchase. Sometimes you will have to make annual minimum purchases for them to keep you on their client list, also. Usually, the more you buy, the bigger your wholesale discount will be.

Before you buy wholesale jewelry, make sure it is true “wholesale” merchandise. Some companies call themselves “wholesalers” when actually all they have done is buy up factory seconds or extras, and they are selling it to you with a small mark-up.

Getting wholesale prices for individual jewelry pieces like a pair of Rose Gold Stud Diamonds Earrings or a Ruby Hand Charm will be very difficult. There are different rules in different states and different countries, so do your research, and also be aware that it will help in getting wholesale prices if you have a business.

Why Buy Wholesale Gold Jewelry Online?

Intelligent buyers know that everything happens for a reason. If you have landed here today, it is not because you are just looking for another wholesale gold jewelry to sink your money. In fact, much like I was before I discovered how to properly protect my assets, you are here because you’ve heard that we can provide educated answers, a rock bottom price, and fast FREE delivery without the hype and sales pressure.

You require a clear map with well-planned steps and solid guidance.

If you find buying wholesale 18k gold jewelry online confusing, you are not alone.

In fact, when I was first learning how the wholesale system ‘really’ worked and before I knew how to safely buy wholesale gold jewelry online the smart way, I had to take a deep breath and pray because the information seemed so overwhelming and complex.

If you are new to buying wholesale gold jewelry online, we are here to help. In the beginning, I, too, can remember how frustrated and confused I felt before I truly understood how to shop from wholesale gold jewelry suppliers, and I hope the information this website offers and the service we provide proves to be of great value to you.

Shop for Wholesale Jewelry

If you have been craving for jewelry lately, but have stepped back looking at the exuberantly expensive price tags on them, then here is the right solution for your problem. What you need is wholesale jewelry. Wholesale jewelry, like everything wholesale, is extremely cheap.

Why Buy Wholesale Gold Jewelry Online

These days every bulk jewelry supply dealer prefers to sell wholesale 18k gold jewelry. This is a convenient and most appropriate way of selling wholesale jewelry. Not only does the supplier benefit from this but also the buyer bags a great deal with such a purchase.

Wholesale purchasing is by far one of the most convenient and profitable forms of shopping when the requirement is big and frequent. While being highly cost-effective and appropriate, this wholesale shopping might also prove to be a daunting task, especially when it comes to shopping for gold jewelry. There are three most important aspects to consider before buying wholesale gold jewelry from a supplier.

  • Find Reliable Wholesale Dealer: The first and most important factor to consider is finding a reliable and certified wholesale gold jewelry supplier before making the purchase. Many times people forget to enquire about the credibility and history of the supplier while shopping. They only focus on the availability and quality of the product instead of the track record of the dealer. One must always verify the dealer’s reputation on the market before dealing with him. For this, buyers can use the internet and conduct thorough research on authentic and trustworthy bulk suppliers selling wholesale gold jewelry online.
  • Guard Against Fakes by Checking Product Descriptions: All gold jewelry articles and supplies display a hallmark stamp on them along with the quantity of pure gold used in making the piece. Thus, one must always check for the certified marking on the gold jewelry as many wholesale suppliers try to sell fake replicas of precious metals at the same price as the original. Alternatively, such artificial jewelry might also be priced at lucrative costs to allure customers. Thus, one must always be on guard and not get taken in by any such hoax offers and check for authentication seals.
  • Clarity: One must always buy wholesale 18k gold jewelry online through suppliers who offer 100% transparency regarding important factors such as their manufacturing processes, customer care services, pre, and post-sale facilities, terms and conditions, etc.

While buying wholesale 18k gold jewelry online could be a highly beneficial deal for regular buyers, it can also lead to great losses if approached ignorantly. Thus, one must always keep the above three tips in mind in order to steal the best possible deals on such purchases.

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