How to Accessorize With Jewelry
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Jewelry has been used to adorn both men and women for thousands of years. Be it a special occasion, wedding, or for the sake of style, both men and women alike appreciate jewelry’s importance as an essential accessory.

Your outfit will make a lasting impression on others if you pair it with the right piece of jewelry. Accessory choices, such as ties, jewelry, gloves, wrist watches, and shawls, are diverse. Incorporating the right accessory choices will make you stand out because of your unique style.

So, if you’re wondering what accessories to use, the answer is simple. It’s a way to make your modest outfit look classy and elegant.

Accessories of whichever kind, shoes, jewelry or handbags, are a style statement. They can be functional as well serving a practical need, but, at the same time, they effortlessly complement the rest of your look.

Jewelry has existed for as long as the human civilization. It has always served an extremely unique purpose— to enhance beauty.

Aesthetics is the core of fashion. Something that looks good stands out and makes an impression.

However, jewelry is more than just an accessory; it is sometimes used as a symbol of one’s emotions. For instance, gifting the Traditional Claddagh ring with diamond to propose to your other half is an expression of your commitment.

Similarly, the heirloom that your grandmother gave you is more than just a broach; it has a history behind it.

In other words, jewelry transcends time, preserves memories and emotions through generations like a time capsule. Because of this, a piece of jewelry signifies more than just an accessory; it is a repository for our memories, a vehicle for expressing our feelings, and a representation of who we are.

In addition to its versatility, it is often embellished with precious stones, diamonds, and pearls and made of shells, platinum, silver, and gold. 

Things you should consider before styling

You should take a few things into account when accessorizing with jewelry. The decision whether to accessorize or not to accessorize with jewelry depends on factors like the occasion, your own personal preferences, and the outfit.


The occasion you are going to defines what type of jewelry you’ll wear. It’s pretty obvious that you shouldn’t be wearing leather bracelets or a pearl necklace to an office meeting.

For example, if you’re going to an art exhibition, wearing dangling or chandelier earrings will be more appropriate than the studs. For a girl’s night out, wear funkier jewelry to make your outfit stand out.

Similarly, accessorizing with pearls or stones would be super weird if you are going to the bar.


The easiest way to pick the right jewelry piece is to contrast it with the colors of your outfit, or at least choose jewelry that compliments your outfit.

Have a white outfit? Silver jewelry with turquoise stones is a classic and elegant choice. As is wearing gold pieces with a black outfit.

Dangly earrings and bangles are pretty chic if you’re wearing a dress or a skirt. But, for jeans or shorts, wearing leather or simple metallic bracelets, stud earrings, or opera necklaces are perfect.

Face Structure

Jewelry looks different on different facial features. So, it’s best to choose jewelry that complement your facial features.

For example, a rounder face would beautifully set off a pendant or small piece earring. At the same time, a collar or matinee neckpiece would look absolutely gorgeous on an oval-shaped face.

But, if you feel like wearing any and every kind of jewelry and can carry it with confidence, go at it, girl! There’s no restriction.

Wrist Width

Wrist width is important when considering bracelets or bangles. For example, wearing large bangles or loopy bracelets may not be the best option if you have bony wrists.

In that case, a multi-strand bracelet is a good option, since its stretchiness can adjust to your wrist’s width.

Similarly, ring width matters too. Rings with narrower bands tend to give your hands a flattering look. However, wear large silver rings with sophisticated patterns if you’re wearing simple clothes like a turquoise dress.


Consider the outfit’s neckline. Not every necklace complements all types of necklines.

For instance, a choker would look horrible on a turtle neck. Instead, wear the choker with a sweetheart neckline.

A long chain or pendant would be more appropriate for the turtleneck. Similarly, for the square neckline, choose an angular necklace. Finally, a long-stranded bead necklace would look fantastic with the boat neckline.

Jewelry for Every Occasion

Every occasion calls for its own jewelry pieces. To assist you with choosing the right piece of jewelry, the following are a few more tips.

Everyday wear

You’re set for the day with a pair of studded earrings and pendants. Another daily accessory is the watch; the antique ones almost always complement everything.

If you feel like it, add a few rings to make your outfit pop. If you have a nose piercing, wearing a small nose ring once in a while can help you give that unique look.

Office wear

Choosing jewelry for the office depends on the kind of work you do. Like if you sit at a computer all day, bracelets and bangles are a no-go. A better choice would be experimenting with different earrings and outfits.

College wear

Make it funky. Go crazy with the rings. Wear large exotic pendants or fancy arm bracelets. Pair an opera neckpiece paired with a choker.

Party wear

An all-time favorite is the princess necklace. You can also take it a notch up by adding rings.

Formal wear

Elegance is key here. It’s all about the minimalist look with no more than two pieces of accessories. You can wear those fancy earrings or that beautiful necklace.

Final Words

When it comes to accessorizing moderation is key. Too much of a good thing can also be bad. If you’re wearing combinations or sets, make sure they complement your overall look, the clothes, shoes, and hair. Remember that you can slay any look you want with a little consideration and attention to detail.

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