Necklaces are a popular styling accessory. 

And they’re worth exploring. Even if you aren’t at the best of your look, statement jewelry would complete and complement your looks. If you haven’t refreshed your collection for a decade, it is time for you to shuffle some finest options. 

Here are some popular styling choices you can play with.

1. Pearl Necklace

Pearls could be one of the fantastic options for a basic dress up. Whether you’re eyeing for a modern look, a contemporary one, or you want it to be reminiscent of another era, these gorgeous pieces will look spectacular on just about anything. I most probably would like to go with a black dress. 

A sleeveless black wrap dress could be classy and fabulous. But you can go with whites depending upon your mood and occasion. A pearl necklace mixed with gemstones, or a charming layered pearl necklace would definitely go great. And you can look at these tips to fulfill your desire.

2. Pendant Necklace

Looking for something dainty and still priceless? A pendant necklace wouldn’t dare to surprise with its simplicity and appeal. You can wear them with one piece outfits or layer them elegantly with fancy lineups. These heart necklaces can be worn on a casual meetup to even a corporate meet. You can anticipate a round of accolades on the way. I would recommend giving the Jewelry District collection a shot.

3. Vintage Necklace

A vintage necklace would add an extra bit of brightness and vibrance to any dress. Even if you don’t have something ravishing in your wardrobe, this piece is sure to generate interest and stay true to your personality. You would certainly have that feeling from inside – to be special. A green emerald or a chunk crystal necklace will look amazing for a dreamy ensemble.

4. Beach Necklace

On a vacation, a clamshell necklace or beaded jewelry with shells is a wonderful choice to cover your neckline. They will look adorable to wear with a casual trouser and blouse. For something whimsical, you can pair them up with a breezy outfit to get surprises on the way. I personally admit my love for these super cute necklaces. A gala necklace with gems is one of my go to options. And you probably love them for one simple reason, they never go out of trend.

5. Link Necklace

You have the liberty to be playful and go beyond the ordinary. Link Necklaces are the prettiest and naturally beautiful picks. These necklaces have dozens of relatable choices to fit your personality, styling sense and outfit. I truly admire the cuban link necklace which adds the right amount of sparkle to any monotonous outfit. You can wear them on an evening cocktail, or on a romantic dinner date with any dress of your choice.

6. Mob Necklace

I’m in love with mob necklaces. A mob necklace with gems is something every girl will find astonishing. These wonderful pieces remind me of luxury which matches the vibes of any grand event. Wearing this necklace with any outfit will take it to another level. It will certainly add a pop of colors and richness to your style. If you’re eyeing to kill with your looks, just go grab it now.

7. Lariat Necklace

If you’re one of those who love to highlight a different aspect of their personality every time they go in a different style, Lariat is making a hype lately in jewelry trends. This lariat necklace would be a bold option to step out of your feminine touch. If you’re looking for a style upgrade, these would be the chic option to give your style statement a wholly new take.

To sum it up, jewelry may or may not feel the best at times. It is essential to keep experimenting to find that statement that really reflects “You” and “Your Style”.

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