What to Know About Opal Jewelry

Formation of Opal

Opal is the formation of hydrated silica that includes 6-10% of water, and this silicon presence is responsible for its attractive color. In addition, water retention is a clear indication of dryness which reacts with the warm environment.

The Highest Abundance of Opal Jewelry

Australian opals the considered as the highest quality gemstones in the world. Basically, 95% of opals come from these three regions, South Australia, New South Wales, and Queensland. And other countries, including the United States, Peru, Ethiopia, Hungary, Brazil, and Nicaragua.

Blessing For October Babies

October babies are blessed enough to have opal jewelry as their birthstone. Wearing it on an everyday basis ensures the attributes of purity, confidence, and hope in an individual. The shimmery play in the opalescence of this gem makes it a lucky gemstone for your growth.

Opal Jewelry

Color of Opals

As a matter of fact, the most valuable and rare category of opal is the black. But still, the beauty in other shades of this gem be it, red, violet, orange, and green make the best selection for your wholesale opal jewelry collection. The intensity of fire and colors makes it look even more valuable when worn in an opal necklace. However, despite having playfulness in shades, the brilliance, pattern, and categories determine its worth.

Value of Opal

The most demanding opal category is common and precious, which are known to be the widest sought-after varieties. And they have the toughness rank of 5.5-6.5 on the Mohs scale, which signifies a little more caring when carrying on an everyday basis. But looks excellent for evening and day outs. In fact, some of its high-quality opals are often compared with the value of diamonds and emeralds.

Treatments in Opal

Opals are purposely left in their natural form to enhance their appearance. However, in some cases, the basic treatments have the smoke process and fracture filling, which is often implied to brighten or darken the stone. And to be precise, the intense and vivid color play usually comes expensive. And if you have the craze for rainbow pieces, then boulder opals showcase the multicolors in one gem.

Treatments in Opal

The Artistic Appeal of Opal

The artists and creative writers are in awe of the beauty of opals. And created the beautiful designs out of this gem to display their aesthetic appeal in the most interesting way. The accurate origin of opal is not clarified, but ancient civilization has given it the name opalus, which means a precious gem.

Common Categories of Opals

Here is the list of opals that are high in demand:

  • White Opal: This opal variety has a white background, thus differing from transparent to translucent.
  • Black Opal: This variety of opal has a black backdrop with the highlight of yellow, red, and orange colors. And includes no opalescence.
  • Boulder and Matrix Opal: This category of opal has vein structures. And these veins significantly represent its individuality from any other variety.
  • Water Opal: These opals show no color and have a softer outlook. However, this characteristic makes it look minimal in opal jewelry.
  • Dendritic or Moss Opal: This variety of opal displays moss patterns, which are iron inclusions. Moreover, these designs appear like wooden landscapes, thus called landscape opals.

Where to Buy?

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