List of Wedding Anniversary Gemstones

If your anniversary is coming up, and you’re struggling with what to get your spouse, this article is for you. The beginning of every great marriage includes a set of wedding bands. It shouldn’t be a surprise then that jewelry is the most common gift for wedding anniversaries. In fact, each year is represented by a specific gemstone or metal.

Wedding Anniversary Gemstones
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Find out the right anniversary stones and metals by year using our wedding anniversary jewelry guide.

1st Anniversary – Gold Jewelry

Anniversary - Gold Jewelry
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The first year of marriage goes by in a heartbeat. The honeymoon stage thrives off of love and little else. Money might be tight as finances are recharged after the wedding, but this is no excuse to skip the first-anniversary gift. The traditional metal option is gold, making gift options cost-effective and versatile. If money is extremely tight, consider getting your gold wedding bands engraved.

Alternate: Peridot

2nd Anniversary – Garnet

Anniversary - Garnet
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Anniversary stones are intentional, which is why the stone for the second year of marriage is another cost-effective one. Garnet is often underrated since it is widely available, but don’t doubt its beauty. This enchanting anniversary stone will add romance to any second anniversary.

3rd Anniversary – Pearls

Anniversary Gemstones
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A classic strand of pearls is as classic as a little black dress. If your significant other doesn’t own a simple pearl necklace yet, the third wedding anniversary is the perfect opportunity. If you’re shopping for a man but still want to go by this list, consider the inlaid mother of pearl. Mother of pearl is available as an accent on everything from flasks to ballpoint pens.

Alternate: Jade

4th Anniversary – Blue Topaz

Anniversary - Blue Topaz
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Blue topaz is a stone of intimacy and affection. Due to modern gemstone enhancements, there are a wide variety of blue shades available like sky blue, London blue, and swiss blue. Because Topaz is considered durable, any piece of blue topaz jewelry will last for decades to come.

Alternate: ​Blue Zircon

5th Anniversary – Sapphire

Anniversary - Sapphire
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The five-year anniversary is the first benchmarker for any marriage, which is why this is where we see the first precious gemstone on the list. At this stage, an anniversary band could be a welcomed addition that your spouse would wear in addition to their wedding set. Since large sapphires can rival the cost of diamonds, opting for smaller set sapphires in a band will also save you a lot of money.

Alternate: Pink Tourmaline

6th Anniversary – Amethyst

Anniversary - Amethyst
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While amethyst is beautiful, some might find that the deep purple tones don’t look great against their skin tone. If that’s the case, opt for a softer lesser-known green amethyst variety. Green amethyst is more expensive than purple amethyst, but both are considered affordable gemstones.

Alternate: Turquoise

7th Anniversary – Onyx

Anniversary - Onyx
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Bless your lucky seven-year anniversary with some onyx. Onyx is an opaque black stone that can be transformed into any style of jewelry imaginable. Antique onyx offers an heirloom feel whereas modern onyx keeps up with the latest trends in jewelry. Regardless of the style, the sleek black stone will become a staple in your spouse’s jewelry box.

Alternates: Yellow Sapphire, Golden Beryl

8th Anniversary – Tourmaline

Anniversary - Tourmaline
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Tourmaline is a stone that’s hard not to love, probably because it comes in so many colors. There is a rainbow to choose from when shopping for a tourmaline, many of which you may even find in a single stone. Despite its popularity, this stone is still not as widely known as others. Learn more about this eighth-anniversary gemstone.

Alternate: Tanzanite

9th Anniversary – Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli
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Lapis lazuli is a healing stone used by many in meditation and chakra practices. Its celestial nature is often associated with wisdom and intuition which are two characteristics that would be welcomed into any marriage. Though many lapis jewelry pieces will have a bohemian style, more modern designers are incorporating this deep blue stone into their designs.

Alternates: Amethyst, Green Spinel

10th Anniversary – Diamond Jewelry

Diamond Jewelry
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Congratulations! You made it to your 10th wedding anniversary. Now’s the perfect time to bring your relationship full circle with another diamond addition. This doesn’t have to be in the form of an anniversary band. Try to think outside the box. A piece of jewelry that your spouse would wear most often would be best — perhaps a pair of diamond stud earrings or a pendant necklace?

Alternate: Blue Sapphire

11th – 20th Anniversary Stones

Anniversary Gemstones
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11th Anniversary – Turquoise

Did you know there is more than just South Western style turquoise with all the veining? Seek out antique Persian Turquoise pieces for an heirloom-quality piece of jewelry.

Alternates: Citrine, Yellow Zircon

12th Anniversary – Jade

Jade comes in two forms, the less expensive nephrite, and the more expensive jadeite version. Jade is most prized when it is has a translucent and consistent shade of rich emerald green.

Alternate: Opal

13th Anniversary – Citrine

If you’ve always loved the color yellow, citrine might be the prettiest yellow gemstone option on the market. Its soft glow and wonderful clarity make this stone an exceptional anniversary gift option.

Alternates: Moonstone, Hawk’s Eye

14th Anniversary – Opal

While opal is fragile, it is worth the extra care to keep it in good condition. Why? Because it is one of the most enchanting gemstones available. It’s a myth that you should only give opal as a gift, but why not?

Alternates: Agate, Bloodstone

15th Anniversary – Ruby

You’ll notice that all the important anniversaries are accompanied by an equally important anniversary stone or metal. The 15th wedding anniversary is linked with none other than precious ruby.

Alternates: Rhodolite Garnet, Alexandrite

16th Anniversary – Peridot (evening emerald)

Peridot is both the birthstone of August and the anniversary stone for the 16th wedding anniversary. Don’t underestimate the beauty of peridot, even if the lime green initially isn’t your taste.

Seek out a deeper, more olive shade for a nice alternative.

Alternate: Red Spinel

17th Anniversary – Watches

Not everything on the anniversary stone’s list is directly connected to gemstones. For the 17th anniversary, treat your spouse to a nice watch (with a jeweled movement).

Alternate: Carnelian

18th Anniversary – Cat’s Eye or Chrysoberyl

Cat’s eye isn’t a common gemstone by any means, but it is one that you’ll love if you love star sapphires or rubies.

Alternate: Aquamarine

19th Anniversary – Aquamarine

Aquamarine has been a favorite among jewelry collectors for centuries. The soft ocean-like tones have guided sailors across turbulent seas and have been calmness and forgiveness.

Alternate: Almandine Garnet

20th Anniversary – Emerald

Like the other precious gemstones on this list, the emerald makes an appearance more than once. Based on that, it’s safe to say it’s wise to own more than one piece of emerald jewelry. We’re not complaining.

Alternate: Yellow or Golden Diamond

21st – 30th Anniversary Stones

21st - 30th Anniversary Stones
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If you’ve made it this far, your marriage has withstood the test of time and hopefully collected some unique gemstone specimens along the way. Get creative with some of these less common gemstones for the third decade of your marriage.

21st Anniversary – Iolite

22nd Anniversary – Spinel

23rd Anniversary – Imperial Topaz

24th Anniversary – Tanzanite

25th Anniversary – Silver Jubilee
Alternates: Tsavorite, Green Garnet

30th Anniversary – Pearl Jubilee

35th – 55th Anniversary Stones

35th - 55th Anniversary Stones
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At this point in your marriage, this list celebrates milestones further and further apart, but on the anniversaries that are listed, the gemstones are rarer and in effect, more expensive. We’ll see the reappearance of precious gemstones and even get a look at alexandrite for the 55th wedding anniversary.

35th Anniversary – Emerald

40th Anniversary – Ruby

45th Anniversary – Sapphire
Alternate: Cat’s Eye

50th Anniversary – Golden Jubilee
Alternate: Imperial or Golden Topaz

55th Anniversary – Alexandrite

60th – 80th Anniversary Stones

60th - 80th Anniversary Stones
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These anniversaries are rare which is why they are each accompanied with a coined gemstone phrase. Make sure these pieces of jewelry are special and heirloom-worthy, a celebration of ​a marriage that can be passed down for many generations.

60th Anniversary – Diamond Jubilee
Alternate: Star Ruby

65th Anniversary – Blue Spinel

70th Anniversary – Sapphire Jubilee
Alternate: Smoky Quartz

75th Anniversary – Diamond Jubilee

80th Anniversary – Ruby Jubilee

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