Sapphires are one among the most precious gemstones of the world. The sapphire gemstone is extremely rare and its rarity makes it expensive. It is also the second hardest gemstone, second only to the diamond. It scores an impressive 9 out of 10 on the Moh’s scale of hardness. Sapphires are from the corundum family of stones and consist of aluminum oxide. Sapphires come in various qualities and colors ranging from white to blue, green, pink, orange and multicolored.

But new buyers can easily get confused on what gemstone to opt for their next fashion jewelry and how to choose the perfect one. Read along to get an idea of what sapphires are and how to choose your sapphire from the choices available.

Understanding the Sapphire Colors

Among all the colors, blue is the most recognized and appreciated of all sapphires. Sweden Princess is the lightest of all blues while Navy & Black is the darkest shade. But if you are looking for the most classy and expensive sapphire, it is the Regal Blue (royal blue) color sapphires.

Camelot & Commodore are a shade lighter than the Regal Blue but will not burden your pocket.

You can also be experimental with colors as well. Pink sapphires have become popular recently and may suit your style. Padparadscha is another rare color sapphire variety that combines orange and pink color and is an extremely rare and expensive piece.

Consider the Hue

Blue sapphires can often be immaculate blue, or they can be tinted in green or purple. Pure blues are the most expensive with light violet tints following close. All solid purples and greens are the most unwanted and undesirable sapphires.

Look at the Transparency

You should never overlook a sapphire’s transparency. If it is more transparent, it is more expensive as well. Transparent and semi-transparent stones will reflect light and look incredible while opaque stones will draw less attention.

Origin of the Stone

Sapphires are present everywhere, but the most expensive ones come from Ceylon, Kashmir. Burma and Mogok. Sapphires from Ceylon are priced well. Kashmiri sapphires are considered the highest-grade stones because of their clarity and quality. It is important that you consider the origin of the stone before you decide to purchase it.

Look at its Cuts

The cuts on a sapphire define its quality. Cuts aren’t the shape of the stone but it’s the number of facets on the stone. These facets enable room for more light reflections and refractions. A deep cut sapphire is better for shading.


A sapphire is also rated on the amount of inclusions and cracks inside a stone. More inclusions make the stone more expensive. Expect blue sapphires to have more inclusions. Inclusions are a sign that the stone is untreated and unheated.

Gemstone Certification

It is not a very big problem if you do not understand how to study stones and can’t decide on what sapphire is good quality and rare. In such a case, make sure you buy a stone that is certified from an independent and established gem-lab. If you can find a stone that is certified by an established government body, that is something you should buy.

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