Opal jewelry is truly unique. No two stones are equal and have as complex color bursts are often difficult to describe.

Opal Essence

Where do they come?

Most of the parts are from the market in Australia. The White Cliffs first mine began operations in late 1800. Other notable Australian mines are Andamooka, Coober Peddy and Lightning Ridge. More recently, the deposits have been discovered in Central and South America, Australia, but remains the largest supplier.

Why is it so sensitive?

These gems are known for their delicate nature. The reason for this is its chemical composition. The stone in (opal ring) is sedimentary. When water passes through silicate filling the tanks of silicates and gems grow from that in the nooks and crannies of the channel of rivers and caves.

Opal jewelry

The spheres of silicates are causing glorious light diffraction, in every stone. However, the water is what makes it so delicate. These jewelry-grade jewelry containing between 6 and 10% water, while others can have up to 20%. This makes them extremely soft.

How to care for and clean

As mentioned above, the stones in an (opal bracelet) are very delicate, so care must be taken when using it. On the Mohs scale, these stones average about 6, which means they can be chipped, scratched and broken quite easily. Instead of soaking, it will absorb the liquid, simply clean the stones with a soft, damp cloth. Storage, protection from harder stones and make sure they have enough moisture in the air to prevent drying.

Varieties to choose

There are stones showing bold colors of fire as the black variety created in volcanic ash. Others are cool and quiet as the whites. Some varieties are created with layers of opal and other colored stones to create texture and a more dramatic play of light. Still, yet, some gems are removed with his bedrock. These are kept in asymmetric forms of unique pieces of jewelry.

Opal Rings

Special occasions

The (birthstone opal) celebrates the month of October. It is also commemorating the 14th wedding anniversary. Because of its unique qualities and delicate, this gem also makes a wonderful family heirloom. A wedding gift passed from mother to daughter, a sweet sixteen gift or just as a gift from an estate. With proper care, these gems can last over time and be enjoyed by generations.

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