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The Colors of Amber – What Color is Amber?

An amber jewel is generally of the orange and yellow colors. Although these are the most common and most popular colors, the amber gems come in many different colors. The colors of amber range from a green color to a honey color. These gems are best when they are used in jewelry. They can be used in all different types of amber jewelry. Whether you are a fan of the necklaces or a fan of wearing rings, you will be able to find a piece of jewelry you like.

The mysteries of Amber

There is no doubt in a fact that the mysteries of amber have remained to be unrelieved for thousands of years. Initially, it was just known as a bright yellow colored gem that could make any jewelry piece look beautiful. It was in the 21st century that the gem becomes most popular and people started to actually wear it more then they loved wearing diamonds. Today Amber is sold at most affordable prices all over the world, and for a gemstone lover, it is a must-have.

Baltic Amber FAQ
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The origins of amber

If you are interested to learn about the origins of amber you have actually clicked on the right link. This content will help you know all that you can about the origins of the amber gemstone in great detail, therefore without further ado I must start off by telling you that the amber stone got its name from various words which include “ambre” from Middle English, “ambra” from Medieval Latin and “anbar” from Arabic. However, there is much more to the origins of amber then its name, and we must have a detailed look at it.

origins of amber

Amber jewelry FAQ

Amber is one of the most demanded semi-precious stone that is available in different shades of yellow. In recent years there has been great growth in the market of amber jewelry as more and more people have started to realize its actual worth. However, there are most of us who have lots of queries regarding the amber jewelry since most of us are unaware of the actual properties of the amber jewelry and you will be glad to know that this article will help you know some of the genuine amber jewelry FAQ.

Beautiful Amber Jewelry

Amber jewelry is definitely very beautiful and unique; it is made in different styles and designs with the amber gemstones. The amber gemstones that are being used to make beautiful and trendy jewelry today are more than 30 to 90 millions years old. It is said that the more antique the amber gemstone is the more enhanced beauty is possesses.

Amber Jewelry

Extraction of Amber and its use in jewelry

Amber jewelry is considered to be used by ancient man millions of years ago. It is a fossilized tree resin which is well appreciated for its appearance, softness, and natural beauty during Neolithic times. Amber is utilized in different ways and is used in perfumes, as part of jewelry and is considered to be a great healing agent for folk medicine. Generally, there are five classes that have been categorized depending upon the chemical properties and their appearances.

Taking Care of Jewelry

Jewelry is of different kinds and is made from different metals, stones, and materials. When it comes to taking care of your amber jewelry, the first important step to know is how susceptible your jewelry is to chemical products and scratches. The less hard your jewelry is, the more prone it would be to scratches, etc. The hardness of jewelry is measured according to a gem-trade standard known as the Mohs scale. A higher Mohs scale number means more hardness.

Taking Care of Jewelry

Necklace Jewelry The Best Gift

How many women have not dreamed of getting a necklace as a present from their loved one? It is difficult not to dream about it. Indeed, women, in general, consider amber necklace jewelry the best gift that they could possibly get. It is a token of love, appreciation, and respect. It may symbolize so many things that it is only offered on special occasions and to special people.

Bracelet Jewelry

Bracelet jewelry is one of the most appreciated pieces of jewelry ever. Both women and men enjoy wearing all types of bracelets around their wrists. Sometimes they came in the same set with earrings, a necklace, and a ring while other times they are purchased separately. It is one of the most versatile and functional accessories that you may choose to wear.

Earrings For Your Lady

Finding the right earrings for your lady is not a simple task. Women earrings can be bought in many different shapes and styles, either online or in jewelry stores. If you know what exactly you are looking for, it should not be difficult to make your choice.

Attractive amber stones and their colors

If you are looking out for a stone which will enhance your beauty and also enhances your appearance, you must then lookout for products which are obtained from Amber stone. Amber stone is a naturally occurring stone which is formed by the fossilized resin which is obtained from trees. According to history, Amber was discovered early in the 4th century B.C. But, amber was much recognized during the Neolithic times where the stone was extensively used as jewelry.

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Price Difference for Amber Jewels

Jewelry is very common, and they are of the best choices to give you that special look. Are you planning to go for one form of an outing or the other? Then it won’t be a bad idea if you go for amber jewelry. You will love the feel of it at the end of the day.

Choosing Amber Rings

Amber stone is considered as one of the natural mineral rock that is available on Earth. The formation of amber stone dates backs to millions of years ago where resin from trees which has been fossilized. This particular stone has attained good recognition in recent years due to its softness and natural beauty.

Jewelry Maintenance

It is very important for a person to know the facts about cleaning their jewelry in order to maintain its originality. Apart from this, cleaning will also maintain its charm and will retain the beauty of the amber stone. If at all there is a brokerage that has occurred due to different reasons such as misplacement of the jewelry artifact or accident etc.

How old is amber stone?

Many people may not have come across the amber stone. Baltic amber stone is a naturally occurring mineral that is obtained from resin that generally oozes out of a tree. The formation is dated back to millions of years ago where the resin has compressed its structure due to time and changing weather affects, which has made it hard. Discovery of amber stone is dated back to early fourth century BC.

Jewelry For Men

There has been an increase in the number of people who are now opting to wear jewelry. Irrespective of sex, there has been a great increase in demand in jewelry involving unisex designs. Since ages as a woman were entitled to wear jewelry, it has become a ritual that females are the only one who is allowed to wear jewelry. But, there has been a change in this particular aspect as many men are now found to wear jewelry.


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