Good looks are of the essence, especially in today’s age of selfies where capturing the moment overshadows the importance of living it. The constant urge to look more attractive is a good thing. It keeps you lively, gets you compliments, and empowers your self-confidence and whatnot. That’s why women keep experimenting with their looks. But merely experimenting with the looks isn’t enough, you need the right accessory to up the stakes.

A pair of tanzanite earrings is one such accessory that can dramatically contribute to your aesthetic beauty. Tanzanite earrings are a cut above the rest in many ways. In this article, I will tell you why tanzanite earrings are perfect for you and how you can better flaunt your style with them.

Flaunt Your Style With Sparkling Tanzanite Earrings

Let’s Start With The Gemstone

Tanzanite is a pretty charming gemstone. The lush blue color of tanzanite is so appealing that you just can’t take your eyes off the gemstone. Tanzanite is a hugely coveted gemstone due to its vivid blue and purple colors, impressive hardness, and rarity that’s beyond comparison. The gemstone scores 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness, which might make you question whether you can wear a pair of earrings embellished with this gemstone every day. Well, without any doubt, you can wear your tanzanite earrings every day.

Tanzanite Earrings Natural Tanzanite Oval Stud Earrings

The gemstone is undoubtedly durable enough to be worn in a jewelry piece meant for everyday wear. And as earrings are low-contact jewelry, tanzanite is a great choice for them. One more reason why you should choose tanzanite gemstone for your earrings is because of the gemstone’s rarity. Tanzanite is a thousand times rarer than diamonds. The gemstone is only found in one place in the world, Tanzania.

Many people believe that the mines in Tanzania could deplete within a few decades. So, if you’re looking for a rare centerstone for your earrings, tanzanite is the one for you.

Make a Promise of Love with Tanzanite Jewelry

Fashioning The Centerstones

Since tanzanite is a pleochroic gemstone, the gem’s overall face-up color entirely depends on the cut. Therefore, the cut of the gemstone plays an important role. Is there any specific cut that tickles your fancy? If yes, you should definitely go for it. You can fashion the centerstones of your earrings in the shape of your liking. If you want to experiment with the cut of your centerstones, you can choose the emerald cut. While choosing a cut, make sure that the gemstone has perfect symmetry.

Picking A Setting

The setting of your earrings can either work wonders for you or downplay the beauty of the earrings. That’s why it’s the most important thing to mull over beforehand. To better flaunt your style with tanzanite studs earrings, you need to make sure that the setting of your earrings compliments your facial features instead of downplaying them. While tanzanite earrings look good in all setting styles, still, it’s the shape of your face that needs to be your prime focus.

Tanzanite Earrings Picking A Setting

For instance, if you have a round face, a pair of dangle earrings will effortlessly amplify the beauty of your face like nothing else does. Likewise, chandelier earrings are what you should opt for if you have a rectangular face. The shape of your face matters a lot.

Choosing A Metal

While choosing a metal for your tanzanite earrings, make sure you choose the one that’s comfortable on your skin. Metal should always be a personal choice because certain metal types can cause skin allergies. This aspect of your tanzanite earrings should not be influenced by fashion trends.

Tanzanite Earrings Choosing A Metal

Complement With Other Jewelry

If you complement your earrings, they’ll look even more beautiful on you. While complementing your earrings with other jewelry, keep your earrings your focal point. There are so many ways in which you can complement your earrings. For instance, you can pair your earrings with a necklace or a bracelet. Choosing a necklace that goes well with your earrings can profoundly add to the oomph of your look. But make sure that your chosen necklace doesn’t outshine your earrings.

Wearing a minimalist bracelet of the same color as your tanzanite earrings is also an admirable way of elevating the ensemble. Sporting too much jewelry the right way depends entirely on your confidence. The multiple glitzy jewelry pieces that you’re wearing will surely put you in the spotlight wherever you go. So, it all depends on how you carry them. It’s substantial to look beautiful, but looking beautiful and feeling confident about your ensemble is an altogether different feeling that can make you the queen of your dreams.

Tanzanite Earrings: Complement With Other Jewelry

Hair Should Be On Point

You can’t flaunt your style with a pair of tanzanite earrings if you’re wearing your hair down, can you? The way you do your hair matters a lot when you’re wearing a pair of earrings. If you’re wearing dangle earrings, a short hairstyle will keep your earrings in the limelight. Because dangle earrings make a bold statement, they should be sported with a hairstyle that doesn’t come between them and the beholders. You can even sweep your hair back into a bun for a decent look. Similarly, if you’re wearing studs, the best way to style your hair is by sweeping them in an updo.

Tanzanite Stud Earrings

Deciding On An Outfit

No matter how ritzy your jewelry is, if you don’t coordinate it with your outfit, the attempt will go in vain. V-neck or boat-neck dresses look far better with earrings as compared to others. If you’re going on a dinner date with the love of your life, pairing a dark-colored V-neck gown with your tanzanite earrings is your best bet. If it’s a party that you need to attend, you can wear a white linen boho dress with your tanzanite earrings.

As I earlier said, tanzanite earrings are a cut above the rest in many ways. The reason you can better show your style with a pair of tanzanite earrings is because of their appealing color that goes well with numerous setting styles, gemstone cuts, hairstyles and outfits. With just a little bit of effort, you can be the style queen you always dreamt of being. But remember, your comfort and confidence are the essence of your look. If you’re not comfortable or confident with your look, nothing will work for you. On the other hand, if you’re feeling both comfortable and confident, you’ll effortlessly slay wherever you go.

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