Ethical Diamond Jewelry

The modern woman loves her freedom, embraces the spirit of independence, and is willing to break the rules in her quest for style. But diamonds are still her BFF. And rightfully so.

Diamonds are timeless jewels that have long been a part of the glittering fashion world. As ethical luxury and style become alluring trends of the new era, eco-friendly lab grown diamonds promise a never ending sparkle.  

Today, women worldwide are more conscious of buying diamond jewelry. Given the criticism leveled at the diamond mining industry for environmental damage and human rights violations within the past decades, the preference is shifting to lab produced sustainable diamonds with the same sparkle and glitter as mined stones.

Based in New York, Friendly diamonds is an online jewelry brand dedicated to promoting a sustainable and environmentally friendly jewelry industry. The company promotes positive change without compromising quality by integrating ecologically friendly, cutting-edge gem production technology with stunning designs at affordable prices.

The brand’s online platform provides consumers with a comprehensive jewelry purchasing experience, allowing them to design jewelry, making the purchase a memorable one.

Here are some of the lovely jewelry items offered by Friendly Diamonds.

Diamond Rings

A diamond ring is considered a symbol of never-ending love. Whether you choose a ring for yourself or for an engagement with your partner, a diamond ring should represent your taste, style, and personality.

Friendly Diamonds offers a wide range of options where you can design your ring according to your liking. You can choose a lab diamond, any fancy shape you desire, and choose from a range of choicest engagement ring settings you want, and finish your design by selecting the metal color.

While doing so, if you’re confused or stuck, you can book a virtual appointment and have a one-to-one video consultation with a jewelry expert to learn more about the products you plan on purchasing.

Solitaire Diamond Ring

This solitaire ring is a perfect display of classic elegance. The design features a sparkling round stone elegantly held by four petite prongs that give maximum light and sparkle to the gem. The ring’s metal band is so sleek that it’d gently hug your finger if you were to wear it.

Solitaire Diamond Ring

Diamond Pendants

Pendants feature a single stone with a gleaming metal chain that gives your neckline a stunning appeal. Well crafted lab diamond pendants are traditional and highlight elegance in their purest form, representing the wearer’s personality.

Lucida Lab Diamond Pendant

A magnificent princess cut diamond sits amid four prongs in this Lucida Pendant. A delicate bail studded with exquisite pave set diamonds holds the stone in place. The Yellow gold chain is threaded through the bail’s loop, allowing the pendant to dangle beautifully.

Lucida Lab Diamond Pendant

Stud Earrings

A pair of diamond studded earrings are a timeless accessory that adds a traditional yet modern, sophisticated charm to a woman’s overall outfit. It’s the perfect addition to any ensemble because of its reputation as an enduring classic.

Pear Shaped Stud Earrings

This cute pair of diamond stud earrings have a three prong basket that holds the pear shaped diamond in place and shows off the stone’s lovely form from all angles.

Pear Shaped Stud Earrings

Eternity Rings

Many women choose an eternity band as their wedding band to symbolize eternity and eternal love. It is now prevalent among married women as a wedding band and matches well when stacked with engagement rings of different designs.

Oval Shaped Diamond Eternity Band

This stunning diamond eternity band has oval diamonds set on delicately carved shared prongs to accentuate their radiance and elegance. The band matches perfectly well when attending a party or dinner date.

Friendly Diamonds offers you a wide range of more than 200 jewelry products. With so many options, you’re sure to find eco-friendly jewelry pieces that perfectly match your style and are within your budget.

So go ahead and design with style!

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