Another year, another wedding season will be here before we know it. Get ready because according to The Knot, the U.S. is estimated to have at least 2.6 million couples throwing weddings in 2022. Whether you’re proposing to the love of your life or just plan on attending a couple of weddings this year, there are so many exciting new engagement trends on the horizon. From timeless wedding and engagement rings to bright wedding colors, we’ve come up with a list of the top eight engagement trends you’ll see this year.

8 Engagement Trends You'll See This Year
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  1. Oval Shaped Rings — From rubies to diamonds, oval engagement rings will be one of the hottest engagement trends for this year. Oval shaped diamonds and other gems work well with a variety of ring settings, including three stone and pavé. Oval shaped rings are ideal for anyone who appreciates a classic look with just enough of a unique character to them. They’re trendier compared to a marquise or pear while still feeling fresh and feminine. Another reason why oval diamond rings are so popular? The flattering elongated shape of the oval makes it look bigger than the actual carat size, so if you’re getting your loved one a lower carat diamond, consider an oval shaped ring.
  2. Simple Solitaire Rings — You can never go wrong with simple solitaire rings. These classic engagement rings feature one center gemstone. It’s usually one diamond with a plain band and no pavé diamond. When you think of the quintessential engagement ring, you probably picture the simple solitaire engagement ring. This ring style is extremely versatile. You can keep the minimalist theme with both the simple engagement ring and a simple wedding band. You can have a contrasting detailed wedding band with the ring. You can go for unique and out-of-the-box wedding bands. No matter what you choose, the center stone takes the stage with this type of engagement ring, so make sure you’re choosing a diamond or other high-quality gemstone.
  3. Yellow Gold Engagement Rings — The same way that simple solitaire rings conjure up images of the quintessential engagement ring, there’s nothing more classic than the yellow gold engagement ring. Even though it’s a classic, we’re seeing a resurgence of yellow gold engagement rings this year. Part of the reason why yellow gold engagement rings are becoming so popular again is that they easily pair with other minimalist gold jewelry like hoop earrings and other stackable gold rings.
  4. Contemporary Wedding Attire — This year is all about contemporary individuality. Couples are making their own rules and letting go of traditional wedding expectations. Brides don’t have to wear big puffy white gowns. Brides don’t even have to wear dresses. Couples can wear outfits that you’d normally wear to Comic-Con. They can wear anything from leather to feathers. You may even see couples outfitted from the same haute couture you’d see from quirky celebrities.
  5. Cozy Weddings — Cozy weddings are being redefined. A wedding may be so cozy that they’re streamed online or recorded and sent to guests who couldn’t make it in person. Intimate weddings are perfect for rustic-themed weddings. Cozy weddings are great if you plan to have a wedding that incorporates nature, such as country-style weddings. Have your guests take part in the ceremony by having everyone get candles or sand. There’s a way for everyone to participate if you’re doing a smaller ceremony.
    Engagement Trends You'll See This Year: Cozy Weddings
  6. Eco-Friendly Weddings — Couples are asking themselves if their wedding decor can be reused or repurposed after the wedding. If you’re not sure, work with a wedding planner who is familiar with eco-friendly weddings. They’re able to suggest alternatives such as natural floral arrangements or reusable glass. You may also want to consider the venue you’re hosting at and if they support recycling and composting. Ask your vendors about their sustainability initiatives. One easy way to make your wedding a little more eco-friendly is to not print physical invites. Send a digital invite instead. If you love the old-school look of paper invites, then try an alternative like seed paper.
  7. Themed Weddings — Say goodbye to that stuffy old wedding vibe. This year, we’re going to see plenty of fun-themed weddings. You’ll see anything from masquerades to circus-themed weddings. Couples are getting inspired by their favorite shows like Bridgerton, so expect to see the British drama-inspired Prussian blue colors with bows aplenty. If you have any Halloween costumes still hanging in your closet, it looks like they may get a second life for weddings this year. Couples are dancing the night away at their disco-themed wedding. Bridal parties are getting glitzy and glamorous at Old Hollywood-style weddings. Giddy up because you may even find yourself at a western rodeo rehearsal dinner party.
    Themed Weddings
  8. Monochromatic Flowers — From the wedding bouquet to wallpaper accents, you’re going to see monochromatic flowers everywhere. Wallpaper accents will usually be found as a scene behind a wedding band or as a backdrop to the bride or groom’s grand entrance. You’ll see hanging florals in one color as well for decor.

We hope this list inspires you for your wedding, whether it be your own or as a guest who can help the happy couple with some ideas for their wedding. Now that you know what to wear and what to expect for weddings this year, all you need now are your dancing shoes.

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