Tired of remembering your previous marriage due to a ring around your finger or in a jewelry box on your dresser? Divorce tends to leave people with a lot of loose ends, including a ring or two.

Weddings rings are a symbol of commitment and love, so when it doesn’t work out you might not want that reminder on hand. There are plenty of options to choose from when deciding what you want with your wedding rings. And they may even help you move on.

What to Do With Engagement and Wedding Rings After a Divorce

Who Keeps Wedding Rings

The actual rules about who gets the wedding ring sets vary depending on the state. Generally, the ring is seen as a gift for the marriage itself. So if a couple breaks up the engagement, the ring would go back to the person who gifted it. However, if you get married the ring stays with who has it at the time since the marriage did occur.

Cash It

If you’ve gone through a rough divorce or don’t want to think about it at all, one option is to sell your engagement ring. Depending on the kind of ring, like diamond weddings rings or gold wedding rings, it might be worth a lot. This is a good way to move on from the ring and you could use the money toward something for yourself.

Not all rings will sell for a high price. Some unique wedding rings may be more personal than valuable. But if you’re looking for a quick way to get the ring out of your house and some cash in your pocket, selling is a good option.

Save It

Some wedding rings have sentimental value so you could decide to save it. If your divorce was bad and you had initially planned to save it, try keeping it out of sight for a while.

This way you won’t think about it and have time to get some distance. A wedding ring can have more than only monetary value, so keeping it for yourself or passing it on to a family member may be a good choice.

Reuse It

If you have a wedding ring with gems in it, like diamond wedding rings, you may repurpose it into a new ring or piece of jewelry. This can give you some agency and control over it and might help you feel empowered after a divorce.

Wedding ring sets can also be turned into something new, so you have plenty of choices depending on the material. If you like aspects of your ring, this may be a better option than selling.

What to Do With Wedding Rings

Wedding rings mean something and can hold a lot of value. It’s hard after a divorce to know what you want or how to distance yourself. If these options don’t feel right, give yourself some time to think about what you want and how you feel.

There is no reason to rush into a decision when a wedding ring can hold so much value, sentimentally and monetarily. And if this did give you some ideas for that ring, keep reading to get more great tips.

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