Moissanite is a silicon carbide that you can naturally find beneath the earth’s surface, like diamond mining though relatively rare. The thermal conductivity, optical properties, and hardness make it worthwhile for commercial and industrial applications.  At times, you can use it in place of diamonds.

Until the 1950s, people encountered no source of the substance other than meteorites that impacted earth. However, it can be in some rocks as inclusions in kimberlite, lamproite, and diamonds. Today, it serves as an alternative to diamond ornaments, with some featuring better clarity.

Here are the reasons to have moissanite rings.    

They Have an Impressive Sparkle

Many people love diamonds due to their shine and brilliance, as the gemstone creates a sparkle that only a few other stones can match. Moissanite offers a rainbow line sparkle, unlike diamonds that emit flashes of light or colorless sparkle instead. However, high-grade ones can cast off rainbows.

It also offers exceptional durability, with only diamonds harder than moissanite, meaning you can use the gemstone on everyday wear.  It doesn’t scratch or break as the sparkle maintains brilliance despite the cleaning and care options, though many may ask what is moissanite?

You Can Get Many Design Options

What is Moissanite

The details you need are among the biggest hurdles to overcome when choosing an engagement ring. There are various options, such as the metal, shape, and set. While it can be overwhelming, you must find the perfect ring, that matches your spouse.

However, with a moissanite, you can cut to a similar shape to a diamond that includes a princess, cushion, and round. Also, you may choose the metal for the bang and setting, ensuring the person has a ring marching their personality.

Diamonds with visible inclusions are more expensive than those without visible inclusions. However, when shopping for moissanite, you don’t have to worry about choosing inclusions, making your buying process more manageable and helping you save some money.

They Have a Similar Appearance to Diamond

Since unconventional brides don’t need colored gems, most stick with classic diamonds. Diamond alternatives, such as cubic zirconia, are of poor quality as they easily scratch, become cloudy, or chip over the years, leaving the wearer with a sad-looking ring.

Since diamonds are hard, their sparkle factor is guaranteed a lifetime. It will be obvious they are not diamonds. However, this is not the case with moissanite rings, as they are durable and last a lifetime.

Besides, they have a lifetime brilliance guarantee to make you feel confident they won’t get cloudy or damaged. Therefore, when shopping for fine jewelry or wedding rings on a budget, they are a popular alternative due to optical clarity, as you cannot tell the difference between them and diamonds.

Recently, there has been an increase in demand for moissanite rings partly due to their similarity to diamonds. However, you may ask, what is moissanite? It’s a gemstone with an appearance you can mistake for a diamond with more brilliance and fire.

Due to its hardness, moissanite is ideal for quality jewelry like rings as it is resistant to chipping, scratching, and breaking.

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