Engagement rings are often a considerable investment.

If you want to do it right, there are tried-and-tested tips you can follow. For example, when choosing a metal for the band, keep in mind that some options scratch easier than others. Your choice of retailer is also another consideration.

Have you thought about buying from a private retailer or wholesaler? You could get the best bang for your buck with them instead of buying from traditional sellers.

The Most Popular Diamond Cuts for Engagement Rings

Figuring out what shape you want is also another factor to ponder. There are many popular diamond cuts, and knowing which one you like the most will help narrow down your options. That said, here’s a list of some of the best diamond cuts for brides-to-be.

1. Round Brilliant

Of the different diamond cuts, round brilliant is the most popular. Experts usually recommend round-cut diamonds because their universal shape works in various setting styles.

Brides who prefer the classic look can’t go wrong with this cut, as it’s the one that gives off the most intense sparkle, thanks to its 58 facets. That means your round-cut diamond can reflect a significant amount of light.

2. Cushion Cut

Pillow-cut or cushion-cut diamonds get their name from their soft squarish shape.

Like round-cut diamonds, stones in this shape have superb brilliance and clarity. But you have to choose the right diamond to make it look its best if you prefer a modern setting.

If you favor a vintage look, though, this is the best cut for you. You can also opt for a modified cushion cut, which gives the appearance of crushed ice. With this cut, you’re getting more facets to enhance the fire of the diamond.

3. Pear Cut

Old-school glamour in a modern setting makes pear cut diamonds another popular choice among would-be brides.

One advantage of the pear cut compared to other popular diamond cuts is that it makes stones appear more prominent. Pear-cut stones also make ring fingers look longer. The downside, however, is stones in this cut could chip easily.

Inclusions or flaws are also more difficult to hide with a pear cut. When choosing a ring with this cut, choose a diamond with near-perfect symmetry to show maximum brilliance.

4. Princess Cut

If you’re all about a diamond’s angle, consider a princess cut one. Not only do stones in this cut boast a ton of sparkle, but they’re also more affordable than round-cut diamonds.

The only thing you have to watch out for is chipping and the possibility of the stone falling out. Choosing a protective setting can help minimize these risks.

Besides those already mentioned, other cuts you might be interested in include: emerald, oval, Marquise, radiant, baguette, and Asscher.

For brides who want to show off their diamonds’ original clarity and color, emerald is the best choice. As for oval, you can say it’s the next best alternative to round-cut diamonds.

Meanwhile, radiant-cut diamonds get the best features of emerald and round cuts. And for those who don’t fancy an ornate center stone, a baguette-cut diamond is a good option.

Last is the infamous Asscher cut, featured on Sex and the City. Take note, however, that if you choose this cut, you need an almost flawless stone, as this cut shows blemishes.

Ready to Go Ring Shopping?

Now that you know more about some of the most popular diamond cuts, which ones do you like best? Are you all set to shop for your engagement ring?

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