Marriage is a special bond between two people and planning the perfect night for the proposal can be very stressful. Of course, the evening does not always go to plan but the engagement ring is the star of the moment. To find the ideal unique oval engagement ring there are various factors to take into consideration, such as the person and her personality. For the purpose of this article, we will refer to the betrothed as a “she”. You must also consider aspects such as what type of aspects of the ring she would prefer, as well as what you can afford. This article will provide information on the different considerations you will need to take when choosing an engagement ring.

Choosing An Engagement Ring

Determine what you can afford

Naturally, you will want to buy your girlfriend the most beautiful ring possible; however, you do not wish to place yourself in great amounts of debt while doing so. Generally, the ‘shiny, sparkly, larger than life’ diamond engagement rings will be expensive. Yet, rings that express your emotions (while being decidedly lovely) can be found among all price ranges. A rule of thumb is to not spend more than two months salary on the item, especially if you are paying in cash. If you are paying via credit card then you should not purchase an engagement ring that will require more than two years’ payback. By doing so you should not use more than one-tenth of your salary as payment.

Solitaire Diamond Ring
Solitaire diamond ring with eternity band oval cut diamonds.

Establish her personal style

When choosing the most suitable engagement ring for your future bride you must establish which design she would appreciate and not the style you find attractive. This can be done by determining her personal style and finding an engagement ring that meets the style. Style is based on personality; therefore a reserved female would prefer a ring that is more elegant than a more outgoing individual. Below are some examples of different styles:

  • The practical and sensible female would be more suited to a simple ring with one stone set in a flush or bezel backing.
  • The more reserved and subdued individuals may prefer a smaller engagement ring with small stones. If she is more feminine choose two or three stones in a channel setting. Try and stay away from ‘flashy’ pieces as these may be too extravagant.
  • The extravagant and outgoing female will prefer larger, flashier engagement rings with visible diamonds supported by smaller stones. The small stones can be of any sort, but the more popular choice is more diamonds using an invisible setting (a thin band). Highly extravagant types may enjoy pave diamond rings, and outgoing individuals could be inclined to the classic single diamond without supporting stones.

Determining her style is relatively simple and can be done by paying attention to her behavior, particularly around her friends. You could speak to a friend regarding the choice of the ring in order to get an idea of which engagement ring she may be most fond of.

Round vs Oval vs Emerald Ring

Locating a jeweler in Brisbane City

If you want a diamond engagement ring in Brisbane, there will be at least one jewelry store in your suburb. Despite the presence of local jewelry stores, more and more people are purchasing these items online from jewelry websites. Of course, both options do have advantages and disadvantages. By purchasing the ring from a local store like Stone Diamond Ring Specialists in Brisbane City, you will have the opportunity to see the ring and even compare it to other options. In fact, some jewelers will offer ring sizing and cleaning with a purchase. Yet, purchasing locally can be more costly than online and the choice is often limited.

As can be seen, buying an engagement ring can be complicated; however, by following the tips mentioned above you can have fun choosing an engagement ring.

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